It Started with an Accident


1. The Accident

Kate's POV

Jo and I was watching at youtube and "Hey,click that video over there"Jo said,"By Jacksgap,sure"I said,while we are watching I accidentaly scroll down to the description and saw his address"Hey Kate you wanna go there?"Jo said,"Sure when?"I said "NOW!"Jo screamed.So We dressed up and called a taxi.While we are traveling we saw the driver texting"Kate is texting while driving dangerous?"Jo said."yeah"I said so we thought that we might have an accident or something.After sometime we saw the stoplight turn red but the car didn't stop so we hit the car in the other way and I saw the driver hit his head to the steering wheel and good thing that we didn't hit are selves badly we just had a bid wound on my arm because of the broken  glass.After that I heard an ambulance on the way,I heard the nurse asked what happened to some guy named Finn he was the driver of the car whom we hit.

------Time Skip-----

we are at the hospital I saw that guy named Finn again paying the bills while I saw Jo smiling "Jo why are you smiling?"I asked"You didn't notice right That guy named Finn was the twin brother of Jack Harries!"Jo said,"What!!"I screamed.When we are leaving we went to Finn to thank him and he said"Hey you guys want to go to my house meet my twin?","sure"I said.So Finn called Jack to pick us up at the hospital.After 30 minutes Jack arrived so Finn introduced us to Jack and we entered his car Finn sat at the front and we sat at the back while the Jack is driving and Finn is texting we saw them blushing especially Finn.But we're just quiet out there holding are wounds.


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