Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


35. What Happened?

Hannah's POV

I was woken up by someone slamming my bedroom door. Bentley ran to me and jumped on Niall and I.

"Whats wrong?"-Me.

"Mom is trying to take me away."-Bentley.

"What do you mean?"-Me.

"Mom is trying to make me leave! I will never leave!"-Bentley.

"Niall! I told you this is going to happen!!!"-Me.

"Shh, Bentley what happened?"-Niall.

"Mom ruined my amazing tower! Then she asked where I wanted to live. I said with you and her and daddy got in a fight. She yelled at me and I said I hated her."-Bentley.

"Benny, you don't hate her."-Me.

"But she is being mean to me!"-Bentley.

"No, she didn't mean to. She is just really upset. Want me to go talk to her?"-Me.

"I don't care."-Bentley. Then him and Niall went to his room to play. I went down the stairs to talk to Hayley, why would she yell at him and be mad at Bentley. She should be mad at me not him. He has nothing to do with anything that happened. When I saw Liam, he looked torn apart.

"Liam, where's Hayley?"-Me.

"With Harry, to a hotel."-Liam.

"Why with Harry?"-Me.

"Harry couldn't see you with Niall I guess, Hannah I'm worried."-Liam.


"I think her and Harry have something going on."-Liam.

"Do you realize how dumb you sound? Hayley would never do anything like that. She loves you Liam. You guys are engaged."-Me.

"But her and him have been so friendly. I see the way she looks at him. I'm worried."-Liam.

"Call her."-Me.

"No way."-Liam.

"Stop being a pussy and call her."-Me.

"No. She is happy with Harry, I wont bother her."-Liam.

"There is nothing going on between them! Realize that! When you do, you will be a lot happier with her."-Me.

"Hannah, stop. I am not going to get in between them and make them miserable."-Liam.

"She is your fiance. Fight for what you want. Before she does find someone else who will."-Me.

"Whatever. I don't need your help anyway."-Liam. And he walked away. This should be fun. He wasn't going to call her, but I will. But, then she wont answer cause it's me. I followed Liam into the kitchen.

"Talk to me."-Me.

"There is nothing to say!"-Liam.

"Can I see your phone real quick?"-Me.

"For what?"-Liam.

"I left mine upstairs and I really have to talk to Justin."-Me.

"Yeah, sure."-Liam. I took his phone and dialed Hayley's number. I gave it back to him on the last ring.

"Here."-Me. I put it on speaker and her voice flooded the room. Liam gave me the evil eye and I walked back upstairs. Then, I heard Liam yell, WHAT?! I walked back down to hear Liam say something I wasn't expecting.

"Get back to Harry. He's cold. Take your ring off then and I'll get it tomorrow. Use protection."-Liam. Then I heard Hayley. He never took it off speaker.


"Babe, you're on the phone with Liam.. I thought you liked me."-Harry. I walked in.

"Yeah Hannah she doesn't like Harry my ass."-Liam.

"What you with Hannah? You guys together now?"-Hayley.

"HOLD UP! No one ever said that! I'm happily engaged to Justin."-Me.

"Exactly. And Hayley she is going to be there. It's her house!"-Liam.

"Don't worry about him babe. I'm here for you."-Harry.

"HARRY! STOP! You're making everything worse!!"-Hayley.

"What don't want Harry now?"-Liam.

"Liam! I LOVE YOU!"-Hayley.

"Yeah, sure. That's why you have feelings for Harry right?"-Liam.

"Liam! Please!"-Hayley.

"Hayley I can't. I'm sorry but until you get your feelings straight then we have to take a break."-Liam. It killed him to say those words I could tell by how hurt he looked.

"Liam.. I'm so sorry."-Hayley. She sounded heart broken.


Hayley's POV

"Hayley I can't. I'm sorry but until you get your feelings straight then we have to take a break."-Liam. Those words killed me. They kept replaying in my head. Over and over again. I couldn't say anything.

"Liam.. I'm so sorry."-Me. He hung up. I just broke down. Harry came over to me. I pushed him away.


"Hayley.. I'm sorry. I didn't think he would do that."-Harry.

"Neither did I.."-Me. I just started crying more and more. I just cried into Harry's chest this time.

"I'm such a horrible mother, and fiance. I.. just ruined everything. Liam hates me, Bentley hates me."-Me.

"Bentley does not hate you."-Harry.

"Then why did he say it?!"-Me. I looked at my left hand and looked at the ring. I took it off and put it down. I looked at it and cried more and more. Harry picked me up and put me into the bed. I fell asleep crying into Harry's chest. I hated myself right now. I don't even know if I have feelings for Harry. I don't think I do. But I might. I'm so confused. All I know is that I'm in love with Liam and truly broken by all of this. When I woke up, I saw a note.

       Good Morning Beautiful,

   I had to go get break fast. When you wake up, I might be back, but maybe not. I should be back around 9.

xxxx Harry.


I looked at the alarm clock and saw it was 8:50. He should be back soon. Good, enough time to maybe think. Liam is done with me. I think Harry does like me, so maybe I should be with Harry. but, I have to figure the shit out with Liam first. This is all stupid. I called Liam, but he didn't answer. I mean why would he? I ruined everything. Then I tried calling Hannah. She didn't answer either. I then called Niall.


Niall: What?

Me: Can I talk to Hannah or Liam?

Niall: Hannah is playing with Bentley and Liam doesn't want to talk to you. He's too busy crying to talk.

Me: Please. Get one of them.

Niall: I'll get Hannah.

Me: Thanks.


Hannah: What?

Niall: Hayley wants to talk to you.

Hannah: What does she want?

Hayley: Put this on speaker?

Niall: It is.

Hannah: What do you want?

Me: Apologize.

Hannah: You should be apologizing to Liam. He is the one bawling right now. Not me, he is torn up, yet you call to talk to me. And then you think him and I are together?! You must be fucking stupid! It's you having problems, not me.

Me: I tried. He didn't answer.

Hannah: Surprise, surprise.

Niall: Hannah, shut up.

Me: No. It's fine. I deserve it.

Hannah: No you deserve a lot worse. I'm being nice.

Niall: Now, that's enough. Just leave.

Hannah: Good. Didn't want to be here anyway. I'll go make breakfast with Benny.

Me: I will let you go now then.

Niall: Call Liam. I will make him answer.

Me: I guess.


Harry walked through the door. I walked past him and sat on the couch thing.

"What? Now you hate me?"-Harry.

"I don't hate you, but I am trying to get my family back."-Me.

"Having second thoughts now?"-Harry.

"No. I want the one person who I actually have feelings for."-Me.

"Ouch."-Harry. Then he went to the kitchen thing. I called Liam but he didn't pick up. I thought Niall was supposed to have him answer me. I guess no one can make him forgive me. I don't blame him, but I need something to make me forget.

"Harry, what do you think about us staying here today?"-Me.

"I think it's a good idea, but do you want to get anything from Hannah's?"-Harry.

"Do you really think I should?"-Me.

"I can go. Nothing is going to happen."-Harry.

"Whatever you say."-Me.

"What do you need from there?"-Harry.

"Clothes and my phone charger."-Me. He nodded and went to leave.

"Wait, don't forget something."-Me.

"The ring."-Me. He smiled, grabbed the ring, kissed my cheek and left. That should be one interesting trip.

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