Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


32. Oh. My. Josh...

Harry's POV

Hannah fell asleep, when Bentley screamed. He just didn't want to be alone. So Hannah helped him. They both fell asleep. Niall and I were sitting there talking about telling Hayley or not. I understand Hannah not wanting to because it could put her in danger. But it's her son. I'm one of her best friends too. I can't just lie to her. She'll be pissed off. Mostly if something like this actually happened. Niall was on the same page as me. Confused as hell. Him and Hayley weren't on the best page. He didn't want her to be more pissed off at him. But we decided it was for the best. Liam will be even worse with us. Him and Hayley will want nothing to do with us. Then Hannah started screaming and woke up. Niall and I ran to her. She stopped screaming and hugged us.

"Whats wrong!? Are you okay!?"-Nial.

"Bad dream.. Josh is coming I can tell. I don't know when, but soon."-Hannah.

"How do you know?"-Me.

"I just had a dream. That's two people. Bentley fucking dreamed about it. I'm so fucking scared."-Hannah.

"What happened in your dream?"-Me.

"Josh.. came.. Bentley ran to you guys, then Josh punched me, kicked me, I kicked him then threw a lamp at him, Harry came out and then I woke up screaming."-Hannah. DAMN!

"Wow. He better not come anytime soon."-Niall.

"I know. I'm scared. What if he comes, finishes here, gets Bentley then goes to Hayley? What the hell will we do then?"-Hannah.

"Don't think about it. He sure as hell won't get Bentley or Hayley."-Me. Hannah nodded.

"But what if-"-Hannah started.

"Not buts or what ifs. Nothing will happen. I promise. We promise. Everything will be fine."-Me.

"I hope so."-Hannah. Then Bentley woke up.


"Hi."-Me. Hannah turned the TV back on and it said Josh escaped from jail. Hannah changed the channel quick. Bentley wasn't really paying attention this time. THANK GOD.

"Aunty, I'm hungry."-Bentley.

"Okay, what do you want?"-Hannah.

"Mcdonalds."-Bentley. Hannah sighed.

"Okay. Let's go."-Hannah.

"No. I'll go. I can get everyone food. It's fine."-Niall.

"If you go. Make sure you don't eat everyone's."-Hannah.

"I know!"-Niall. Bentley laughed. Well more like giggled. Everyone said what they wanted and Niall left to get it. We were all watching TV when someone walked in. 

"Hey. Long time no see guys."-Josh. Bentley screamed.

"AUNTY!!!!" He ran to Hannah. She picked him up. I stood up and in front of them.

"Aw. Harry is trying to protect Hannah and Bentley from me."-Josh.


"Fine. Give me Bentley and I'll leave."-Josh.

"FUCK OFF!"-Hannah. Bentley was calming down. He was truly scared. Josh walked over and pushed me away. He went to Bentley.

"Why are you scared of daddy?"-Josh.

"YOU AREN'T MY DADDY!!!"-Bentley. I got up and pushed him away. He punched me. I punched him back. He grabbed me by my shirt and threw me to the wall. I was losing consciousness. Finally the black took over me and I heard a scream. Then someone came over to me and got me back up.


"What the fuck happened? Where the fuck are Bentley and Hannah?"-Niall. SHIT!

"J..Josh came.. JOSH HAS THEM!!"-Me. Niall dropped all the food.


Hannah's POV

When Harry got knocked out. I screamed. Josh came over to me and Bentley. Bentley was shaking uncontrollably.

"Isn't Hayley stupid for letting Bentley stay with you?"-Josh.

"NO! I take perfect care of him."-Me.

"Then why don't you have a kid of your own.. oh wait. You lost that one right? OH YEAH!!"-Josh.

"Shut up!"-Me. He slapped me. I put Bentley down and he ran to his room and locked the door.

"JUST FUCKING LEAVE!!!"-Me. He kicked me in the gut and I hit my head on the side of the chair. I felt something trickle down the side of my face. My head must be bleeding. I let the darkness take over. I heard him walk away. I woke up in the back of a car and saw Bentley next to me. His hands were tied and he was crying. His mouth wasn't taped. Mine was.

"You promised Aunty."-Bentley. I tried to say sorry, but the tape wouldn't let the words pass my mouth. I tried feeling in my pockets and found my phone. I grabbed it out and decided to call Harry. He didn't answer. Then my phone died SHIT! The car stopped. Josh opened my door. He grabbed my hair and pulled me out of the car. Then he picked up Bentley and brought him inside. I got inside and he tied me to a chair. Bentley was standing next to him. Scared for his life. Then I felt my phone turn on. I need to call someone, when Josh isn't around. It can't be Hayley or Liam. I'll try Niall. But Josh needs to leave first.


Niall's POV

OH MY GOD!! I can't believe this. Harry got cleaned up. Then I had to call Hayley and tell her Josh got her son. This wasn't going to fly by. But then I got a call. From Hannah!?


Hannah: Niall!

Me: Oh my god Hannah!? Are you okay!?

Hannah: NO! Josh has me and Bentley! You need to come get us! Call the police.

Me: I will! But where are you!?

Hannah: Umm.. somewhere? I don't know. Do you really think he would tell me!?

Me: Calm down. I'll track your phone.

Hannah: HURRY!

Then I heard Josh scream , Bentley cry, a slap, then Hannah.



"I ALREADY DID! They tracked Hannah's phone."-Harry. We got in the car and we got a call from Hayley. FUCK!



Harry: Umm...


Harry: Josh.. has Bentley and Hannah.

Hayley: Well lucky you! I'm already here! We got on a plane when we found out Josh got out of jail. BUT HE HAS MY SON! AND MY BEST FRIEND!?!? HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN!?

Me: I wasn't even there! Harry was!



Hayley: SHIT! Where are they!?

Harry told them the address.


We got there. Hayley and Liam finally got here.


Hayley's POV

Oh.My.God! I can't believe this. How could they just let this happen!? We got to the place and saw Harry and Niall waiting there for us. I had to do something. I called Josh.


Josh: Hey babe. I was hoping you would call.

Me: Give me Hannah and Bentley back!

Josh: I'll let Hannah go. If you come in.


Then I heard a slap noise.

Bentley: AUNTY!!!

Josh: So what's your answer?

Me: Fine. I'll do it. Just let Hannah go first.

Josh: No. You come in first then Hannah can go.

Me; Fine.


"You don't have to do this Hayley."-Liam.

"Do you want Bentley back?"-Me.

"Hayley. Be careful."-Liam. I gave him a kiss and walked to the door. He opened it and I walked in.

"Now. Let Hannah go."-Me.

"Haha. Funny."-Josh. I looked around and saw Bentley. I ran over to him and gave him a hug.

"Hayley. I told you not too."-Hannah. I ignored it. Then I heard and saw police lights, and sirens. They stopped in front of the house. He slapped me.

"YOU BITCH! You called the police!"-Josh.

"No. I didn't."-Me. He slapped me again.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!"-Josh. I just stayed silent. Then there was a knock at the door.


"NO!"-Josh. They kicked the door down. Josh let the police take Hannah. But he kept me and Bentley. Bentley stayed by my side.

"Mommy.. I'm scared.."-He whispered.

"I know baby.. I am too. Everything will be okay."-Me. I saw Liam, Niall, and Harry behind the police. Liam was looking at me. I nodded telling him I was okay.

"Let them go."-Police. They started walking towards him. They got close enough and took Bentley. Josh freaked. He grabbed a gun and started shooting at random places. Liam grabbed Bentley and put him on the ground. I got down too. Josh pulled me back up by the hair. I screamed in pain. 



"I'm fine. Don't worry."-Me. Josh looked from me to Liam and smiled. He grabbed my head and tried kissing me. I pulled away. He pulled my hair. I whimpered. He tried again but this time I kicked him where guys don't like being kicked. He fell to the ground.

"YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!!"-Josh. I started to run towards Liam but I felt my hair again.

I hit behind me and hit his face. This time when I ran I got to Liam. Josh held up a gun, but the police shot him before he could shoot. I gave Liam, Bentley, and Hannah a huge hug.

"MOMMY! Who was that bad guy. He said he was my daddy, but my daddy is right here."-Bentley. Then he pointed to Liam.

"I know. He is crazy. He doesn't know what he is talking about. He is just a really mean guy. Did he hurt you?"-Me.

"No. But he hurt Aunty and you!"-Bentley.

"I know. But we are both okay."-Me.

"Hayley. I am so sorry."-Harry. I gave him a hug.

"It's okay."-Me.

"Bentley, want to head home now? "-Me.

"Yes mommy."-Bentley. We went to Hannah's house. I made sure Hannah was okay, but she said she was fine. I didn't believe her though. We got back to her place and it was a mess. Josh really messed this place up.

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