Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


54. Please Talk To Me...

Hannah's POV

Niall and I walked to our room and he just sat on the edge of the bed. I went to walk to the other side of the bed, but he pulled me on top of him. I was sitting on his lap and he was holding me close to him so I couldn't walk away. I can tell he really wanted to talk, I just didnt know what to say. It's hard to explain to someone how good it feels, and how good it makes me feel. I honestly don't know how I could do something so stupid.. AGAIN! 



"Why did you do this.. Again. I thought it was over?"-Niall.

"I did too, but then I went on twitter and saw everything about me... I couldn't help it Niall. I really couldn't."-Me.

"You should've told me."-Niall.

"Where were you?! You weren't here to tell. I thought no one would find out again.."-Me.

"We'll, you were wrong."-Niall.

"I can tell."-Me.

"What has changed?"-Niall.

"What do you mean, what changed?"-Me.

"I mean what I said, what changed between us."-Niall.

"Nothing changed..."-Me.

"Something had to of changed Hannah. We don't talk about anything anymore, I'm starting to get sick of it."-Niall.

"Then fucking break up with me! You think shit has changed, then break it off."-Me.

"Is that what you want?!"-Niall.

"It's not what I want, but I garentee it's what you want."-Me.


"You wouldn't have brought this up then.."-Me.

"I thought it was what I wanted, until I saw you so broken.. I don't know if you could handle a break up."-Niall.

"That's not a reason to be with me."-Me.

"I just don't want you doing anything stupid."-Niall. By this comment, I jumped out of his lap and backed up. He stood up and tried to walk near me, I just shrugged him off. I tried opening the door to leave, but he shoved it closed. I kicked him in the shin, so I could leave. It worked. 

"Hannah. Stop."-Niall.

"FUCKING BREAK UP WITH ME IF YOU WANT! YOU DON'T NEED TO DATE ME. I DON'T NEED YOU! I AM NOT A FUCKING CHARITY CASE!"-Me. I was walking down the hallway. Harry ran out of his room to see me in tears in the middle of the hallway, in front of a wide eyed Niall. He just stood there awkwardly. Trying to think of a way to calm me down, I'm guessing.

"I never said you were a charity case Hannah. I'm just trying to figure things out."-Niall.

"THEN FIGURE THEM OUT BY YOURSELF. IM NOT GOING TO BE THERE WHEN YOU FIND OUT IT WAS ME."-Me. Then I ran down the stairs in tears, followed by Harry. He was being a great friend. Niall just turned around and went back to the room, he was pissing me off. He wants to say he needs to figure his shit out, then he can. I won't be there when he's done. I really won't. I don't want to be that girl who sticks around through everything. This is his like 99th chance, but this time, he broke up with me. And it hurt. I was crying so bad on the love seat. Just sitting there, with my head in the pillow, crying. A lot. I couldn't stop the tears. This hurt a lot more than any of the hate could ever. Niall broke my walls down, and he hurt me. Just like all the others. Harry walked back upstairs for a little while while I layed there, "trying to sleep". He came back down about 20 minutes or so later. I needed out of this house. I grabbed my iPhone and purse. I also took my keys and went to walk out the door,

"Woah woah woah. Where are you going?"-Harry.

"To a hotel or something. I can't stay here."-Me.

"Let me go with you. I have to make sure you're okay."-Harry.


"I care about you and I want you to be safe. I want to be with you anyway."-Harry.

"Okay.. Will you go to my room and pack some of my clothes in a bag. I'm not sure how long I'll be staying."-Me.

"However long you're going to be there, I will. I'm not going to leave you when you need me the most Hannah. Even though Niall stepped out, doesn't mean i am too. I'm going to be there and no one is going to change my mind,"-Harry.

"Thank you Harry. So much. I don't know what I would do without you."-Me. I hugged him and he disappeared up the stairs and into our rooms to get some clothes. I figured if it would be nice to tell Hayley about me and Harry leaving for a while, so I walked to her room. I walked in and she was cuddled up to Liam. I felt had, but I woke her up. 


"Niall and I got in a fight and he broke up with me."-Me.

"What?!!"-Hayley. She was wide awake now.

"don't worry about it. It's okay. I'm going to go stay at a hotel with Harry though. He doesn't want me to be alone, and I was leaving with or without him."-Me.

"For how long?"-Hayley.

"Just for a little while. Maybe a couple of days. Just wanted to tell you so when you wake up and we aren't here, you know where we are."-Me. She nodded and I gave her a hug bye. She looked reluctant. She didnt want me to go, but I had to clear my mind, and I couldn't at the house. Niall was there. I couldn't think about everything while he was there. I walked back down the stairs to see Harry sitting at the table drinking some tea. He just finished it up and we left. 

"I can't believe I keep running from everything.."-Me.

"You have to. You can't think about it while he's at the house."-Harry. I nodded and he started driving. 



"Can we stop at Starbucks pweaassssseeeee??"-Me.

"Anything for you Hannah. Haha."-Harry. I did his cupcake face and he died laughing. When we got to Starbucks, he ran in for me. I didn't want to move. When we got to the hotel, I was sleeping in the seat, so he carried me bridal style all the way to our room. He couldn't get a normal room though. He got the most expensive room ever. I think it was supposed to be a honeymoon suite, but I was 'sleeping'. I couldn't say anything. When he set me on the comfortable bed, he walked out of the room and back down to get our bags. I took this opportunity to walk around and get a good look at everything. There was a huge bathroom, huge bedroom, huge kitchen area, and a huge living room area. I looked at the time and it was 6 in the morning.. The last time I checked it was like 9 at night.. Where are we? I was looking at everything and anything. It was an amazing room, but it was so far away, wasn't it? I mean nine hours in a car.. Is quite a while. I was looking out at the best sight I have ever seen when Harry walked back through the door.

"Youre up?"-Harry. I nodded.

"Why are we so far away?"-Me.

"I rented this room for two weeks.. Maybe it will be enough time for Niall to make his mind up."-Harry.

"I told Hayley I was leaving for a couple of days. Not two weeks."-Me.

"Text her after and tell her."-Harry. I nodded and hugged him again. 

"You have been amazing! Thank you so much for everything Harry."-Me.

"Hannah, I will always be here for you. Through everything and anything."-Harry. He picked me up and threw me on the bed. He turned on the flat screen tv on the wall, it was on the news. I saw something about Niall but he changed the channel.

"No. Harry out it back on."-Me. He did. It was about Niall cheating on me with some girl. It showed them going to different places and kissing. And stuff. I was pissed. I told Harry he could turn it off and he did. I layed in the bed so that I was looking up at the ceiling. 

"Hes dumb Hannah. I don't see how he could cheat on you.."-Harry.

"Thank you Harry."-Me. I cuddled up to him and put my head on his chest. He was smoothing out my hair and humming Little Things 

"Sing to me please."-Me.

"What would you like me to sing?"-Harry.

"They Don't Know About Us?"-Me.

"Okay. I think that song reminds me of us..."-Harry.

"Then Little Things? Last First Kiss. Still The One."-Me

"Slow down. You want me to sing you all of those?"-Harry.

"Yes. Please."-Me. 

"Okay. I will. Just relax babe."-Harry. When he started singing, my whole baby relaxed. I felt so safe, like nothing could bother me. Not even hate. Right now in the moment, I would freeze time  and stay like this forever. I fell asleep to the rhythm of his heart and the sound of his angelic voice. I could get used to falling asleep like this for two weeks. I really could. I woke up a couple hours later alone. There was a piece of paper on the tv though. I didn't remember it being there, so I got up and ripped it off the tv. 

Good morning beautiful, 

I forgot to grab some underwear.. So I had to go get some more.. For us both. And your bra.. So I had to get some of those too. I remember what you were, so yeah. I hope you slept good, I know I did with you by my side again. Well, I should be back soon. Bye babe. Harry xx <3

What a dork.. Haha. He's so cute though. I decided to be nice and make him something to eat for when he got back. I went to the kitchen and there was nothing. I forgot we didn't bring any food either. It was a last second idea. Well get some groceries and stuff. I ended up taking a shower. It was so hot, but it felt so nice. I plugged my phone into the speaker and let the music take control. I got out of the shower and walked over to the suitcases. I ripped open my purple one and saw one bra and one thong. At least I have something. I started looking through everything he brought, and it was all skin tight stuff. He's a dirty boy. Haha. I grabbed some yoga pants and his purple sweatshirt. I loved it. It smelt just like him. I also picked out a hot pink lacy tank top to go underneath the sweatshirt. As I was putting my clothes on, Harry walked through the door. I didn't notice because I had my back to him.. Which meant he could see my rear end with my thong on.. Lucky me. And since I had the music on, I was dancing to the music. I put my yoga pants on and turned around, still in my bra. I saw him and jumped. I quickly covered my bra but realized it was Harry. He's seen me naked the other day, so I put my hands down. 

"When did you get here?"-Me.

"Just in time to see you get dressed."-Harry. He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. I took my brush out if my bag and brushed through my hair. 

"You not going to put a shirt on?"-Harry.

"I will. Just not yet. I wasn't planning on it anytime soon so.. Yeah."-Me.

"It must be my lucky day."-Harry. I gave him the evils and he disapeared into the kitchen area. He came back with a coffee from Starbucks and put it on my nightstand near the bed. He smiled his dimpled smile at me and sat on the bed. I ran from my spot and jumped on the bed. I gave him the biggest hug ever, forgetting my no shirt. I didn't realize it until I saw him look at my chest.

"Oh. Um. Sorry."-Me. And I started getting up. He pushed on my thighs to keep me in place. I gave him a questioning look but he just shrugged and kissed my neck, right at my sweet spot. I started to moan and he just smiled against my skin. 

"Um.. I have to get dressed. I'm hungry and we have no food.."-Me. He reluctantly pulled away and looked me in the eyes. He winked and smiled again, putting his hand on my cheek. Then he kissed my lips. I kissed back at first, but then I pulled away.. It was too soon. I jumped off his lap and got dressed completely. Pulling my UGGs on and his sweatshirt before grabbing my phone and coffee. We left the hotel room. He latched his hand in mine and I didn't mind, I left it that way. It felt nice. When we got to the car I got a text from Niall:

Please come back. I meant nothing I said last night. I need you babe. Please. I miss you. I love you xx.

haha. He thinks he can get me to be back with him?! After the news I saw last night?? I nicely texted Hayley to tell him not to text me anymore. She said of course. I talked to Harry about all the little things in our lives. We can talk about anything and everything. He wanted to go out to dinner tonight, so I agreed. We bought a bunch of stuff. He led me not to buy energy drinks but I continued to beg him to let me get them, so he finally gave in. I bought a bunch if monsters and red bulls. I also got some Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew quick start. They are pretty good. When we got back to the hotel, we unloaded all the groceries and sat on the couch. My stomach started growling so I got up to get some food. On the way back Harry stopped at Starbucks and got me more coffee. He can read my mind sometimes. :) Before we had to get ready to leave, we relaxed on the couch cuddled up watching some tv for about an hour or so. Harry packed my purple skin tight dress with cleavage. So that's what I was wearing I guess. I curled my hair and put my purple now tie on the left wide with my bangs. I did a smokey cat eye look with my make up in the shade of purple. It ended up looking really good. When I was done, I walked to the room part and Harry was waiting. Looking perfect, like always. He smiled and kissed my cheek when he saw me.

"You look beautiful."-Harry.

"Thank you. You don't look too bad yourself."-Me. He smiled and we walked out of the room. Hand in hand. This was going to be a fun night. I could tell. I was going to enjoy it. Even if it killed me. I wanted to be fine without Niall. I was going to prove to him that I could live without him. That I could deal with him not being here. That I can tell he's done with me. Like I don't know about him cheating on me. 

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