It Started with an Accident


2. At the twins' house

Finn's POV

Jack and I were preparing some foods for Kate and Jo while Jack was getting the plates,"Hey Jack,you know I really had a super crush on Kate 'cause she is so cute!"I said,"No,Jo is more cuter"Jack said,Then we start arguing on who is really the cutest Yeah,Jack had a crush on Jo,After a minute Kate went to us"Guys, are you arguing?"she said,"NO!"we said"uhm,Okay,I'll just go back there."she said.After 2 minutes finally! the food is ready so we served a hot chicken sandwich and a cold iced tea,"This is great"Jo said,"thanks,this is our specialty our mom taught that to us since we are 6 years old,"Jack said.

"Hey Jack,Finn I think we should go now."Kate said,"No no no no"I Shouted"Why,It's almost 5:00 pm?"Jo said"Please we want you to stay until tom."I said,"Do you mean a sleepover?Yay!"Jo said,Obviously Jo likes sleepovers and campings,"But Jo we don't have clothes for tom."Kate said,"No need to worry,we have some clothes given to Emmy Lou but it's to large for her but it might fit to you."Jack said"I guess we can have a sleepover"Kate said."So what should we do now?"Kate asked"Let's make a video"I suggested,"Aboouut?"Jo said ,"we'll make a song about jacksgap"Kate suggested."Cool so what's the song?"Jack said"How about 'Jacksgap,Jacksgap 5 minutes of your life that you won't get back' hehe"Kate sang,"Kate you are really a good suggester"I said, "yep I knew that"Kate said.After we shoot the video I will be sleeping with Jack and the girls will be sleeping at my room.

----THE next DAY----

We all Woke up at exactly 6:00 am and we ate breakfast together "hey bye guys we really should go now,"Jo said,"Hey wait"I said,"You want me to accompany you guys,it's a bit far to your house"I offered,"Sure'but is it alright with Jack?"Jo said "Yeah why not?"Jack said,"So let's go"I said.We went to Jack's car not  my because of the accident yesterday it has a broken glass and It look like from the junk.

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