Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


46. This is all my fault!

Liam's POV
Hayley was stupid for coming down here on the phone with Hannah, now Harry is going to keep bugging her about it. This won't turn out the best. I'm happy for Niall, but I hope that he doesn't do the same thing that happened last time. I hope Hannah doesn't do anything like last time either. That would just be bad. I need to talk to Hayley about everything later. We all decided to go see Louis today. Hayley didn't want to because she still thinks it's her fault but we all made her. El was over for a little bit before we left. Her and Hayley made up, they aren't as close right now. But they are still friends. Hayley and I ran upstairs to get changed, and then we left with the rest of the boys. When we got to the hospital Hayley was trying to stay in the car.

"Hayley.. come on."-Me.

"No, I can't Liam. It's my fault, I can't stand to see him like that. It's going to kill me on the inside knowing that I put him in the hospital, and he is in a coma because of me."-Hayley.

"Come on Mommy! We get to see Uncle Louis!!"-Bentley. I smiled knowing he might change her mind.

"Bud, I don't know if I'm going to see him."-Hayley.

"But why? Uncle Louis probably misses you. He hasn't seen you in a while. I think you should come with us."-Bentley. He is smart for a 2 1/2 year old.

"I miss him too, but I don't think I can handle seeing him."-Hayley. I went to Bentley and whispered in his ear.

"Give mommy the puppy dog face and say for me? Please?? Okay?"-Me. Bentley nodded and laughed. He walked over to Hayley and got right up to her. He gave her the cutest puppy dog face and was like.

"Mommy? Please come. For me? Please mommy? It would make me the happiestest."-Bentley. Hayley sighed.

"Fine. For you."-Hayley. I smiled. The guys were waiting. I grabbed Bentley's hand and he was in the middle of me and Hayley. He looked so happy.

"Finally! What took so long?"-Harry.

"This one wouldn't come."-Me. Then I pointed to Hayley.


"Because, she thinks it's her fault that Louis is in a coma, and she doesn't want to have to see what she did to him."-Me. Hayley was just staring at the ground.

"Hayley? Really, you think your the cause of all this?"-Zayn.

"I am though. Okay!? Let's just go in alright?"-Hayley snapped. Her and Bentley started walking into the hospital.

"Dude, what's wrong with her?"-Harry.

"Like I know? She's been like this for a while..."-Me. We all started walking in. I saw Hayley and Bentley talking to Hannah and Niall. I walked up to her.

"Can I talk to you?"-Me. Hayley started walking towards me, I pulled her aside.

"What's wrong?"-Me.

"I don't know. I really don't Liam. I just.... I don't even know!"-Hayley.

"None of this is your fault okay?"-Me.

"But it is Liam. Ever think of that!? It is! Everything is my fault! No wonder why my mom never wanted me! Because I'm a fucking screw up!"-Hayley. I just pulled her into a hug. She wrapped her arms around me and just started silently crying. I could feel the tears on my shirt.

"Shh. You aren't a screw up. Honestly I don't know why your mom wouldn't want you. You're beautiful, an amazing mother, an amazing girlfriend, and a great friend."-Me. She pulled away from the hug and she just covered her face with her hands and just sat against the wall. I slid down next to her. I wrapped my arm around her and she put her head on my shoulder. Hannah and Harry came over. Hannah sat on the other side of her quickly.

"What's wrong?"-Hannah.

"A lot."-Hayley. She moved her hands and just wiped her eyes.

"Like what?"-Hannah.

"She said that it's her fault Louis is in the hospital, and she's just a screw up. I tried telling her that she isn't, but I don't know if she listened."-Me. Hayley just stayed where she was. Bentley was with Zayn and Niall. Hayley's phone started ringing. She took it out of her pocket. She answered it.


Hayley: Hello?

Person: Hi Hayley.

Hayley: Who is this?

Person: You're mother.

Hayley: Why are you calling? You finally want something to do with me after all these years of abandoning me, because I was pregnant? Because I was so irresponsible to have sex when really i was raped?

Judith: I'm sorry for that. I was so mad because you told me you were pregnant I wasn't thinking and never let you explain.

Hayley: Even if I did explain you wouldn't have believed me anyways. And sorry? That's all you can say. After you disowned me for more than 3 years? Sorry!? Are you kidding me!

Judith: I know I owe you more than just an apology, so let me make it up to you.

Hayley: I don't know, I have to think about that one. How do I know that you won't do the same thing again?

Judith: I've changed Hayley. Bye.

"What was that about?"-Harry.

"My mom. She called and told me she was sorry and wanted to make things right."-Hayley. Hannah just shook her head.

"What did she say?"-Hannah.

"She said that she is sorry and wants to make it up to me for basically abandoning me for more than three years."-Hayley. I got up and pulled Hayley up. Hayley, Harry, Hannah and I were all walking when I felt Hayley get pulled away. I looked and saw Harry.

Hayley's POV

Liam, Hannah, Harry and I were walking to the others when Harry pulled me away. We got back and Liam walked over confused. I gave him a look to tell him I'm confused too.

"What do you want Harry?"-Me.

"Answers. What did you and Hannah talk about?"-Harry. Liam just sighed.

"Nothing. Okay?"-Me. I started walking away but Harry grabbed my arm again. I didn't want to make a scene so I looked back at him.

"What do you want Styles?"-Me.

"Just tell me. Please Hayley."-Harry.

"Look, I would, but me and Hannah need to have to have our own privacy sometimes too. You and the guys have your secrets, Hannah and I have mine."-Me. Liam was just standing there looking back and forth between us.

"Hayley!  Just tell me! Okay!? It's not that fucking hard!"-Harry.

"Fine! You really want to know!?"-Me.

"Hayley, stop!"-Liam.

"No Liam. He need s to know so bad. Why don't I just tell him or better yet have Niall or Hannah!"-Me.

"Hayley.. just walk away."-Liam.

"Just tell me!"-Harry.

"Harry! Stop!"-Liam. Harry ignored him. So I walked over to Harry. I whispered it in his ear.

"Niall and Hannah had sex. They are going to start dating soon."-Me. Harry's face dropped.

"Really want to know that bad Styles, well there you go. Oh and she enjoyed it. So I was being a good friend and told her to make sure this is what she wanted and that YOU would be hurt so bad by this and she told me not to tell you. Okay?"-Me. Then I walked to Hannah, Niall and Zayn. I had to talk to Hannah.

"Hannah can we talk?"-Me.

"Yeah!"-Hannah. Liam followed me and Hannah. I don't know why but he kept following me around. Probably to make sure I wasn't going to start shit.

"So. I told Harry about you and Niall.-Me.


"I wanted to make sure you wouldn't be mad."-Me

"I was kind of hoping you would so I didn't have to."-Hannah. All of a sudden we saw doctors rush into Louis' room. SHIT!! We all ran over to the boys.

"What happened?"-Me.

"Louis.. he.. stopped breathing.."-Niall said between cries. Hannah ran over to Niall and hugged him. Louis is dying!? It's all my fault. Liam was about to burst out crying. I already had.

"This is all my fault."-Me. We all waited until the doctors came out.

"We got him back. He woke up. He might not stay awake for long. He might be tired."-Doctor. We all were about to go in. But I didn't. Everyone was talking to Louis, but I was just sitting in the waiting room then Liam came out. He sat next to me.

"Go see Louis Hayley."-Liam.

"He probably hates me."-Me.

"No. He was actually wondering where you were. He wanted to make sure you were okay."-Liam.

"He could still hate me. I hate me."-Me.

"You shouldn't. He doesn't. He wants to see you."-Liam. I sighed and got up. I walked to the door. This is going to be weird. Lets hope it all turns out well though.

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