Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


38. No.Leave.

Hannah's POV

I hate this. I hate everything. I hate feeling like this. I hate what Hayley has become. I hate what Harry has become. I hate Hayley doesn't believe me. I hope her and Harry live a real nice life, cause this is complete and utter bullshit. They better be together forever and leave me the fuck alone. I went to take a shower, but I did nothing but think about everything that happened. I cried, at least no one can hear me from the water beating down. When I got out, my make up was running down my face. Black mascara tears running down my face. I hate looking in the mirror the past tow or so days. Ever since Harry told me what he was doing, I hated it. I took off my make up and saw my eyes were red and puffy. No one was coming over today, so I just left it. I haven't eaten since before I went to the hotel that day. I haven't been hungry. I put leggings and another one of Justin's sweatshirts, the outfit that I have been wearing for a while now. I sat on my king size bed and sulked down. My hair got in my face, so I tied it in a messy bun. I started to think about what me and my best friend became, and I started crying. I heard foot steps on the stairs and I whipped my tears. I just finished when Niall walked in.

"You okay?"-Niall.

"No."-Me. Then I put my head in my hands and started crying again.

"Shhh.. I'm here for you. Come here."-Niall. He lifted me up and sat me in his lap. And to make everything worse, I haven't talked to Justin.. I started crying for that now. I swear, he had a huge wet mark on his shirt. I couldn't stop the tears from floating down my cheeks and onto Niall's shirt. I couldn't. It wouldn't stop.

"Hannah, please talk to me." It wasn't Niall, it was a girl's voice. The one thing that could make me stop crying and get pissed at. Hayley. I sat up straight, got the tears off my face, and walked to the bathroom. I looked at her and gave her a really dirty look. She looked at me with sadness, I ignored it and continued to my bathroom. I cleaned off my face and re-did my hair. I walked out, hoping Hayley wouldn't be there, but of course, she was. She was sitting on the edge of my bed.

"Get out."-Me.

"Talk to me."-Hayley.

"I have nothing to say to you."-Me.

"How about listen."-Hayley.

"How about get the fuck out."-Me.

"Just listen to what I have to say and I will."-Hayley.

"There is nothing to say because it wont make a difference. Now, leave."-Me.

"Fine, I will be downstairs when you want to talk."-Hayley.

"No, leave. As in, go somewhere else. Out of my house."-Me.

"I have no where else to go."-Hayley.

"Go with your boyfriend."-Me.

"We broke up. You were right."-Hayley.

"Oh well. Like I said. Leave."-Me.

"Can you let me apologize?!"-Hayley.

"No. Leave."-Me. She started crying and ran out of my room. Why does she think she can just come in and I will just forgive her?! She chose to stay with someone who lied to her and to just kick the one person who did everything for her, to the curb. I was there for Hayley through everything. Through the stupid Josh shit. Through the pregnancy. Through her Mom problems. Through everything. When she couldn't handle the single parent, I was the other 'parent'. When she needed rest, I stayed up with Bentley and she could sleep. Until the boys came, I was the only person she had. When she became obsessed with the boys, was when our friendship started to crumble. I don't know how much more I can take of this. I walked down the stairs to get some food, I was starving. Hayley was sitting on my couch. Yup, I'm not hungry anymore.

"What do you not understand about leave my house!?"-Me.

"Hannah, listen to her."-Liam.

"No! I want NOTHING to do with her Liam!"-Me.

"I want something to do with you though!"-Hayley.

"I don't give a fuck about what you have to say! I was there for a long ass time Hayley. There is shit I won't even bring up. Shit no one else knows. Shit you have yet to tell Liam there. Shit I had to talk you through. And shit you did that no one else agreed with. I was there. No one else was. And now that you met Liam, and the boys, you don't need me anymore. Or so you thought, you left me in the dark and now you want me to be there for you?!"-Me.

"And I was with you through everything too! Don't make it sound like this is all my fault!"-Hayley.

"But at least I admit to them and don't try to keep them away from people, that I love."-Me.

"Hannah, stop now."-Liam.

"NO! I have only just begun saying what I need to."-Me.

"It's fine! I fucking understand! You hate me!"-Hayley.

"You're right. Now, leave."-Me. She nodded and went to leave. Liam grabbed her hand.

"I will see you tomorrow. Go to a hotel, and stay the night. I will be there tomorrow morning."-Liam. Gag me. After I know she left, I went up to Bentley's room. He was playing.

"Hey bud!"-Me.

"Hey Aunty! You want to play with me?"-Bentley.

"Of course I do! What are we going to play?"-Me.

"Super heroes?"-Bentley.

"Yeah! Where are the costumes we got?"-Me.

"Closet!"-Bentley. I ran to the closet and grabbed his Batman costume and my Batwoman costume. We both changed and I grabbed my phone. We took lots of pictures. We looked amazing, if I do say so myself.

"Want to go get Uncle Niall?!"-Me.

"But he doesn't have a costume."-Bentley.

"He can be the bad guy!"-Me.

"Yeah!!!"-Bentley. We slowly walked down the stairs. Niall was passed out on the loveseat. I looked over at Bentley and he looked at me.

"We have to be quiet and tickle Uncle Niall, okay?"-Me. He nodded and we went over to the little sleeping beauty. I quietly counted to 3 and we jumped on Niall. We tickled him and he kept laughing. I love Niall's laugh! It is the best laugh ever!

"What the hell?!"-Niall. We were finally done tickling him.

"We are being amazing heroes and you were the bad guy!"-Bentley.

"Don't we make a good team Bud?"-Me. Bentley nodded.

"Let me get a picture of you guys!"-Niall. I kneeled next to Bentley and we put our backs to eachother. You couldn't see our faces because of the masks so I just kept a blank expression. With our hands, we made little guns. Niall took the picture and my phone started beeping. He put the picture on Twitter. I favorited and retweeted it. I saved the picture and sent it to Justin, since it was his idea to get the costumes. I saved the picture as my backround. Bentley and I changed up.
"Aunty, can I sleep with you again?"-Bentley.

"Of course you can buddy."-Me. We walked downstairs to get some water before bed. Niall was about to lay on the couch, he made a bed on it and everything.

"Niall, what the hell are you doing?"-Me.

"Making a nice bed?"-Niall. Then he started laughing.

"I have a huge bed. There is enough room."-Me.

"But you have Bentley too."-Niall.

"It's fine."-Me.

"Are you sure?"-Niall.

"I wouldn't tell you to if I wasn't sure."-Me.
"Okay."-Niall. Then I got Bentley, Niall, and I some water and we made our way up to my bed. We all laid down and I kissed Bentley on the cheek goodnight. Then I did the same to Niall. They both did the same to me and they hugged. Bentley cuddled up to me, but made Niall put his arm around him. But, his arm had to rest on my hip. He went to pull his arm away, but I just put my arm around Bentley, but just made my arm go over his, but land on his hip as well. Niall left his arm there and I kind of smiled. I fell asleep shortly after I knew Bentley fell asleep.

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