Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


30. What?!?!?!

Hayley's POV

Liam and I were cuddling on the couch when I heard my phone go off. I thought it would be one of the boys, so I didn't get it. Liam's phone would start ringing. But it never did. It must've been some random telemarketer. We were just watching The Last Exorcism, scary ass movie shit. My phone rang again! I turned my phone off after and went back to the couch. These people are starting to annoy the shit out of me. When the girl started breaking her fingers, Liam's phone went off. It was Hannah.


Liam: Hello?

Hannah: Can I talk to Hayley?

Liam: Is something wrong with Bentley?

Hannah: No. I just need to talk to Hayley.

Liam: Okay, hold on.

Me: Hello?

Hannah: I need you.

Me: Why?

Hannah: Niall kissed me last night...

Me: He's here. In his room. It must of been your dream or something.

Hannah: No. He was at the airport last night when I went to bring Justin to his plane. Him and Maria were there. She started shit and we got in a fight. She broke up with Niall and he went to my house. We were talking and then he just kissed me!

Me: Did you kiss him back?!

Hannah: No!

Me: Then what's the problem?

Hannah: I told Justin..

Me: And? You told him you didn't kiss back right?

Hannah: Yeah, but he told me something else...

Me: What?

Hannah: That he kissed Ashley.

Me: Who's Ashley?

Hannah: One of my friends that models with me. She kept calling Justin and he told me she was just annoying and that nothing was happening. She came to our house one night at 1 and he, I guess, just kissed her.

Me: WHAT!?

Hannah: Yeah.. I honestly thought he did care about me.

Me: Well, maybe he was just upset and didn't know what he was saying.

Hannah: No. He meant it. I could tell.

Me: What happened with Niall? Where did he go?

Hannah: I told him to leave. I couldn't stand looking at him then. I haven't talked to him. He has been calling and texting me but I am NOT going to talk to him.

Me: You might have to.

Hannah: Huh?

Me: To get everything okay with everyone, you have to talk to him. Nothing is going to get better unless you stop running from all your problems and to someone else. Talk to Niall and everything will hopefully get better. I know you and Justin can get through this. It has happened before, with both of you.

Hannah: I don't know how much more I can take of this though Hayley..

Me: Hannah, just talk to them! And make sure you have no feelings for ANYONE else.

Hannah: I don't though!

Me: Think about it. Tell Bentley I love him.

Hannah: Okay. Love you!

Me: Love you too.


I gave Liam his phone back and he put it on the table next to him. I told him what happened. He started playing the movie again. This girl was psycho. The movie finally ended and I was creeped out. Then out of no where Harry, Lou, and El walk in. They all went to do their own stuff and I was still sitting on the couch scared. This wasn't the first time I watched this movie. The first time was with the boys and Hannah. I didn't think I would still be this scared. I finally got up and went to the kitchen to get something to eat. I was looking around and got chips. I was eating them when someone joined me. I looked over and saw Harry.


"Heyyyy Haz."-Me. I was a little out of it because I was thinking about Hannah. I was thinking about going back to be with her and Bentley. I'm not going to tell Liam, because he'll flip out like last time, but Hannah needs someone. And I need my bestfriend. I miss her. I miss Bentley.

"What's wrong Hayley? You're very distant right now. What are you thinking about?"-Harry.

"Well stuff happened with Hannah, and I'm thinking about going to stay with her for a little until the tour is over. It's only like a month and a half now that I would be away from Liam. But I don't know. Hannah needs a friend, so do I. I miss her so much."-Me.

"Yeah, but why don't you just wait it's only a month and a half you said so yourself."-Harry.

"Yeah, I know. It was just a thought and still is."-Me. Harry nodded. We started talking about nothing then Liam, Louis,and El joined us. We were just fooling around, talking when I remembered something from my phone call with Hannah. She said her and Maria got into a fight. My eyes grew wide. Everyone looked at me weird. I grabbed my phone and put it on speaker. I dialed Hannah's number.


Hannah: Hello?

Me:Hey I have a question.

Hannah: What is it?

Me: When we were talking.. did you say you got into a fight with Maria?

Hannah: Yeah? Why?

Me: Was it a fist fight?

Hannah: Yeah. She will definitely never come back. All she tried to do was pull my hair!


Hannah: She was shaking when Justin got me off her. Niall had to hold her so she would stop shaking! IT WAS HILARIOUS!!

Me:HAH! Okay that's all I wanted to know!


They all looked at me like I was crazy.



"NO! WHAT!?"-Me.

"Nothing! We were just looking at you.Guilty conscience."-Harry.

"Nope. Well I guess I do since I'm so in love with Harry and Niall."-Me. They all just laughed. The rest of the night was good. We all enjoyed each others company. I have to say I am closest with Harry and Louis. They are my best friends. And obviously close with Liam. We just talked and didn't move from the kitchen. Tonight was a good night. I hope it was the same for Hannah. I hope she is feeling better about Justin and Niall. Hopefully she'll talk to them.

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