Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


61. Better Now.

Hayley's POV

Once Hannah ran out of my room, I was scared of what she was going to do. So I got up quick. I looked around until I saw my phone. I called Harry.


Harry: Hello?

Me: Hi. Um. I think Hannah is going to do something.

Harry: What do you mean? I thought she was with you? I thought she was helping you.

Me: She was but she found out something so now she's going after Taylor.

Harry: Oh shit! I'll come pick you up in a few. I'll bring Bentley home too.

Me: Okay. See you.

Harry: Bye.


I got up out of bed and went to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and saw how horrible I looked. I had make-up all over my face, my hair was a mess and my eyes were swollen. I fixed myself up best I could and got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom and went to the bed. I saw Liam laying on the bed, on my phone waiting for me.

"Hey babe."-Me. I walked over to him. I laid next to him. He handed me my phone.

"You got a text."-Liam.

"From who?"-Me.

"Taylor..."-Liam. I sighed. I looked at the text.

'Hayley, how's your dad doing? Oh wait you wouldn't know. My bad I forgot. You must feel horrible knowing your parents don't want you. Hannah must feel like shit too. Her real mom doesn't even want her. That's why she gave her up. But at least her parents let her go somewhere. Have a good day.

xx Taylor xx'

Liam read the message over my shoulder. He looked at me worried. He probably thought I was going to break down again. But I wasn't. I know Hannah will find her, and I know Hannah will do something before Harry and I get there. I cuddled up to Liam. 

"You okay??"-Liam.

"Yeah. She's been texting me for the past couple days."-Me.
"Is that why you've been so upset??"-Liam

"Yeah, but also because I remember everything...."-Me.

"Do you want to talk about it?"-Liam. I know he is so confused and wants to know. But I don't know if I can tell him yet.


"Yeah. Of course babe."-Liam.

"Do you know that your amazing?"-Me.

"I've heard it before."-Liam. He smirked.

"Wow.. I take that back."-Me. He just laughed.

"No you don't."-Liam.

"I know. I'm sorry."-Me.

"You're sorry??? For what?"-Liam.

"For the past 2 days I've been cooped up in the room, not talking to you, not explaining anything to you. I feel horrible, I only talked to Hannah."-Me. Liam hugged me.

"Don't be sorry. I understand."-Liam. Then Harry and Bentley walked in.

"MOMMY!! DADDY!!"-Bentley. He ran over to us and gave us both a hug.

"Ready to go?"-Harry. I nodded.

"Where are you guys going?"-Liam.

"To find Hannah, she left the house to go find Taylor.. so we kind of need to find her before she kills her or does something."-Me. Liam nodded. I gave him a kiss, and then walked downstairs with Harry. We got to the cars.

"Why don't we take your car. I can go to the hotel with Hannah, and we can pick my car up later."-Harry.

"Okay, sounds good."-Me. Harry told me to drive because I knew where we were going a lot better than he does. So we got into the car. I started driving when Harry started to sing the song the on the radio, horribly. God I missed hanging out with him. I joined in with him. It was 'Call Me Maybe By Carly Rae Jepsen' He took out his phone and started recording me. I started laughing. By the time the song ended we both were laughing so hard. I thought I was going to pee myself. Then my phone went off. It was a twitter notification.. GREAT!!

'@Harry_Styles: Doesn't @Hayley_Carter look fantastic singing to Call Me Maybe?? @Real_Liam_Payne she's your fiance! Damn I missed hanging out with her. Hayley and Harry time SOON!! Love you Hayley!!!' I just laughed.

"You're going to pay for that one Styles!"-Me.

"Bring it Carter!"-Harry. We laughed again. We finally pulled into the Hotel parking lot. We went to the desk.

"Um excuse me miss. I was wondering where Taylor Swift's room is."-Harry.
"I'm sorry sir. No fans aloud."-The lady.

"Umm.. fans? He is Harry Styles and I'm Liam's fiance. Taylor and I are best friends. I think I can see her, so please tell me her room before I go to the head of this hotel and tell them how bad our service was when we came here."-Me.

"Um here is her key. Room 35C on floor 8. Sorry for the inconvenience Mr.Styles, and Ms.Carter. Have a good day."-The lady. We took the key, but when we got there the door was already open. I felt something tug my arm back.

"Harry, I'll meet you at in a minute."-Me. The person finally stopped. I looked and saw Maria.

"What the fuck do you want??"-Me.


"Fuck you."-Me. Then I heard Harry say something.
"She said leave her alone."-Harry. Oh shit.

"Okay look. I can't do this right now. Please leave me the fuck alone."-Me. I started walking away. Then I saw Hannah and Harry walk out. I ran over to them.

"Why the fuck would you do that to me?!?"-Me.

"Nothing bad happened. I talked to her."-Hannah.

"Then whats the mark on your face?"-Me.

"We kinda started fighting, but Justin broke it up..."-Hannah.


"Long story. It's all good."-Hannah. I just shrugged it off. We walked to the cars and just as Harry said he went with Hannah. I started my car. I was probably around 10 minutes away from home when I got a call. I picked it up without looking at the caller I.D.


Me: Hello?

Liam: Hey babe. When will you be home??

Me: I'm like 10 minutes away. Why?

Liam: I was just wondering. I miss you.

Me: Okay. I miss you too.

Liam: Did you find Hannah?

Me: Yeah Harry did. I guess he walked in on Justin holding Hannah back. I guess he broke up the fight. Then he wouldn't let Hannah go so Harry had to step in, but I didn't see any of it.

Liam: Wow. Where were you?

Me: Maria is here, she decided to try and talk to me.

Liam: What did she say?

Me: That she was going to give me payback..HAHA. But I'm home now. I'll see you.

Liam: Love you.

Me: Love you too.


I got out of my car and went to the door. I walked in and saw Bentley, Liam, Louis, and Zayn wrestling. It was Liam and Bentley Vs. Zayn and Louis. Bentley was beating Zayn and Louis was beating Liam. I was just talking to Liam, is this even possible!? I just stood there watching them until Louis looked up.

"Heeyy Hayley!!"-Louis.

"Heeyy Louis!!"-I said mocking Louis.

"When did you get here?"-Liam.

"You just called me and asked me where I was and I said I'm here now... do you not remember??"-Me.

"Oh! Yeah... I remember now.."-Liam. I just shook my head and smiled.

"Mommy! I beat Uncle Zayn!! He's a wimp!"-Bentley. I just laughed.

"Yeah because he is too worried about his hair!"-Me.

"Really Hayley? Wanna go? Come at me Carter!"-Zayn.

"Bring it Malik!"-Me. Zayn grabbed a pillow and whipped it at my head. I ducked. I grabbed a pillow and it hit him right in the face. I went over to him and jumped on his back and started messing up his hair.

"NOT.THE.HAIR."-Zayn. I jumped down.

"What are you going to do about it pretty boy?"-Me. Zayn smirked.

"Okay, you think your so badass, 2 on 2 soccer match."-Zayn.

"Okay. Whoever wins gets 20 bucks."-Me. Zayn laughed.

"You're on. Me and Liam Vs. You and Louis."-Zayn. Liam pouted.

"Why can't I be with Hayley?"-Liam.

"Because Liam you are with me!"-Zayn. I laughed. I went upstairs and got changed into shorts, knee high socks, and sneakers with a tank top. I looked like a total girly girl. I walked outside and Zayn started laughing.

"You're playing in that?"-Zayn.

"Yeah. I could beat you in 20 inch heels."-Me. Louis laughed. He walked over to me and pulled me away from Liam and Zayn.

"Have you played before?"-Louis.

"I used to play 24/7."-Me. Louis smirked.

"You block Liam, I got Zayn. At first pretend you suck really bad, then once they bring the price up bring your game."-Louis. I high-fived him. We got back and the others were waiting. We started and I was missing the ball here and there. Zayn was getting cocky.

"Okay. Hayley bring the bet up $50."-Zayn.

"Deal."-Louis. I was trying not to smirk. The score was 7-2, First one to 8 wins. Louis and I were on fire. In a matter of 5 minutes the score was tied. Louis and I were making a strategy to beat them, we finally got it and we scored the winning goal!!!

"HAHAH! IN YOUR FACE ZAYN! 50 DOLLARS!!!"-Me. Zayn grunted and pulled out his wallet. He handed me a 50.

"Thank you very much!"-Me. I put it in my back pocket. We all walked inside. Bentley was asleep on the couch. I brought him up to his room and put him to bed. I was about to leave when he said something.

"Mommy? Did you beat Uncle Zayn too??"-Bentley.

"Yeah baby. I did. Go to sleep. I love you."-Me. I gave him a kiss on the forehead. I walked out and cracked his door open a little. I went into my room. I got changed into my PJs and went to bed. Liam was laying down on my phone playing a game.

"Whatchya doin'?"-Me.

"Playing Fastball 2. I can't pass this level for you!!!"-Liam. I laughed. He put my phone down and we cuddled up.

"I love you Liam."-Me.

"I love you too Hayley."-Liam. I was about to fall asleep when I remembered that Liam and I were leaving for Wolverhampton tomorrow!! SHIT!

"Liam, are we leaving tomorrow for your parents?"-Me.

"Yeah. I totally forgot."-Liam.

"Of course you did."-Me. I looked up at him. He smiled. He leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss. We pulled away and just smiled.

"I'm glad you're happy now Hayley. I hated seeing you like that before."-Liam.

"I know. I'm sorry. I was blocking you out. I wouldn't talk to you."-Me.

"Don't be sorry. That's what I'm here for. To comfort you when you need it."-Liam. I gave him one last kiss.

"Goodnight Liam."-Me.

"Night Hayley. I love you."-Liam.

"I love you too."-Me. Then I fell asleep in Liam's arms.



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