Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


24. Seriously!? I told you so!

Hayley's POV

It's been three months since I went on tour with the boys. There have been so many laughs and good times. Tomorrow Liam and I are going back to Hannah's to get Bentley and finally bring him home. I am so excited to finally see him. Liam and I are doing fantastic. We have never been so close. Him cheating on me made things better, I know it sounds weird but it really has. I don't really check on Bentley that much anymore. I call probably 2 times a week. Everyone was in mine and Liam's hotel room we checked in to a few nights ago. We were all going to spend our last night together, by hanging out and acting stupid. I was finishing my packing when Liam yelled to me.


"IF I HAD SOME HELP I WOULD BE DONE SOONER! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!"-Me. I heard everyone laugh. Liam walked in and I was done.

"I thought you needed help!"-Liam.

"NOO!  I said that if I had help i would have been done sooner. You never asked if I was done or not."-Me. He just shook his head. He grabbed my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine. He walked out and everyone was watching a kids show.

"What are you guys watching?!"-Me.

"You should know this! We are watching Tom and Jerry!!"-Louis.


"Because it's a classic!"-Harry. Liam and I sat down on the floor. Since the couches were taken. I sat in between his legs and he wrapped his arms around my waist.


"I don't have one. Wait Liam brought one I think."-Me.

"Yeah. I brought Insidious."-Liam.

"Did you guys watch it?"-Louis.

"No, Hayley was too chicken too."-Liam.

"Was not! I just didn't want to watch it."-Me.

"Yeah. Okay! I remember you during the exorcism movies. You were freaked out!"-Harry.

"SHUT UP! You guys were too! Remember you guys wouldn't answer the door either! Too bad we did though!"-Me.

"Yeah but I actually answered it! And should've kept that damn door closed!"-Harry. We all laughed. I got up and grabbed insidious. I put it in the DVD player and pressed play. What did  I get myself into? As the movie got further and further through it got scarier and scarier. I looked and saw El and Maria cuddled up and Louis, Harry, and Niall cuddled up. Zayn was holding a pillow. At one part Liam pinched my sides and I screamed. Everyone was looking at me like I was crazy. I slapped Liam's arm. Once the movie ended everyone stayed how they were. Harry and Louis were on top of each other. Same with Zayn and Niall. Maria and El were just staring at them and Liam and I were like we were when the movie started. I took my phone and took a picture. I put it on twitter.

'That's what happens when you watch a scary movie with @Louis_Tomlinson @NiallOfficial @Harry_Styles @Zaynmalik @Real_Liam_Payne @EleanorJCalder and @Maria_Smith XD Love you guys <3 xx' All their phones went off and the got out of their positions and looked at it. They all laughed. They all went to their rooms to get some sleep before they head home for the week they have off. Liam and I went to bed too. We got in bed and tried falling asleep.

"Goodnight love."-Liam.

"Night babe."-Me. I closed my eyes and drifted into a deep sleep. Only to be awoken by the alarm clock. I shut it off and got up. Liam was already awake and dressed. I got on skinny jeans, one of Liam's sweatshirts and UGG boots. I walked out of the room and grabbed my bags. Liam and I made our way down to the lobby and met everyone there. El handed me Starbucks. We all left the hotel and left for the airport. We got in the airport and went through security. We were all waiting to hear our flights. Mine and Liam's got called first. I hugged the girls and then the guys. Mine and Harry's was the longest. We said goodbye and boarded the plane. We took our seats and then the plane took off. I fell asleep right away. I woke up to the intercom. The pilot said we are landing in 5. I looked at Liam and saw that he was still asleep. I kissed his cheek and he woke up.

"We here?"-Liam.

"Landing in 5 minutes."-Me. He nodded. The plane landed and we got off. A few fans stopped us for a picture with Liam. I stepped to the side and decided to call Hannah.


Me: Hey Han

Hannah: Hey Hay.

Me: Liam and I's plane just landed. We are going to head to our hotel and out our bags away. Then we will head to your place and pick up Bentley.

Hannah: Okay. Sounds good. See ya babes.

Me: See ya.


When I got off the phone Liam was ready to go. We walked out and got a taxi to our hotel. We got our room key and put our stuff in our room. We left the hotel and went to Hannah and Justin's place. When we got there we pulled into the driveway. I knocked on the door and Hannah opened it.


"HANNAH!!"-Me. She gave me a hug. She said hi to Liam then invited us inside. We were all talking when we heard something.

"MOMMY! DADDY!"-Bentley. He ran over to us and gave us both a big hug.

"Hey bud!"-Liam.

"Hey baby."-Me. He gave us a kiss and then started tugging at our arms.

"COME ON!"-Bentley.

"Where we going?"-Me.

"TO SEE MY ROOM!!!"-Bentley. We went to his room and Liam loved all the Toy Story.

"This is really cool."-Me. He just smiled and nodded. He showed me everything and it was really cool.

"Hey, are you ready to go?"-Me.

"What are you talking about?"-Bentley.

"Me and Daddy are taking you with us. So come on get ready."-Me.

"No! I want to stay here!"-Bentley.

"But you aren't staying come on bud. You've been here long enough."-Liam. Bentley started throwing a tantrum.


"NO!!! I WANT TO STAY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!"-Bentley. Justin walked in.

"What's going on up here?"-Justin.

"Bentley doesn't want to go with them."-Hannah. He just nodded. Then walked over to Bentley. He knelt down next to him.

"Bentley, look, You can come anytime you want but you need to go with Mommy and Daddy okay?"-Justin.

"I DON'T WANT TO!!!"-Bentley. I couldn't take it anymore.

"FINE! Stay here all you want Bentley. Don't come with us."-Me. I walked out of the room and ran to the car. I slammed the door and started crying. Hannah ran out after me. She got in the other side of the car.

"Hayley, what's wrong?"-Hannah.

"MY SON wants to be with YOU not ME!!!"-Me.

"Hayley, he does. It's just a change for him."-Hannah.

"I knew this was a mistake. I should have taken him with me from the beginning."-Me.

"Don't say that. What you did was right."-Hannah.

"Obviously not if my son doesn't even want to be with me anymore."-Me. Liam walked out and got in the car. Hannah left us alone.

"Hayley, stop crying."-Liam.

"I can't! I told you that Bentley wouldn't want to come with us! I told you! He wants to be with Hannah and Justin! I knew this was a bad idea right when I left!"-Me. He just hugged me and I cried in his chest.

"He wants to be with us.He is just used to having Hannah and Justin around."-Liam.

"Well maybe they should be his parents cause obviously he wants them not us."-Me.

"Don't say that. He wants us as his parents. He has been with them for a few months."-Liam. I nodded. I just stayed there. Liam stayed with me. He grabbed my hand and we walked back inside. Liam looked at me and wiped my tears away. I walked in Bentley's room.

"Mommy, I'm sorry. I'll come with you and Daddy."-Bentley.

"Don't be sorry. I understand. Are you sure you want to?"-Me.

"Yes! I miss uncle Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn. And Aunty El."-Bentley. I smiled and he hugged me. I kissed the top of his head, then Liam hugged us both. This family is finally how it's supposed to be.

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