Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


27. Ummm.. No?

Liam's POV

Maria has been acting very strange lately. Her and Hayley haven't been getting along. Niall doesn't believe Hayley and she's all upset about it. I hope no problems are caused by this. Me, Hayley, and Maria were in my hotel room. Maria was there because she didn't want to go with the others to eat and wanted to 'spend time with Hayley.' Yeah okay. Hayley was talking to me about Bentley when Maria decided to say something.

"Aw. Bentley. Liam, isn't his mother such a slut?"-Maria.

"No! She isn't so you can be quiet now."-Me. Hayley just ignored her and kept talking. Then she walked over to Hayley and just stood there. Hayley looked up.

"Yes? Need help with something? Like finding the way out?"-Hayley.

"Funny! Have you told Liam yet?"-Maria.

"Told me what?"-Me. I looked at Hayley and she looked confused.

"Yeah. Told Liam what? I have nothing to tell him."-Hayley.

"About the other guys?"-Maria.


"Liam, your fiance here likes Niall and Harry."-Maria. I laughed.

"Yeah, that's like saying you're not a slut. Very funny!"-Hayley. 

"What's that supposed to mean?!"-Maria.

"YOU.ARE.A.SLUT! Need me to write it out for you?"-Hayley. SHIT!

"I'm not the one with a kid am I? NOPE! Last time I checked is that was.. YOU! Not me."-Maria.

"You know exactly how that happened. So don't even go there! And yes I have a child! I don't care what you think! I'm not ashamed of Bentley. He is an amazing kid. And I'm very happy on how everything turned out."-Hayley.

"Yeah.. okay.. You are just jealous I'm dating Niall and you aren't."-Maria.

"Actually, I told Niall to find a girl.. so he could move on from Hannah. He is still in love with her. You're just a rebound. And I'm his friend. You sure you're not the jealous one?"-Hayley. By then all the guys were listening and looking back and forth between them. Hayley and Maria were face to face.

"Jealous? Of you? Who could be jealous of a skank?"-Maria. 

"I think you're the skank hun."-Hayley.

"Once again. I'm not the one with a kid. If i did. My child would be happy. Bentley obviously isn't with you. Why isn't he here? Oh yeah he wants to be with YOUR BESTFRIEND! How does that make you feel?"-Maria.

"I FEEL FUCKING FANTASTIC! If I was his age I wouldn't want to be here either! I don't give two fucks about it! As long as Bentley is happy I'm fine. That's a good mother. If you had a child poor him or her. They wouldn't know who their father was. Neither would you. How many guys do you sleep with? 5? Wait that number is too low."-Hayley. I heard Louis "OOOOHHHH." I made him shut up.

"Funny. And trust me, you've slept with more."-Maria.

"I've slept with Liam, and Josh RAPED me!"-Hayley.

"So you haven't slept with Harry. You guys seem pretty close."-Maria.

"NO! He's like my brother. That would be weird."-Hayley. Harry nodded in agreement.

"I have nothing to do with this. Don't bring me into it."-Harry.

"Actually you do Harry. Hayley here likes you and Niall, while she's engaged to Liam. Isn't that right?"-Maria.


"Don't lie hun. It's okay. We are all friends here."-Maria.

"I'm not lying. Why don't you shut your fucking mouth before I fucking kill you!"-Hayley. I put my hand on Hayley's shoulder and she shrugged it off. FUCK!

"I'd like to see you try. Like I said before I can beat your skinny ass any day."-Maria. Hayley slapped her. Then Maria slapped her back. Hayley punched her. Then Maria grabbed her hair. Hayley kicked her stomach then Maria fell, but then grabbed Hayley's ankle and made Hayley fall. Hayley got on top of her and started hitting her. Maria tried to punch her back. But didn't succeed. I finally got sick of it. So I went over and pulled Hayley off of her.

"Yeah you can beat my ass right? Good try though. A for effort!"-Hayley. Niall went over to Maria, he helped her up and brought her into their room. Hayley got ice for her ankle, and she had a cut on her lip, that was basically it. She put her hair up into a messy bun and then sat on the couch.

"So... how was your day?"-Hayley.

"Funny. But DAMN! You can fight!"-Louis.

"She was easy! Hannah is the hard one to beat. All Maria did is pull my hair and try to hit me."-Hayley. Eleanor walked in confused.

"What the hell happened to Maria's face. I walked by and saw her and Niall going back to their room."-Eleanor. Everyone pointed at Hayley. Eleanor smiled.

"What happened?"-El.

"She was annoying the fuck out of me! So I hit her. Dumb bitch says she can beat my ass yeah okay? Whose crying right now? Not me! She tried fighting back! HAHA"-Hayley. Everyone laughed. Niall and Maria walked back in.

"SHE CAME BACK!!"-Hayley. They both gave her a dirty look.

"Hayley, say sorry to her."-Niall.

"UM! NO! Did you hear anything she was saying to me? Obviously not because she has you wrapped right around her finger! She has you whipped! *Whip noise* She cracks the whip again!"-Hayley.

"It was your idea to date her!"-Niall. Maria looked at him shocked.


"No I don't"-Niall.

"What if Hannah came right now and said she loved you. Would you take Hannah back? Or would you stay with Maria?"-Hayley. Niall said nothing.

"EXACTLY!"-Hayley. Niall and Maria left. Zayn went back to his room too. Everyone else was quiet.

"Always nice having them here. They should come back more often."-Hayley.

"Stop. Just be quiet now."-Me. She stuck her tongue out of me. El and Lou went to their bed. Then Harry Hayley and I just hung out. We decided to go to the pool . Hayley got her bathing suit on, as did I and Harry. We walked down to the pool. Hayley sat down and put her feet into the water. I jumped in. I grabbed her feet and Harry grabbed her arms. We put her in. But she pulled Harry in wit her. He screamed. Hayley laughed. She splashed me in the face. We all just had a huge splash fight. We got out of the pool and headed back up to the room. When we got there, El and Lou were making out on the couch.

"GET A ROOM!"-Hayley. They pulled away and blushed. Hayley went and got changed. Hayley decided to lay down. I went with her. When we laid down we just cuddled.

"I love you."-Hayley.

"I love you too."-Me.

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