Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


51. Please Don't Do It..

Hayley's POV

When Zayn ran upstairs I had to go after him. So I ran after him. He closed the door right as I got to it. I knocked on the door.

"Zayn. Let me in."-Me.

"No! Go away!"-Zayn.

"Zayn. Please. I need to talk to you and I know you need to talk to me too."-Me. He opened the door. I walked in and sat down next to him on his bed. He was crying.

"Zayn why'd you run out?"-Me.

"Because.. people said Hannah and I... were together.. but we aren't.. and that's what I wish would happen. Hayley I can't stand this anymore!"-Zayn. I was almost in tears. Tears were on the edge of falling out  of my eyes.

"Zayn I know it's hard. But-"-Me. But Zayn interrupted me.

"How do you know!? You and Liam have this perfect relationship! You wouldn't know what this feels like. You have been with Liam for almost 3 years!! You have no idea what it's like to love someone but them not love you back or even like you!!!"-Zayn.

"Yeah I do Zayn. Josh? Remember him. I loved him.... but he didn't love me back he just loved being in control and me too weak to fight back for it."-Me.

"Hayley, that's not what I meant. I just mean you wouldn't know recently.. Josh is behind us all. Right now. You don't know how I feel Hayley. And you won't you and Liam are going to get married. Hannah and Niall are together. And-"-Zayn started to say but then heard a door slam and Hannah scream something.


"Maybe they won't."-Me. Then I heard Niall say Hannah locked herself into the bathroom. Zayn and I shot up and ran into the hallway. We came up to the bathroom.


"Go away!!!"-Hannah.

"Hannah. Please don't do anything."-Me.

"Why shouldn't I? No one would care anyways."-Hannah.

"Yes! I would care!! Niall would, Zayn would, Liam would, Louis and Harry would too! A lot of people would care Hannah."-Me.

"Yeah 6 people is alot!"-Hannah.

"Bentley, your mom, your real parents, your sisters!! There are so many people that care about you Hannah!"-Me. She was silent. All the guys were standing there.

"Hannah!!! Open the door!! Please don't do anything.."-Me. I was crying. I went over to the door and started banging and kicking it. Liam pulled me away from the door and pulled me into a hug. Zayn and Harry kicked the door down. I looked in and saw fresh blood on her wrist and on the razor. I got out of Liam's grip,

"Why?"-Me. I whispered it. She was crying. Bentley was in his room asleep surprisingly. I grabbed the razor out of Hannah's hand.

"Hannah. Why'd you do it? Want to know how it feels to see someone you care about cut themselves? I can do it too!!! Want to see!?"-Me.

"Hayley stop."-Hannah.

"No. You wouldn't listen to me why should I listen to you. Want to see how you just made me feel? How you made all of us feel? Because I can do it right now Hannah. You're not the only one here who gets hate. The boys do, I do, you do. For gods sake my fucking fingernail does Hannah! It hurts I know, but you can't just read them and believe it. If I read and believed what people say to me I would be 6ft under right now."-Me.

"It's not that easy Hayley. And you know how insecure I am of myself."-Hannah.

"And I'm not?"-Me.

"Not like me. If you were going to cut yourself you would have done it by now Hayley."-Hannah.

"Really? Want to see me do it right now then? I will."-Me. I put it up to my wrist but Hannah took it out of my hand.

"Hayley stop it."-Hannah. The boys got Hannah something to clean her cut out.

"Hannah we need to talk."-Me. I went into my room. Hannah followed.

"Hannah. What's been up with you lately? You haven't had any type of thoughts like this is so long why now? Why today?"-Me.

"Hayley, I've been having these awful dreams. That I killed myself and no one cared. I wasn't believing the tweets and the hate but my mind was!"-Hannah.

"Hannah. Why wouldn't you tell me? Why couldn't you have said something I could have helped."-Me.

"Because you would be worried. I don't want you to worry."-Hannah.

"I'm your best friend, it's my job to do that Hannah. I'm supposed to take care of you and help you when you need it. We are supposed to tell each other everything no matter what it is. No matter who or what its about. It could be that your dog died and you don't want anyone to know."-Me. She laughed at the last part.

"Hayley, I know but somethings I don't need to tell you, just like you don't tell me somethings. We have our fair share of secrets."-Hannah.

"I know I overreacted in the bathroom, but I just wanted you to see how much it hurt me to see you like that.. so broken and fragile that if someone says one thing that's wrong you would go to the razor for help. You looked so helpless and honestly you looked scared sitting on that floor with the razor in your hand. You have to promise me that next time anything like this happens you will come to me first before you go to the razor. And that you won't go to the razor."-Me.

"I'll try to promise you that. But I can promise you one thing. That I will go to you first no matter what it is. Even if my dog died... even though i don't have one."-Hannah.

"And just to let you know.. now none of the boys will leave you alone. They are going to want to make sure that you don't lock yourself in the bathroom again and do what you just did."-Me.

"I know Hayley. I'm sorry. When you had that razor in your hand I was scared you were really going to do it."-Hannah.

"I was. If you didn't take that razor out of my hand I would have a slit in my wrist."-Me. I hugged her. We both cried into each others arms. We pulled away and wiped our eyes.

"Now I think we should have a girls day after we go back to bed. It's only 5 AM."-Me.

"I think we should too."-Hannah. Liam walked in after 5 more minutes.

"Everything all set with you too?"-Liam.

"Yeah."-Me. Hannah and I both smiled.


"What do you want now?"-Liam.

"Rude! And can Hannah and I sleep in here right now?"-Me. I batted my eye lashes and gave him a puppy dog face that always works on him.

"Why? She has a room she can sleep in it."-Liam.

"But babe, I don't want her to be alone right now. Remember what just happened??"-Me.

"Fiinee. I'll go to sleep somewhere else."-Liam. I smiled.

"Thanks babe."-Me

"Yeah yeah."-Liam. He came over to me and gave me a kiss. Then he walked out. Hannah and I got under the covers and sat there. Hannah fell asleep. I grabbed my phone and looked on twitter quick. I saw so much hate towards Hannah. The boys all tweeted about it. So why not? I decided to type something as well I went on Twitlonger so I could type more than 140 characters.

'@Hayley_Carter: All the hate towards @Hannah_Wright needs to stop! You guys that are sending her hate are so immature! You obviously have no heart and aren't a true fan to the boys. It's Louis' sister! You all sicken me so much. And F.Y.I because of you, you almost ruined her completely! If you think you are cool by doing this you are far from it you should be ashamed, the things you type to her is cruel. I hope you are happy with yourselves and just know the boys are very disappointed and ashamed that their fans would say anything like this to anyone! Just remember that! True fucking directioners you are! #FuckHaters'  I put my phone down on the side table I had. Then I fell asleep.


Liam's POV

Once Hannah and Hayley went into the room, the guys and I all went downstairs. No one was talking. Everyone had tears in their eyes. Seeing Hannah break like that and Hayley like that broke my heart. Hayley had to take it the hardest. No one was talking for like 20 minutes. I could hear only a little from Hannah and Hayley, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. So I decided to go up and see if they were done. I heard them talking. They were both crying. I walked in and they kicked me out of MY room!!! I walked down and sat on the couch.

"Are they okay?"-Niall.

"Yeah. They are sleeping. They kicked me out of the room."-Me.

"I think I'm going to try and spend the day with Hannah today."-Niall.

"Not going to happen mate."-Me.

"Why not?"-Niall.

"Because her and Hayley are having a 'Girls Day'"-Me. Niall grunted.

"Of course."-Niall. We were all on twitter and all said something about the hate. Then we all came across Hayley's. We pressed the link to twitlonger to see what she wrote. I favorited and retweeted it. Along with the others. The boys went back to bed and I laid down on the couch. I fell asleep but was woken up by someone sleeping next to me. I opened my eyes and saw Bentley.

"Hi Daddy!"-Bentley.

"Hey bud."-Me. He smiled and fell asleep. I smiled and fell asleep as well.

**2 Hours Later**

I heard a click, I looked up and saw Hannah and Hayley standing there smiling.

"Hey there sexy."-Hayley.

"Why'd you take a picture of me?"-Me.

"Because you and Benny looked so cute!"-Hannah. Hayley nodded. I got up and made some tea. I went into the kitchen and started it. I was standing in the kitchen just looking out the window when I felt two arms wrap around the back of my waist. I looked and saw Hayley smiling.

"What are you and Hannah doing today?"-Me.

"Just going out. I don't know where yet though."-Hayley. I nodded. I leaned down and gave her a kiss. Then Hayley's phone went off. She looked at it and saw that it was her mom. She ignored it.

"Why didn't you answer?"-Me.

"If it's important she will either call back or lave a message."-Hayley. She was still behind me hugging me. I turned around. I got her some tea and some for myself. Hayley looked out of the kitchen to see  Hannah and Bentley watching Tom and Jerry. Hayley ran out and sat next to them.

"I love this show!!"-Hayley. I just laughed and shook my head.

"Me too!"-Bentley.

"Really? There is no talking you still like it?"-Hayley.

"I love Jerry! He's a silly mouse!"-Bentley. Hayley and Hannah laughed. I walked out and saw next to Hayley. I grabbed her hand. The rest of the boys came down. Then Hannah and Hayley decided to leave.

"Ready Han?"-Hayley.

"Leggo Hay!"-Hannah. They started laughing. Hayley gave me a kiss and said bye to the boys and Bentley. Today should be fun.

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