Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


19. First Day With Bentley!

Hannah's POV

I woke up with Justin next to me with his arms around me. I kissed along his jawline and he smiled down at me. He let go but picked me up on top of him.

"Best wake up ever."-Justin.

"Aww babe, love you."-Me.

"Love you more."-Justin. Then he let me go, after kissing me. I went and got dressed. Justin was pouting that I wouldn't let him do it for me. I told him to go and get ready and to make breakfast. When I got in my closet, I didn't know what to wear. I decided on black, high waisted shorts and a flowy pink tank top that I tucked into the shorts. I put some concealer on and some baby pink eye shadow, then I put some mascara on. Not too much, but just enough. Justin better not complain. I took my hair out of the messy bun it was in for bed and it had really nice curls. I sprayed some hair spray in it and left it the way it was. Then I walked into Bentley's boring room and he woke up.

"Good morning buddy."-Me.

"Good morning Aunty. Where's Uncle Justin?"-Bentley.

"Cooking break fast."-Me.

"Can I go help?"-Bentley.

"I'm sure he would love the help."-Me.

"Piggyback ride?"-Bentley. I nodded and he jumped on my back. I started to make these weird noises that we both giggled at. When I got down the stairs, Justin ran over to us and grabbed Bentley off me.

"Let's go Bentley! Let's get away from Aunty! She has cooties!"-Justin.

"What? No way! Let's go play Bentley!"-Me.

"I'll play later! I want to help Uncle Justin!"-Bentley. I just nodded and sat on the love seat. I turned the T.V on and saw a headline about Justin's movie. He couldn't change the part, but it wasn't Selena... It was Taylor!



"Why's Taylor in the movie?"-Me.

"I had to get someone else and Taylor voulenteered."-Justin.


"Why don't you like Taylor?"-Justin.

"Long story short, you have to get her off the set!"-Me.


"She's the reason why everything happened."-Me.

"The eating thing."-Justin.


"I will not do that movie with her on the set. I promise. No one gets away with hurting my baby!"-Justin. I giggled.

"BREAK FAST IS READY!"-Bentley. I stood up and went to the kitchen. We ate pancakes and toast. To drink we had orange juice. Then I got Bentley dressed. Justin still didn't get ready so I had to tell him to hurry it up. Bentley laughed at how I was play screaming at him. Bentley and I played with some of his toys until Justin came down the stairs. Bentley ran to Justin and Justin picked him up.

"Ready to go?"-Justin. I nodded and we left. Justin put Bentley in his car seat and we left.

"What took you so long?"-Me.

"I was taking to the manager."-Justin.

"What did they say?"-Me.

"Taylor is off. They are working on getting someone else. I will get a call later on today to be told who it will be."-Justin. I nodded and we were at the mall. Bentley walked in holding Justin and I's hands. He was in the middle. It was so cute. We went to Children's Place and got A LOT of clothes for Bentley. We had about 16 bags. Then we went to the shoe store. We bought him a lot of shoes. Then we went to a tux shop. They had one Bentley's size, so we got it. Justin got a tux as well. Then we went to a dress shop. I told Justin I didn't need another one, but he didn't care. I got a tight dress that went mid thigh. It was black and on the breast line, it had all gems. Bentley picked it out and Justin agreed. Then we left. We dropped all the bags off at home. I was surprised, it only took an hour. Then Bentley wanted to go to Toy's R Us. When we got there, we got so much toys! It was mostly trucks and Toy Story. I showed him Batman stuff and he wanted it. He got the costume and some of the toys. We got the Lego Batman movies too. When we left we had like 13 more bags. Then we dropped those back at home. We had to go to a furniture store to get some desks and whatever else we needed. Justin was going to pick everything up tomorrow with his truck. We ordered 2 burrows and they were dark brown. Then Bentley saw a Toy Story chair and small couch. We got it and he was so happy. Then we had to go to Target to get a new mirror and some food. While we were there, Justin and Bentley took off. When they came back, I was in the food. I got Nutella, Monster, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, and some snacks. Bentley then grabbed some of the foods he liked. Justin did too. Then they took off again. I was walking around and went to the make up. When Justin came back, his arms and Bentley's were full of stuff.

"What is all that?"-Me.

"Stuff."-Justin. I just laughed and rolled my eyes. Then we went to the decorating stuff. There was Toy Story stickers and wall stickers. Bentley grabbed them and grabbed some truck ones. He wanted a Toy Story mirror and some picture frames. I texted Hayley and Liam. I asked them to send me some pictures of them and Bentley. Then we left. It was time for lunch so we asked where Bentley wanted to go. He said he wanted McDonalds, so we went there. When we were done, we went home. Then Bentley took a nap. I unloaded all the food and stuff. We had stuff everywhere! Then Justin left to get Bentley some paint for his room. When he got back, he had dark blue paint. Justin and I decided to take a nap. We woke up around 4. We started to get dressed and then when Justin was done, he woke Bentley up and got him ready. I walked into the bathroom and took a shower. When I got out, I dried my hair and curled it. I put a black bow on the side. I did a smoky cat eye. When I was done, I put my dress on. I matched it with black stilettos. Then I walked down the stairs. Justin and Bentley were both waiting on me. Justin and Bentley fake fainted. I started to giggle so hard.

"You look beautiful Aunty."-Bentley.

"You look gorgeous baby."-Justin. I kissed Justin and Bentley both on the cheek and we walked outside. Justin got a limo so we got inside. Bentley sat on Justin's lap the whole ride there. When we got to the resturaunt, Justin carried Bentley and held my hand. We sat down and ate. Bentley was so happy. We took a couple pictures and I sent some to Hayley.


  Look at your little man <3


   Aww! I miss him so much.


   He misses you both.

She told me she would call me later and we left. Then, Justin had to stop at Target to get something for his mom. Bentley went in with him and they came out with two huge boxes and a couple of bags.

"What are those boxes?"-Me.

"Woody and Buzz!! They are amazing Aunty!"-Bentley. I nodded and we drove to Justin's mom's house. When we got in, she just 'had' to take a picture of Justin and I. We had to hug, kiss, then he had to hug me from behind. I loved it. Then she wanted some with Justin and Bentley. So they did. He was amazing with kids! She took some of Bentley and I. One of them was Bentley kissing my cheek, then me kissing his cheek. Then Bentley, Justin and I.

"I can't wait to see you guys get married."-Pattie.

"Not any time soon though Mom."-Justin.

"When are you planning it?"-Pattie.

"We don't know yet."-Me.

"You guys are great with children. You will be amazing parents."-Pattie. Justin and I smiled.

"Uncle Justin, I'm tired."-Bentley.

"Come and lay on me for a little until we leave?"-Justin.

"Okay. I love you Aunty and Uncle."-Bentley. We told him we loved him too and he fell asleep. We left not long after. Justin asked Pattie if she wanted to help decorate Bentley's room tomorrow. She said of course. On the ride home, I fell asleep on Justin's shoulder. I woke up being carried into the house. When we got inside I saw that Bentley was already in bed. Justin sat me in bed and I was about to fall back to sleep.

"Babe, you have to change."-Justin.

"Please do it for me."-Me. He nodded and then went to my closet to get me some pj's. He came back with a tank top and shorts. He changed me, kissed me, and we cuddled up. Then, we fell asleep. I really do love him. We have a nice big day tomorrow. I love this!

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