Where Are You Now?

**Read Love Me Like You Do 15+ before reading.**
When Hannah and Hayley get separated, can they keep their friendship strong? Does Hayley break? Does Hannah break? How could anything go right after they lose contact with the boys, other than Hayley and them.. Hannah has nothing to do with any of the boys... When Hannah has to bring her friends daughter to a One Direction signing, what happens?


62. Already?

Hannah's POV

After I got in the car, Harry wasn't talking.. At all. I started to get really worried. He was quiet the whole two hour ride. That is not like him at all. He usually talks or even looks like he wants to talk.. But nothing. He just sat there. Emotionless. I was a little nervous to ask, so I didn't. I'll just see if anything changes and he mysteriously wants to talk again. I hope. When we arrived at the hotel, we both walked in. Not talking, still. We got to the room, he just laid on the bed. I went to the bathroom to take a shower. I needed to think. When I got out of the shower, I decided to put some leggings and another sweatshirt on. When I was done, I put my hair in a messy bun. Harry was already sleeping, so I decided to go for a walk. I decided to go for a run instead. I changed into my spandex and a Under Armour tank top. I put my Nike shoes on and left a note for Harry in case he woke up. When I got out of the hotel, I put my head phones in and started running to the music. I stopped at Starbucks for a coffee, but Taylor was standing there in line. What were the odds of this?! I was right behind her, I was praying she wouldn't turn around. She never did. She got her coffee and sat at her table. As I ordered, she whipped her head around to see me. I started to giggle, but finished my order. As I was waiting there, she was on the phone with someone telling them something. I got my coffee and sat at the small table. As I was about done with my coffee, Justin walked through the door and sat down next to Taylor. Oh? How sweet. I walked by them with a small laugh. They both gave me a dirty look, I just looked at them and smiled my sweetest smile and walked out. I started running again. I don't know how it happened, or why it happened, but I ended up at Hayley's house. I don't even like running. I walked through the door and saw Niall on the couch with some girl. They were actually cute together. He was smiling until I waked by them. I just went to the kitchen where Zayn and Louis were. I ran up to Louis and hugged him so much!

"TWIN!!"-Louis. Then I gave him a kiss on the cheek. I walked over to Zayn and gave him a huge hug next. I gave him a kiss on the cheek too.

"Why are you all sweaty?"-Zayn.

"I.. Uhh.. Ran here."-Me.

"You.. Ran?"-Hayley.

"Haha. Fuck you. I did run."-Me. I hugged her then grabbed a bottle of water.

"Where's Hazza?"-Louis.



"Dunno. Haven't talked to him."-Me.


"Good question."-Me.

"Oh."-Hayley. Niall and that girl then walked in as we were all sitting around the big table in the dining room, but then they disappeared again. When Niall came back, he was alone. 

"Where is she?"-Louis.



"Wasn't feeling it."-Niall. We just shrugged it off.

"I'm going to go back to the hotel.."-Me.

"Running all the way back?"-Louis.

"Hell no. I'm taking Harry's car."-Me.

"You better be careful with that!"-Zayn.

"I know!"-Me. I hugged them all, other than Niall. I just said bye to him and left. On the way home, well, hotel, I called Harry and he didn't answer. I have to talk to him. This is crazy! I stopped at Starbucks and got a coffee, along with a tea for Harry. When I got in the room, Harry was still laying in the bed sleeping. I climbed on top of him and kissed him. He woke up and smiled. I pulled away and laid on the side of him. He tuned on his side to look me in the eye.

"Can I ask you something?"-Me.

"Anything."-Harry. He has such a sexy morning/sleepy voice.

"What was wrong earlier?"-Me.


"It had to be something."-Me.



"I didn't like Justin being that close to you.."-Harry.

"I couldn't help it.."-Me.

"I know."-Harry.

"Then why did you ignore me?"-Me.

"I didn't. I just didn't want to talk."-Harry.

"Oh... Okay. I got you tea."-Me.

"Where did you go?"-Harry.

"A run."-Me.

"A run?"-Harry.

"Why is everyone saying that?!?"-Me.

"You just never run.."-Harry.

"Oh I know. And there is a good reason but I ran to Hayley's."-Me.

"You ran back too?"-Harry.

"Ha no. I took your car."-Me.


"Harry, it's a car."-Me.

"Don't talk about her that way."-Harry.

"Her?"-Me. I started laughing, which caused him to smile.

"She's okay though right?"-Harry. I face palmed.

"Harry, your car is fine."-Me.


"Why do you keep saying that?"-Me.

"Would you want me to call you a car?"-Harry.

"Harry, I am a girl! I am considered a she. Your car, is a car."-Me.

"Yeah... I know."-Harry.

"I'm gonna go run that thing into a tree."-Me.



"I'm kidding.. But seriously, don't do it."-Harry.

"Why not?"-Me.

"Would you want me to run you into a tree?"-Harry.

"Oh my God. I'm taking a shower."-Me.

"Can I join?"-Harry.

"Join your car."-Me.

"Come on baby, don't be like that."-Harry.

"Ugh, fiiiinnnee!"-Me. Nothing happened in the shower. Other than kissing and what not. No sex. Even though I guess, I wanted to. When we were done, we got dressed and laid back in bed. By dressed, I mean in pajamas. He cuddled up to me and started kissing my face and neck. I couldn't help it, I was giggling like crazy. By my giggling, I made him laugh his cute, loud laugh. I jumped off the bed and ran out of the room. He followed me down to the pool near the lobby. When I ran in the room, he picked me up and jumped into the pool with me. It was pretty warm, but I acted like I was freezing. I made my teeth chatter and everything.

"Babe, are you okay?"-Harry.

"No. I'm freezing!"-Me.

"I'm so sorry! Lets go to the room!"-Harry.

"Okay. Can we go in the jacuzzi?"-Me.

"Of course!"-Harry. As we were walking to the room, I ran away from him again and locked the door to the hotel. He didn't have a room key.
"Come on babe, let me in!"-Harry.

"Not until you scream your love for me at the top of your lungs and to the whole floor."-Me.

"I LOVE HANNAH MARIE TOMLINSON SO MUCH! I AM GOING TO MAKE HER MY WIFE ONE DAY AND THE MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN!"-Harry. I quickly opened the door and dragged him inside the room.
"Harry, I was kidding."-Me.

"But I wasn't."-Harry.


"Everything I just said out there. I meant."-Harry. I didn't do anything, just stood there and kissed him. It was such a loving and passionate kiss. Something that I never wanted to end. I pulled away and ran to the suit cases. I got another pair of pajamas out and slipped them on. I then jumped in the bed and cuddled up to Harry's pillow, completely stealing the whole bed. He started laughing, but got dressed and jumped on me. I was laying on my back and with him on my stomach.

"Can we please switch spots?"-Me.

"So you want to be on top??"-Harry.

"You are one perverted child. I can stay here."-Me.

"Whatever you want."-Harry. He looked me in the eye and slowly started leaning down. He started kissing me. We started getting really heated. He was putting his hands up my shirt but then stopped and started getting up.

"Where are you going?"-Me.

"I didn't think you wanted to..."-Harry.

"Why wouldn't I?"-Me.

"Because we aren't together."-Harry.

"But I still know I love you more than anything and everything. And that I want to be with you forever and always. But, I mean yeah, we should wait."-Me.

"You want to wait, right?"-Harry.

"It would be the best choice."-Me.

"I think so too. Since everything happened."-Harry.

"What do you mean?"-Me.

"Not having the baby. That hurt so much. I am so sorry for being a dick when you needed me.."-Harry.

"I forgave you for that a while ago. I know it hurt, it hurt me too."-Me.

"And the baby was a girl.."-Harry.

"I know. One day, we will try again."-Me.

"What if the same thing happens?"-Harry.

"I don't know. But, I do know. I will do anything in my power to keep the baby safe."-Me.

"I love you Hannah."-Harry.

"I love you too Harry."-Me. He then cuddled back up to me. He pulled me on him so I was laying on his chest. My head was right under his chin so I could look him in the eyes.

"Sing to me?"-Me.

"What would you like me to sing baby?"-Harry.

"They Don't Know About Us?"-Me.

"Of course."-Harry. He started singing and I fell asleep with a smile on my face. I want him to be mine, title and everything, but he just hasn't asked. Hopefully he will soon.

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