Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


3. Day Out.

Hayley's POV

Bentley and I were watching Tv when I got a text.

From El:) :

Wanna hang today? Me you and Bentley? I think we need a girl's day with Bentley.

To El:) :

Yes! We really do!

From El:) :

I'll be over in 5.

"Bentley want to hangout with Aunty El today?"-Me.

"YES!! I miss her!"-Bentley. I smiled. Then I got another text.

From Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

Hannah is dating Justin Bieber and is the new face of Vogue Magazine... She just had an interview.

When I saw that my face literally dropped. I guess she's doing good.

To Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

Really!? I guess she's doing good.

From Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

Don't be sad. She misses us all. She said it during the interview. What are you and Bentley doing today??

To Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

At least she remembers me.. and we are hanging out with El today :) I need to get out of this house more than just for work. Shouldn't you be sleeping it's like 5 am there.

From Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

That's good. And i just woke up. The interview was on yesterday morning. I would have told you sooner but I thought you would be sleeping.

To Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

It's fine. I missssss yoooooouuuuuuuuuuu <3

From Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

I miss you tooooooooo <3333

Then there was a knock at the door. I opened it and saw El standing there with starbucks for both of us. She knows exactly what will cheer me up.

To Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

I got to go. El's here. I'll talk to you later. Love you baby :) <3333

From Babbbyyyyyy <333 :

Love you too babe <333 Have fun! 

I closed my phone and got Bentley.

"Where do you want to go?"-Me.

"Hmmm...... park? It's a nice day."-El.

"Bentley want to go to the park and play?"-Me. We got in the car and Bentley nodded his head yes. We drove to the park. I let Bentley go play on the play scape. Me and El decided to talk.

"How are you and Lou doing?"-Me.

"We are doing as good as we can be considering the fact that he is going to be gone for like another year. You and Liam??"-El.

"We are doing great. We talk whenever we can. He really misses Bentley."-Me.

"At least you know he won't leave you. I know Lou won't leave me either. Anyways have you heard from Hannah?"-El.

"Nope. But she is dating Justin Bieber and is the new face of Vogue magazine. She misses us all. I guess she said it during her interview. The boys watched it."-Me.

"Really!? At least she is finally happy with someone and finally got over everything that happened here.  I just wished that she would be here right now with us."-El.

"Me too. What's going to happen for my wedding? She won't even know when it is."-Me.

"Yeah. Do you have to work tomorrow?"-El.

"Yeah. You?"-Me.

"Yeah. So yay we get to see eachother."-El. El and I work for the same modeling company. Bentley came over and asked us to play tag. So we went with him. We played for about another hour and then went to get lunch. We drove to Nandos and got some food. We ate and laughed. We went back to the house and saw that a new person was moving in next door. Too bad I'm moving in a week. I looked over and could NOT believe who it was. BRITTANY!! We ran inside quick just so she wouldn't see us. We were watching TV when the doorbell rang. I answered it and guess who was there... Brittany.

"Hi. I'm your new.. wait you live here!?"-Brittany.

"Always have... but lucky me I'm moving in a week."-Me.

"Whatever. Bye."-Brittany she walked away and my phone went off. It was a face time call.

Babbbyyyyyy <33. I answered it. 


"Hello babe."-Liam. Then the guys popped from behind him.

"HI BOYS!!!"-Me. El came over. Louis' face brightened when he saw her. We talked for another half hour and the boys had to go. They had a concert. El decided to spend the night since we have to go to work the next day anyways. I fell asleep thinking about Hannah. If we were supposed to be best friends we should meet up again sometime. Everything happens for a reason right?? I just hope that we do see each other again. Then I fall asleep thinking about everything that happened from the time Hannah and I met the boys to now.. Everything was actually so simple back then even though we thought it was horrible at the time..

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