Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


64. Telling Them..

Liam's POV

I am so excited. I am finally going to be a dad.. well to someone who is biologically mine and will look like me! I watched Hayley slowly fall asleep in my arms. I smiled and kissed her forehead. Then my mom came in.

"Is everything okay? She seemed really off when she asked to talk to you."-Mom.

"Everything is fine."-Me.

"You sure?"-Mom.

"I promise."-Me.

"Hayley is lovely. She has been through so much, yet so strong and smiley. Good choice on your part. You both look really happy together."-Mom.

"Thanks mom. And we are. I love her so much."-Me.

"I can tell. I can see it in your eyes and I can tell by Hayley's smile and the way she looks at you."-Mom. She smiled and left. I smiled. Then Ruth came in. 

"Did she tell you??"-Ruth. I wanted to mess around with her.

"Tell me what?? Was she supposed to tell me something?"-Me.

"Oh.. umm. nevermind then." Ruth. She was trying to rush out the door.

"Ruth. I'm joking. Yes she told me."-Me. She gave me a devil stare.

"I hate you.."-Ruth. I laughed. But then her "glare" got replaced by a smile.

"Congrats baby brother. "-Ruth.

"I'm am NOT a baby!"-Me. She laughed. Hayley woke up.

"What's going on?"-Hayley. She looked she cute when she is confused. She crinkled her nose.

"Nothing babe, just talking about stuff."-Me. She nodded and laughed. Ruth left.


"Just a little."-Hayley. She laughed.

"Are we telling my parents about the baby?"-Me.

"Well obviously. When do you want to?"-Hayley.

"Up to you."-Me.

"No. Up to YOU!"-Hayley. She emphasized 'you' and poked my chest when she said it. I laughed.


"Sure."-Hayley. We walked downstairs hand-in-hand and sat on the empty couch.

"Mom, Dad, Nicola. Hayley and I have something to tell you."-Me. They all stared at Hayley and I, and then Ruth was smiling.

"What is it son?"-Dad.

"Well, Hayley and I are having a baby."-Me. Nicola ran up to us and gave us hugs.

"Congrats. My baby brother is going to be a dad! Well to someone other than Bentley. But Congrats!!"-Nicola. I laughed.

"I'm not a baby!!"-Me. Nicola and Ruth laughed. Dad came up to us and hugged us both.

"Congratulations to both of you."-Dad.

"Thank you."-Hayley. My mom was quiet.


"Are you sure this is what you want?"-Mom.

"Yes mom. Of course I do. Why wouldn't I?"-Me.

"Don't you think you are young?"-Mom.

"No. We are both almost 21 years old. We have raised Bentley."-Me.

"I don't think you guys are ready. If I were you I would think about abortion."-Mom. Hayley's eyes widened.

"With all due respect, I don't think abortion is the answer for anything. How could someone just kill an unborn child? Abortion is never the answer. I thought about it with Bentley but I am very happy I didn't. Children are supposed to be gifts, not something you kill. Liam and I can handle it, we are ready, we both raised Bentley and he is a wonderful child."-Hayley.

"I agree Bentley is great. But another child Hayley? Isn't one enough for now. 3 years ago you had your first and you already want another? To me that sounds irresponsible."-Mom.
"I didn't have a choice with Bentley. I was raped and got pregnant.. Irresponsible is definitely not the word. More like responsible, I put my life on hold to take care of a child I was not expecting. I am very happy I did. I would be dead if it weren't for Bentley."-Hayley.

"Well I have nothing else to say. I think you are too young. Liam, you are willing to do this? Ruin your life?"-Mom.

"Ruin my life? How is that mom? I thought I would tell you so you could be happy for me not tell me that I am ruining my life and telling my fiance that she is irresponsible for having a child at 18 when she got raped, and another one at 21. I think that you are being unfair to the both of us but mostly her. She opened up to you and told you everything and this is how you treat us? I came here so she could meet you because I wanted her to see how wonderful and supportive my family is, not this."-Me. 

"Liam! Do not speak to me that way. I am your mother."-Mom.

"Then act like it."-Me.

"Liam, calm down. Just stop."-Hayley.

"Hayley, no. She has no right telling us to get an abortion."-Me.

"Liam. Stop. Look Mrs.Payne, I am sorry for causing all this trouble for you and your son. But we are happy, and very thrilled for this baby, if you don't accept it, then I am very sorry but we are keeping this child. Please don't ruin your relationship with each other because of this."-Hayley.

"I am very sorry both of you. Congratulations, I just hope you guys are making the right decision."-Mom.

"I'm sorry too. Thanks mom."-Me. Hayley and I went upstairs.

"Well that's not how I planned it to go."-Me.

"Really? Wouldn't have thought."-Hayley. I laughed.

"I think we should leave tomorrow afternoon, so we get home around 4 if we leave at like 2."-Me

"Are you sure? You haven't seen your family in forever."-Hayley.

"Yeah, I miss the boys and Hannah and I know you do too."-Me.

"Only if you really want to."-Hayley.

"I do. Plus we have to tell the boys about our news."-Me. We laid in bed and decided to just go to sleep. I drifted off thinking about the baby. I woke up and Hayley wasn't there. I looked around and saw her no where. I bumped into Nicola.

"She's in the bathroom. Morning sickness I'm guessing."-Nicola. I got to the bathroom and saw Hayley's head in the toilet. I pulled her hair back and rubbed her back.

"You okay?"-Me.

"No. I hate this."-Hayley.

" I know you do babe. Was it this bad with Bentley?"-Me.

"Yeah but it started a month or two after, not a couple days!!"-Hayley. She finished and brushed her teeth. Bentley walked in.

"Is mommy sick?"-Bentley.

"Yeah. Just a little."-Me.

"We go home?"-Bentley.

"Yeah bud. Let's go get dressed."-Me. I changed him from his PJs and put him in his new clothes. We walked downstairs and saw my sisters talking to Hayley. I walked up to them and hugged Hayley from behind the waist and put my head on her shoulder.

"What color?"-Ruth.

"I don't know. I don't even know when its going to be yet."-Hayley.

"What color do you want?"-Nicola.

"I don't know. That's something Liam and I have to decide when we start."-Hayley.

"What are you guys talking about."-Me.

"They are asking me about our wedding. But we don't even know when it will be."-Hayley. I laughed.

"Why do you guys care anyways?"-Me.

"Because it's our little brothers only wedding."-Ruth.

"Only? Who said anything about that?"-Me. Hayley looked at me.

"Okay then. Be that way."-Hayley. She pulled away from my grip and walked out of the room. I hope I didn't really upset her. I walked out after her. She was on the couch.

"Are you mad?"-Me.

"No. I was joking."-Hayley. She laughed.

Hayley's POV

I really wasn't mad. I knew he was just joking. He sat next to me. It was now like 12. We had 2 more hours. We just sat there watching TV until 1.

"Hayley, when we get back I think we should look for houses and move in together. We need a house for our family"-Liam. I smiled.

"Sounds good to me."-Me. We started talking about everything when it was 2. We said goodbye to everyone then left for home. In the car my phone went off it was an unknown number. So I answered.


Me: Hello?

Person: Hi Hayley.

Me: Who is this?

Person: Your father.

Me: Um.. Hi nice to hear from you after 5 years.

Dad: I'm sorry about that.

Me: Yeah sure.

Dad: I really think we should catch up.

Me: Okay lets do it now. While you were living your life happy as can be I was being abused by mom. Cut myself, starved myself, got raped, got pregnant, got kicked out of the house, got my own house, didn't go to college, met my fiance, and pregnant again. How's that for catching up? Now your turn to talk about your perfect life.

Dad: Hayley. Please stop. I didn't want to leave I needed to. You didn't want to come with me. You wanted to stay back.

Me: You could have showed me you cared more, begging me to come. I had such a hard time after you left dad, it wasn't fair! You got away from it all I didn't!

Dad: I'm sorry Hayley, can we please just talk. I miss you.

Me: I'll think about it. I missed you so much. I finally realized you weren't going to ever talk to me again so I just got used to it.

Dad: Have a good day. I love you.

Me: You too.


I just wanted to cry.

"Was that your dad?"-Liam.

"Yeah. I don't want to talk to him Liam. He abandoned me.. I don't want to ever see him again."-Me. I started crying. Bentley was sleeping at the time. Liam grabbed my hand and just rubbed circles with his thumb. We finally got back and I was done crying. I walked in and Hannah and Harry were there along with the other boys and Niall's girlfriend I'm guessing. Hannah jumped up and hugged me. Harry and the boys hugged me too. I sat down while Liam did everything else. I was sitting there silent. When Liam came down.

"Now?"-Liam. I nodded.

"So. We have some news for you guys."-Me.

"And? What is it?"-Niall.

"Liam and I are having a baby."-Me. The guys said their congratulations. I was still upset about the whole "dad" thing. Hannah could obviously tell.

"Hayley. Talk. Now."-Hannah. I sighed. All the guys looked at us weird.


"What's wrong?"-Hannah

"My dad called me."-Me.

"Thats great!"-Hannah.

"No. I don't want him to be in my life. I'm doing fine without him."-Me.

"Sure you are."-Hannah. Then Hannah went back to the living room. What the hell? I got out their and Niall's girlfriend came up to me. 
"Hi I'm Nia."-Nia.

"Hi.I'm Hayley nice to meet you."-Me. Nia was African American, and there was a scar on her face. I wasn't paying to much attention to it, because if I did I would feel bad. She had auburn hair with some blonde highlights and beautiful brown eyes. She was really pretty. I knew I wanted to become close friends with her. We all just hung out. We all got to know more about Nia. Just where she works and things like that. It was nice at Wolverhampton, but my favorite place is my home with everyone.

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