It Started with an Accident


5. The Rescue

Jack's POV

Kate and Jo was kidnapped!!"I need to find a way to save them"I said to myself while I'm writing the words Sam said to me I'm not really going to follow it because I love Jo and Finny love Kate.So I dressed up and went to Sam's house.I was not with Finn because I asked him to follow 5 minutes after I left so he can save the girls.I am at the parking lot  waiting for Sam.Finally!Sam's here"Give me back the girls!"I shouted,"Give them back boys!"Sam commanded so they let go of the girls with wounds and arms tied.

"Now,give me the paper I asked you"

"Here"I said while I came near Sam and..

"Ow"I said after Sam punch me at my stomach 

"Want more"Sam said and starts to punch me harder,good thing that Finn called a cop to rescue us

"I was paid for this"Sam shouted while entering the police mobile.

Kate's POV

Thank God we're saved!we are now at the hospital for some first aids with Jack while Finn is at the police station for some descriptions of what happened.

"What happened with Jack"I asked.

"He had been punched at the stomach but he's fine now"the nurse answered.

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