Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


14. The Talk...

Hayley's POV

When we walked into Hannah and Justin's house. I looked and saw Justin crying on the couch. He looked up and saw Hannah.


"The only reason why I'm here is because Hayley wanted to talk to you. She made me come. I'm still mad at you."-Hannah. Hayley walked over to him. 

"What the hell were you thinking when you punched Hannah in the face?"-Me.

"I didn't mean it! She got in the middle of it when I was in mid punch to Harry. I couldn't stop myself. I tried but it didn't work! I would never hurt her! I love her so much!"-Justin.

"Yeah, you really love her. Cheating on her and shit."-Me.

"I was confused! She threw herself at me! I thought about everything that happened. The way she put her hands in my hair and on my neck, it reminded me of Hannah.."-Justin.

"I've heard it all before. But, it's not true."-Me.

"You have to believe me!"-Justin.

"I should, but I don't."-Me.

"Please.."-Justin. Then he started crying even more. He went to Hannah and she just backed away. He went back to the couch and covered his head with his hands. He was really upset. Hannah went to walk to him, but I grabbed her hand. I shook my head and she nodded. We walked out and went to the car. I wasn't really mad at Hannah for telling Liam because it made it better for me. We got back to the hotel and everyone was just looking at us.

"Why is everyone staring?"-Me.

"What happened?"-Harry.

"Nothing. Just a little talking. That's it."-Me.

"What did you say?"-Liam.

"I just asked him why he punched her and why he cheated. I got my answers. He's really upset about it. I should believe every word he said. But I don't."-Me. They all just nodded.

"AUNTY!!!!"-Bentley screamed running to her. She picked him up and kissed his cheek.

"Hey buddy."-Hannah.

"What happened to your eye?"-Bentley.

"I just bumped into the wall. Clumsy Aunty."-Hannah.

"Yeah.. okay."-Bentley. Everyone just laughed. She put him down and sat on the couch.

"Hannah, want to go out? Me and you only?"-Me. She smiled and nodded. I kissed Liam then went to get ready.

"Where do you want to go?"-Me.

"Hm.. Beach?"-Hannah.

"Sure. Do you need a bathing suit?"-Me.

"Yes."-Hannah. I gave her a bathing suit. I put my hair in a messy bun. I got my bathing suit on, and then put on shorts and a tank top. I grabbed my sunglasses and put them on top of my head. I grabbed two towels, tanning lotion, and extra clothes. Hannah did the same except she put her sunglasses on. We put on flip flops and left. We got in the car, and drove to the beach. We got out of the car and just put our towels down. We decided to tan. We put the tanning lotion on, and just laid down. I put my glasses over my eyes to block the sun. We just sat there until someone blocked the sun. We looked up and saw random guys.

"Excuse you, you are blocking the sun."-Me.

"What are two hot girls like you doing at the beach alone?"-One of the guys.

"We are engaged. Please leave us alone now."-Hannah.

"Why baby? They don't have to know."-The other guy.

"Um. They will know, now bye."-Me.

"How will they know?"-The first guy.

"Liam Payne, and Justin Bieber... they will know."-Hannah.

"Yeah okay. Doesn't Liam Payne have a kid. That's not even his?"-The guy.

"Yeah. My child. Thank you very much. Please get the fuck away from me before I call the police."-Me.

"You're too hot to have a kid. I don't believe you."

"Well I do, so shut the fuck up and leave me the fuck alone."-Me.

"And Justin Bieber isn't with you. He's with Selena Gomez." Hannah looked at me.

"Yeah okay. Believe what ever the fuck you want."-Hannah.

Hannah and I grabbed our stuff and walked away. We went to the mall instead. We were walking around when we saw the same two guys. They were like stalking us. We ran out to the car and drove back fast. We got in the elevator and closed the doors quickly. We were laughing at how desperate they were. We got to the floor and walked into Louis' room. We burst out laughing. All the guys looked at us funny.

"What's so funny?"-Niall.


"Tell us."-Liam.

"Okay.. soo.. we were at the beach and these two guys came up to us and were trying to flirt with us, so we left then we went to the mall and they were there. So we came back here. And started laughing at how desperate they are."-Me.

"How is that funny?"-Louis.

"They are so desperate to try and get with two engaged girls. It's fucking hilarious."-Me.

"LANGUAGE!"-Bentley. Damn he hangs around Liam too much.

"Sorry Bentley. I think you spend too much time with daddy."-Me. I started laughing.

"It's not funny. You could have gotten hurt."-Liam.

"But we didn't. We are fine. You have to admit its pretty funny."-Hannah. Harry, Niall, and Zayn all nodded. Liam and Louis were serious.

"Louis why so serious? I thought you were the fun one?"-Hannah.

"I am! But that's dangerous."-Louis.

"It's fine!"-Me. I sat on the couch and we started watching TV. Then there was a knock on the door. Liam and Louis decided to go answer it.

"Hey Paul."-Liam. See nothing to worry about.

"Guys,you are leaving the hotel in 3 days."-Paul. That's when I am leaving.

"Alright."-Harry. Paul left and we were just sitting there.

"When are you leaving?"-Liam asked me.

"Same day as you."-Me. He nodded. The rest of the night we just spent hanging out like before the guys left. Hannah and I were getting along great and Bentley was asleep in Louis' bed. We played truth or dare, and nothing bad happened surprisingly. Except Louis made Niall run around the floor in just his underwear screaming 'I'M A BIG FAT IDIOT!!' It was so funny. Then the manager came in and said we had to be quieter. It had to be the best night ever. We stayed up until probably 6 am. We all just passed out on the floor. Then Bentley woke me up at 7.

"Mommy, why did you sleep on the floor?"-Bentley whispered.

"Because I just fell asleep. I was very tired."-Me.

"Oh. Are you still tired?"-Bentley. I nodded.

"Go to sleep mommy."-Me. I laid down and he laid on me cuddled up to me. Then I fell asleep in a few minutes. I don't want to leave in 2 days at all. I feel like everything will changed again.

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