It Started with an Accident


3. Happy Birthday!!!

Jo's POV

It was May 13 and guess what It was Finn and Jack's birthday!I went downstairs to tell Kate but she's not there so I looked everywhere but she's not in the house so I decided to get some food first and when I went to the table to get some snacks.While eating I saw a note near the door I came near to check it out and it was from Kate so I read it it says"Dear Jo, please go to the nearest McDonalds restaurant as soon as you read this message.thanks.-Kate  PS I am with Finn and Jack bye"After I read this I hurried upstairs and got dressed I walk on the street "Oh there is it"I said to  myself as I saw the restaurant.

Kate's POV

When I saw Jo in the entrance I also saw Jack blush and I probably notice that Jack has a crush on Jo.So after we sang the happy birthday song to the twins we decided to play a game called 'truth or dare' the birthday boys goes first "truth or dare"Jo asked,"Dare!"They both answered,"so here's the dare I want you two tell your crush to us"I said while laughing"sure" Finny said while winking"Oops, no lies."Jo continued"Oh men you got us there"Jack said sadly"Jack I guess we have no chance we'll just say it"Finn said,"ok,so my crush is........Kate"Finny continue while I look like a face that you couldn't describe,Why? Because this is how I feel when I know that my crush has a crush on me too."So Jack who's yours?"Jo said,"you"Jack replied."Cool,so let's have a a double date tom."Finn said just like nothing happened.

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