It Started with an Accident


4. Kidnapped?

Jo's POV

After the dinner date with the twins Kate and I decided to just walk up home because Finn said he had some important things to do we don't know if it is true or they reason it up for something/someone.While we are walking up the street I felt someone following us or something "Uhm Jo,Does somebody fol...." Before I could finish my sentence somebody just grabbed my mouth and carried me to a van same thing happened to Kate.While we are at the van the guy put a strip of duct tape on our mouth and tied our hands together.Then a man placed a towel that makes me sleep(chloroform).

I waked up in a dark room and I tried to move but my arms and legs are tied up in a chair.Then I heard some footsteps and a girl screaming I suddenly know that it was Kate Because of that I started to worry .The door opened and the guy threw Kate on the floor I began to panic "Tie that kid"said the man,I think he was the boss.So Kate was tied beside me and the boss removed his mask and he was Sam Pepper Yeah,Jack's friend He removed my duct tape on my mouth to let me speak"What you need from us?"I said,"See,since you guys are dating the twins they  are not replying to our requests anymore"Sam said


"No more buts","Take pics and send it to The twins"Sam requested.


I was worried because she doesn't answer my texts.I got a message!I came to check it out and it's from Sam Pepper,It has a pic. When I checked the pic I was shock so I  to show it to Finn and tried to contact Sam.

'Hello Jack"He said in a low voice

"Hey let go of Kate and Jo"

"Sure","But I want you to bring a paper that says that you will never meet and talk about the girls with your sign"

'"Uhm okay?"

"Don't bring a cop or else...."

"or else what?"

"I'll kill them both"

"Oh men" I said sadly

"I want you to bring it at my house tom"

"Uhm sure bye"I said and turned off the phone.



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