Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


5. Phone Call

Hayley's POV

El and I were working when my phone went off.  I just ignored it because I was in the middle of my shoot, I thought it was just Liam or the babysitter. I could just call them later. El and I were taking pictures together for a magazine cover, I think it was Hollywood Uncovered or something like that. Then we had an interview to do.

"So girls I am Sandy. Nice to meet you."-Sandy

"Hello, it's nice to meet you too."-Me. This interview wasn't going to be on TV or anything just for her magazine.

"So, Hayley you are dating Liam Payne from One Direction and Eleanor you are dating Louis Tomlinson? Am I correct?"-Sandy.

"Yes. That is 100% correct."-Me. She asked us more questions about the boys and even Hannah. Eleanor answered those ones because I would probably bawl. At the end of the interview I went back to check my phone. It was a random number. I had a voice mail. I checked it out.

"Hey Hayley. I know you must be busy. But I miss you and Bentley. Call me back when you get a chance. I love you. Bye." I almost dropped my phone. Hannah called me. How did she get my number? I called Liam first to tell him.


Liam: Hey babe.

Me: Hannah called me.

Liam: Really? That's good.

Me: How did she get my number though.

Liam: Oh I forgot to tell you. She brought her friend's daughter to one of our signings and she stayed a little longer. We talked for a little then put our numbers in it. I put yours in there too.


Liam: Yes. Did you guys talk?

Me: No. She left a voicemail and I called you to tell you. I just have to call her back.

Liam: Then why are you on the phone with me. Go call her! Love you bye!

Me: Love you too.


I decided to call Hannah.


Hannah: HAYLEY!?



Me: ME TOO!!! How are you and Justin?

Hannah: GREAT!! I love him so much. I am so happy with him. How are you and Bentley??

Me: We are doing good. Hanging in there. Guess what though!?

Hannah: What!?

Me: Brittany moved in next door!

Hannah: NO WAY!!

Me: Yeah.. and I got another modeling job with El.

Hannah: That's good. I really need to see you. SOON

Me: I know. But it's kind of hard when you are in the US and I'm still in the UK.

Hannah: I know. I feel so bad for leaving you.

Me: Don't it was good for you. I wanted you to take it. I would feel bad if you didn't if you didn't you would be stuck here with me and El. It's better than the last place we worked but not by much. The people are just nicer here.

Hannah: What are you going to do about Brittany?

Me: I'm moving in a week.

Hannah: Really!? That's good.

Me: Yeah. I have to go get Bentley. I'll talk to you later okay? Text me and don't forget! Love you babes.

Hannah: Love you too babes.


I feel like I'm about to cry. I just talked to Hannah after like 8 months. El came over to check on me.

"Are you okay? You look like you are about to cry."-El.

"I'm fine. Hannah just called me!"-Me.

"HOW IS SHE!?"-Eleanor.

"She is great! A lot better than me! She saw the guys today."-Me. El nodded and walked away probably to call Louis. I went to my car and drove home. I got there and Bentley was sleeping. I thanked the babysitter and she left. I was on twitter and looked at my mentions. No thing important. I decided to tweet something. @Real_Liam_Payne I miss you soo much babe. Hope tour is going good. 

Then I tweeted one more thing. Talked to my best friend finally! I've missed hearing her voice so much. I love you Hannah! I'm glad you are doing good. I miss you. Hope we meet up again sometime in the future Bentley misses his Aunty Hannah. So do I <3 Love you Babes :) x

I looked around my twitter feed and saw people tweeting about seeing the boys at their concert tonight and seeing them at the signing. I'm glad that they are doing so good. I walked over to Hannah's old room. It was so empty. Except for her bed.. so many memories. I don't know if I want to leave this place. But I know when I do  I will probably regret it. Hannah got a new start and that is what I needed too. I saw a scrapbook on her dresser. I opened it. I saw everything from Senior year to when she left. There were pictures of us with the guys. And Bentley. Including her first 'family picture' with her unborn baby. Just thinking about all those days made me cry. Tear after tear fell on the book. I close the book and sat on Hannah's bed. I just sat there crying like a baby. Why did she have to leave? Why did they have to leave? Why did everything change? How come I am left here with no one but El and Bentley? Why can't I be happy again? Why? Why did this all happen to me? I was thinking about it all. I drifted off to sleep thinking about it. I woke up to someone crawling in bed next to me. I looked and saw Bentley laying next to me cuddling up to me. That night we slept in Hannah's room. I know he doesn't understand what is going on. But he know Hannah left and so did his father and uncles. I hope he knows Liam won't be gone forever. Then he asked me a question. I thought he was asleep.

"Mommy. Where is Aunty Hannah and Daddy? Why did they leave us? Did they not like us anymore?"-Bentley.

"No baby. Daddy is with your uncles they are on tour singing and making many people happy. They love us. They left because they had too."-Me.

"But, when are they coming back?"-Bentley.

"Daddy will be back in a few months. And I'm not so sure about Aunty."-Me. That broke my heart to hear him say that.

"Okay mommy. I love you. Goodnight. Please don't be sad anymore."-Bentley.

"I love you too baby. And whenever you are with me I won't be sad. Okay?"-Me.

"Okay mommy."-Bentley. I smiled at how much of a mommy's boy he is becoming. When Liam comes back Bentley is never going to leave his side. I was in a peaceful sleep when my phone went off. I looked at the caller I.D and it was Hannah.


Me: Hello?

Hannah: Hey. Were you sleeping?

Me: No.. maybe.. kinda.. yeah.

Hannah: Oh I'm sorry I can call you back later.

Me: It's fine.

Hannah: No go to sleep. Love you night.



Weird. I wonder what was going on with her. I hope it isn't nothing too important. Unless she just wanted to talk because it must be morning in the US. I'm so happy Liam gave her my number. I am never going to be able to repay him for that one.

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