Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


66. Thanks For Letting Me Know...

Hannah's POV

When we got to the hotel, we packed everything up and dropped it off at the house. There wasn't much to pack. We put all the food and drinks away. The rest we left on the counter since we have no furniture. We were on our way to the store, but he remembered we had to get the stuff from the old house. So, we drove there. When we walked in we went to the living room. Hayley, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall were all in there. Harry looked at me and started talking.

"We bought a house."-Harry.


"We bought a house and were moving in together."-Harry.


"Cause we want a house."-Me.

"You have one."-Hayley.

"We want one for ourselves."-Me.

"First the hotel, now a house. Do you not want to live with us?"-Hayley.

"What is your problem?!"-Me.

"I want to live with my best friend! I went without you for a year!"-Hayley.

"Okay? You'll still see me. It's not like I'm moving somewhere far?"-Me. Then Bentley ran down the stairs. He ran to me.


"I missed you too Benny!!"-Me.

"What are you going to do when he's crying because you're moving?!"-Hayley.

"Come see him. Same thing I'm going to do when you move and I have to visit."-Me.

"Yeah okay. I won't see you at all.."-Hayley.

"No Hun. I'm not you. I see you when? When you're not with Liam or when he says it's okay!"-Me.

"What are you talking about?!"-Hayley..

"How I don't know anything anymore. How all you care about is Liam. Your new baby. Do you even think about Bentley anymore?! Anyone other than yourself, Liam, or the baby?"-Me.

"Hannah, that's enough."-Harry. 

"I think about Bentley all the time! How could you think I didn't?!"-Hayley.

"No Harry. I just started! Hayley, you're too far up his ass to even breathe half the time! When was the last time you talked to anyone other than Liam without him?"-Me. Bentley was still in my arms, so Harry took him upstairs to help him pack. 

"What does that have to do with anything?"-Hayley.

"Whatever Hayley. Just think about him and yourself. I will make sure Bentley is okay. Considering I have to anyway."-Me.

"Im happy. Why can't you be?!"-Hayley.

"Because you're sitting here complaining about how I'm moving, when you're going to move with him anyway. When I don't talk to you anymore. When you have nothing to do with anyone's life other than his! That's why I can't be. But everything is my fault right?! Haha. No."-Me.

"Hannah, come talk to me."-Louis

"It's because I'm having another baby isn't it?!"-Hayley.

"No? It's because you talk to no one but Liam!"-Me.

"Hannah, stop being such a jealous bitch and let us enjoy our baby! Just because you couldn't have one, doesn't mean we can't!"-Liam.

"Liam, go fuck yourself."-Me. I needed to clear my head. I went to Louis' room. I just sat on the floor near his bed and started to think about things. But then I heard Niall say something with a response from Liam. 

"I DON'T CARE WHAT SHE SAID! THAT WAS NOT FUCKING CALLED FOR! SHE'S RIGHT, YOU HAVE CHANGED HER! YOU'VE CHANGED YOURSELF!! YOURE A DICK!"-Niall. I ran down the stairs to see Liam punch Niall. Niall punched him back and they started fighting, bad. Everyone was trying to stop them, except for Hayley. She was sitting there. Starring at me. I gave her a dirty look and grabbed Niall and pulled him away from Liam. Liam punched to get at Niall, but got me right in the lip. It fucking killed! I let go of Niall and he jumped on Liam and started punching him. He wouldn't stop. Liam starting fighting back at the last possible second. But Niall was already on top of him and didnt let him get any punches in. I don't blame him. Liam hits hard. Hayley looks at me apologetically, but I rolled my eyes and ran up the stairs. I started crying so hard. My lip hurt so bad! I ran into the bathroom to take a look at my lip, it was bruised and swollen. It wasn't bleeding or anything. It just hurt like a bitch! Nothing else was bothering me. He only hit my lip, but it still hurt a lot. I ignored the pain and whipped the mascara stains off my face. I walked into Harry's room to help pack, but he wasn't there. Bentley was in his room taking a nap. I bolted as fast as I could downstairs. Niall, Louis and Zayn were holding Harry back. Hayley was holding Liam's hand. How lovely. I walked up to Harry and tried make eye contact. He was ignoring my eyes, but I took hold of his face and made him look at me. I left my hand on his cheek.

"Let's go."-Me.

"But he hurt you!"-Harry.

"Im okay. It doesn't hurt."-Me.

"He fucking punched you in the face!"-Harry.

"Im okay. Stop. It's fine. Come help me pack."-Me. I grabbed his hand but kept him looking into my eyes. He looked away and to Liam.

"Fucking touch her again and I will beat the living fucking shit out of you!"-Harry. Liam didnt say anything. Just looked down. Harry was a different person when he was mad. His eyes got darker. His voice got very deep and loud. He made his jaw tense and his fists were balled up. I hated when he was pissed. This was beyond pissed though. Harry made it very obvious he waned to mess Liam up. He wanted to make him wish he was never born. He wanted to make him hurt and cry in pain. That was obvious. I pulled Harry away and up the stairs to our room. I went to the closet and started packing stuff away. I felt a pair of arms around my waist and I turned around. He started kissing my lip and all around that area where it was even a little bit red. It stung a little bit, but I wasn't going to tell him that. He would stop. And I didn't want him to stop. It was cute and adorable. 

"Let me go get you some ice?"-Harry.

"I'll go get it."-Me.

"No. Let me."-Harry.

"Harry stop. I'll be fine. Just a couple minutes. I'm going to get ice and talk to Niall, Louis and Zayn. I will be fine. I promise. If they say anything, I will come get you."-Me. He nodded and I walked in the hallway. I ended up bumping into Louis. 

"Where are you going?"-Louis.

"To get ice."-Me.

"Hes there."-Louis.

"Okay? I still need ice."-Me.

"So isn't she."-Louis.

"That's okay."-Me.

"Then I'm going with you."-Louis. 

"Okay?"-Me. I went to the kitchen and sure enough, they were both in there. Talking until they saw me, then she stopped. Louis was right behind me though.

"Hannah, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! I thought you were Niall!"-Liam.

"I don't care. Go fuck yourself. Leave me the fuck alone. Never talk to me again."-Me.

"Hes trying to apologize!"-Hayley.

"So now you're going to stick up for him! You're facing ridiculous!"-Me.

"Youre telling me you wouldn't?!"-Hayley.

"Not if he's pulling me away from everyone. Not if he won't let me be myself. Not is he just punched my best friend in the face!"-Me.

"He didnt mean to!"-Hayley.

"Oh my god."-Me. I grabbed the ice Louis got me I guess and started walking away. 

"What the fuck is your problem?!"-Hayley.


"Why me?!"-Hayley.

"Because you have changed. I know nothing about you. I look in your eyes and you're not happy. Do me a favor?"-Me.


"Don't talk to me unless you're done with him."-Me.

"Hannah, you know that's not fair."-Hayley.

"I don't care. Have fun with him."-Me. Then I walked up the stairs to see Niall. I wanted to see where his head was and if he was okay. He was laying on his bed with a bruise on his lip, quite like mine.

"Need some ice?"-Me.

"No. You need it."-Niall.

"I can get more. Really."-Me. 

"no. I not you to be okay."-Niall.

"I am okay."-Me.

"No I mean. I want you to be okay with anything and everything."-Niall.

"I am."-Me.

"You know. You were right."-Niall.


"Liam changed her. And is changing himself. She's never happy anymore. Only when she is with him. I don't think it's right."-Niall.

"I know."Me.

"I want you to be happy."-Niall.

"I am."-Me. 

"I know. Go pack. Go live with him. You deserve to be happy."-Niall.

"I want to talk to you though."-Me.

"No. I'm fine. Go finish packing and move in with him."-Niall.

"I will call you later though okay?"-Me.  He nodded and I walked to Harry's room to finish packing. We packed everything. I left a note for the boys to tell them my address. We took everything from Harry's room and moved it into the room at our new house. That's where we slept. In our new house. We just have to do everything tomorrow. Finish unpacking. Finish buying stuff. Usually I would have Hayley helping me, but I don't think that's going to happen. I have to contact work and get my new shoot. My life is finally going into place. Even if I have to loose people first. I know that I will always have Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn. No matter what. I just wish I had Hayley to fall back on. She was always there before, I want her to be here now. 


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