Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


9. I'm Sorry.

Hayley's POV

Liam and I haven't spent one day away from each other since I got here. Bentley, Liam, and I stay at the hotel the boys stay at for the few weeks they are here. Tonight Liam is taking me out and Hannah is watching Bentley. Hannah and I hung out once. Which was the day I got there. I kind of feel bad. I'm getting ready for my date with Liam he said wear something fancy. I looked through my closet and saw the dress I bought with Hannah. It's strapless and about mid-thigh length. It's Silver Zebra print to the mid chest area, then a silver ribbon going around the end of the zebra print. Then from there down it is a ruffled navy blue color. Then I wore silver stilettos. For make-up I did a smokey eye with navy blue I put on natural eyeliner on the bottom of my eye and some on top of my eyelid. Then I put on mascara.I curled my hair with small curls then my bangs in big curls. I grabbed my phone and purse. Once I got everything I walked out of my room and saw Niall standing there.

"Wow, Hayley you look amazing."-Niall.

"Thanks Niall. Where is Liam?"-Me.

"Welcome, and he sent me to bring you to the restaurant. So hurry up! Let's go."-Niall said pushing me out the door.

"Niall you keep pushing me I'm going to break an ankle and a heel."-Me.

"Well shouldn't have worn 20 inch heels."-Niall. We both laughed. After we got to the car he opened the door for me. I got in the car and buckled up. Niall got in and we drove off. We were driving and listening to the radio. Rock Me came on the radio and we both started singing it. We got to a restaurant and Niall helped me out. I looked around and saw Liam standing there waiting for me and Niall to show.

"What took you so long?"-Liam asked Niall.

"This one over here was walking slow because of her 10 inch heels."-Niall.

"THEY ARE NOT 10 INCHES!! I can walk just fine in them. If Niall wasn't pushing me. Then I  would walk just fine."-Me. Niall laughed. He hugged me and kissed my cheek. Niall left. I grabbed Liam's hand and I gave him a kiss on the lips. He hugged me, we walked in the restaurant and we sat down. We ordered out food and just talked the night away. It got to about 8 o' clock and then he paid the bill. I insisted to help pay but of course he didn't let me. We walked out and paparazzi surrounded us. Liam grabbed my waist and helped us through. We got to the end when someone shoved me back into Liam, hard. Liam walked us out and we got into the car.

"Are you okay?"-Liam.

"Yeah. It was just a little shove."-Me. We got to the hotel and decided to just go to bed. I would pick Bentley up in the morning. Then I got a call from Hannah.


Me: Hello?

Hannah: Heeyy.

Me: What's up? Is Bentley okay?

Hannah: Yeah he is great. He is sleeping right now. I was just wondering what you were doing tomorrow? Are you with Liam again? Or do you actually have time to spend with your best friend?

Me: I'm not doing anything. And what?

Hannah: You have been with Liam ever since you came here. You were supposed to come here for me not Liam. I missed you too you know?

Me: Then why haven't you tried to contact me since you moved?

Hannah: I lost all my contacts I didn't have your number.

Me: Okay? And you couldn't at least try and get it? Or were you too busy with you perfect life to not even try to talk to me, or the boys, you know the band your TWIN is in?

Hannah: Perfect life? It's far from it.

Me: Yeah because being engaged to Justin Bieber, being the face of Vogue Magazine, and starting your life all over isn't perfect because it sure as hell seems it.

Hannah: It sounds it, but it isn't. You don't know anything about me anymore Hayley you can't judge me by what you see.

Me: Exactly, I don't know you anymore.


Liam was looking at me to make sure I was okay. I wasn't even close to okay. I started crying into his chest.

"It's starting all over again.. the fights, the lies, the drama."-Me.

"No it's not. You guys will make up before you leave."-Liam.

"I hope so."-Me. I laid with Liam in bed. I was cuddling up to him. I couldn't fall asleep until things were right with Hannah. I looked over and saw Liam was asleep. I got up and grabbed the car keys quietly. I put on my shoes and walked out. I looked down and saw that I was wearing my dress and heels still. GREAT!! I drove to Hannah's and knocked on the door. Justin answered.

"Hayley? What are you doing here so late?"-Justin.

"I need to talk to Hannah."-Me.

"Okay. Come in."-Justin. He got Hannah and she looked at the ground.

"Hannah. I am so sorry. I didn't mean anything I said. What you said caught me off guard. I wasn't thinking I was just trying to think of a come back. I know your life isn't perfect."-Me.

"Hayley, what you said really hurt. I was trying to contact you. I really was."-Hannah.

"I KNOW! I am sorry for spending so much time with Liam, but I haven't seen either of you in a while. If it seemed like I was just worried about Liam and not you. I am sorry. I didn't think of how much I would be hurting you. I couldn't sleep until I made up with you. I would love to hangout with you for the rest of my week here. Just know I didn't mean it. I came in here in my dress and heels."-Me.

"I'm sorry too. And you look good in that dress. Don't those heels here though?"-Hannah.

"Yes.. ALOT!!"-Me.

"And Hayley I don't want you to spend the rest of the week with me. I just want to hang out with you like we did before I moved. That's it."-Hannah said. I hugged her and then she told me she was keeping Bentley. I walked out the door and went back to the hotel. I got up to the hotel and was walking in when I got mobbed by paparazzi and fans.

"Excuse me guys. I need to get through."-Me. Some started to move but others wouldn't budge. All the fans moved but it was the paparazzi that wouldn't they were asking if Liam and I broke up, if Hannah and I were still friends, or if I was jealous Hannah is dating Justin Bieber. I shoved past a few of them but one wouldn't move. I got up to him and tried moving past him but he shoved me down before I could get past him. I fell on my butt and hit my back on the ground. I looked at my arms and I was bleeding. The fans started yelling at him. I got up and I shoved past him. Then the guy started calling me a slut, a whore, a bitch, and a whole bunch of names like that. I got in the elevator and started crying. I slid down the wall and sat there until I got to my floor. I wiped my tears away. But more kept falling. I stayed like that for a while and finally stopped crying. I walked to my hotel room and pulled out my key. I walked in and saw Liam up waiting for me.

"Hayley! Where were you? I was worried sick, why is your arm bleeding why were you crying?"-Liam asked all at once.

"I was at Hannah's house I apologized to her. Sorry for worrying you. And I just fell. It hurt so I started crying. That's all"-Me. If I told Liam the paparazzi did this he would freak out. Even though it would be every where tomorrow. He went on twitter and a few fans wrote about it.

"You only fell? All these girls are saying you got pushed down by a paparazzi. Is that true?"-Liam.

"Yes. It is. I didn't want to tel you because I knew you would freak out. I'm sorry."-Me. He hugged me.

"Hayley, I'm not mad. I just want you to tell me everything we are engaged. We are getting married soon. Please don't lie to me if anything happens like this ever again Pleasee."-Liam.

"I won't I promise."-Me. I hugged him back and gave him a kiss. After that we fell asleep on the couch cuddling. Man I love this boy. I am so lucky to have someone like him.

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