Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


45. Dinner and Phone Calls :)

Hayley's POV

When we got to Hannah's all the boys were there.Once the boys said that her phone was ringing off the walls she ran upstairs and got it. We were all sitting downstairs. Waiting for her to come back down.

"So how are you feeling?"-Liam.

"I feel fine. It feels good to be ho-"-Me. I started talking but got interrupted by Justin and Hannah yelling over the phone.

"Hayley, go up there and see what's going on.."-Harry.

"No! I'm crippled."-Me.

"I'll go!"-Niall. He got up but then I heard.

"YOU'RE WORRIED ABOUT ME BEING UNFAITHFUL! LOOK IN THE MIRROR!!"-Hannah. Justin was coming back at her. Then I heard a bang. I got up and Niall sat down.

"I got it."-Me. I ran up the stairs no matter how bad it hurt my ribs. I walked in. Hannah and I talked I grabbed her phone and Hannah walked out. I called Justin.


Justin: What do you want?

Me: Excuse me? This isn't Hannah.

Justin: Why'd you call Hayley.

Me: What the fuck is your problem? Hannah was with me. She didn't cheat on you! You're the fucking cheater in your relationship.

Justin: Yeah okay. You would know a lot about cheating Hayley, wouldn't you?

Me: Don't even bring me into this.

Justin: You called me remember?

Me: Fuck you. Don't come crawling back to Hannah when you're done with all your sluts.


Then Hannah walked in. She told me she was going to a hotel with Niall, and I was scared something like before would happen again. She got ready and went downstairs to get Niall. I walked down, not changed at all.

"Are you getting ready any time soon?"-Liam.

"Oh shit yeah!"-Me. I ran upstairs and got ready. I wore one of Hannah's, she had enough. I chose a tight purple one that was mid-thigh length and one shoulder. On the shoulder strap it had little flower designs. I put on a pair of silver heels and curled my hair and put a little make up on. I walked downstairs and all the guys were waiting. We walked out of the house and got in the car. When we got to the restaurant there were fans waiting outside, mixed with some paparazzi. Liam grabbed on to my waist to 'protect' me. As soon as we got in the waitress brought us to our table. I was next to Liam and Harry. Zayn was on the other side of Liam.Then Bentley was next to Harry. We ordered our drinks and just talked.

"What took you so long upstairs?"-Harry.

"What do you mean?"-Me.

"Hannah came down after the whole Justin thing...where were you?"-Harry.

"On the phone..."-Me.

"With who?"-Liam.


"What did you say?"-Zayn.

"Well I told him that she was just with me and that she doesn't cheat it was him that did it. Then he said, you would know alot about cheating right? Then I said stuff and hung up."-Me.

"Why did you even call him?"-Harry.

"Because I'm not just going sit around and let my best friend get told shit saying she cheats when it was him. He needs to learn that Hannah might not stand up for herself and might not be strong enough at times but I will always say something. I'm not one of the girls to just sit around and let my best friend cry over a douche that doesn't deserve it.."-Me.Bentley wasn't paying any attention.

"Woah.."-Zayn. I just laughed.

"Mommy? When is Uncle Justin coming back?"-Bentley.

"Umm.. Not for a long time bud."-Me. He just nodded. We finished eating and left for Hannah's house. When we got there Bentley went to bed. Zayn went to bed too. It was only me, Harry and Liam. I was with Liam on the couch and Harry was next to me. I felt someone tap me on the shoulder. It was Harry. He gave me the talk.. now look. I nodded and we went to the kitchen.

"What do you need to talk to me about?"-Me.

"Hannah.. and Niall.."-Harry. GREAT!!


"Are they a 'thing'"-Harry.


"Then why did they get a hotel room?"-Harry.

"I don't know. Maybe because she hates being here because it reminds her so much of Justin. Maybe because Niall wants to make her feel better."-Me.

"But why couldn't it be me?!"-Harry.

"Uhmm.. You didn't ask her?"-Me.

"But I could've."-Harry.

"Ask her when she gets back."-Me.

"When is that going to be?"-Harry.

"Whenever she gets back, I'm not Hannah. I don't know that kind of stuff."-Me.

"Well, she packed a bug bag."-Harry.

"No. I packed it. I didn't know how long they would be gone."-Me.

"Do you think she will text me back if I text her?"-Harry.


"Why not?"-Harry.

"She left her phone here."-Me. He just sighed and left the kitchen and laid on the couch. Liam and I went into one of the guest rooms. I laid down and fell asleep right away. I woke up and saw that Liam wasn't there anymore. He's probably downstairs eating. I was about to walk out of the room when my phone went off. Hannah was calling.


Me: Hello (I was walking downstairs and talking to her at the same time)

Hannah: Oh my god Hayley I have to talk to you!

Me: Well, yeah. You did call me remember?

Hannah: Very funny. But guess what!

Me: What!?

Hannah:Me and Niall.. did it last night.


Hannah: Yes really! It was perfect though. I realized I never truly got over him.

Me: Be careful.

Hannah: What are you talking about?

Me: Last time this happened, remember what all went down. Are you two like.. a couple?

Hannah:Not yet.. he hasn't officially asked me yet.

Me: Okay.. well Harry's really upset. Just to let you know.(By then I was downstairs and everyone was staring at me.)

Hannah: I know. But this is what I want.

Me: Make sure it is and not just you upset because of what happened with you and Justin...

Hannah: Hayley ! I Know!

Me: Okay!! Damn. I was just making sure. But I got to go. Love you bye.

Hannah: Love ya too! Bye!


"What was that about?"-Liam.

"Nothing. Girl stuff...."-Me.

"Why was my name involved? And what did she say about them being a couple?"-Harry.

"They aren't."-Me. Harry let out a sigh of relief. I just hope Hannah knows exactly what she is getting herself into, by doing this.

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