What a Day!!

Different than most storys....


1. What a Day!!

Lilo's P.O.V

Dang it its to early to wake up i want to sleep more but i cant.

Why is there school?Isn't it like torcher.

Well let me tell you about myself my name is Lilo,im a senior,i like music, i sing, and no one messes with me. My friends Lena, Lucky, and Lilly (i know right all of us are L's) absolutely love one direction i just hate them.

Well back to my school morning i dress in my favorite skinny's

and my shirt that says kiss me im Irish.Yes im literlally

Irish and i have the accent but i dont like where i live now.

We moved here to america like 2 years ago. Then i get a text from my BFF

Lilly. Lil-Hey Li you ready im already here.

Me-Yeah be down in a second.

I go down stairs eat a piece of toast and then go outside. We are heading to school and lilly is just going crazy over one direction. Next thing i know i black out i hear people screaming and i see blood then everything goes away.

I wake up in a white room look around and see a clock i find out i only blacked out for an hour. Then the doctor comes in to tell me my friend is in a coma.

I start crying then i hear and irish voice say "im sorry i hope your friend is okay"

i look up and see Niall Horan but i dont care i just hug him and cry.

The doctor tells me im okay to leave so i do. Then Niall follows me and

ask's if i knew who he was and that he was sorry he crashed into us

along with his buddy Liam. I yell  at him "yeah i know who you are

your Niall Horan the irish guy from one direction and also the guy who put my friend in a coma." I am basiclly in tears again and he hugs me again.

"Are you Irish Love" i hear him ask. "yeah im Irish and no i was not born in mullingar i was born in the capitol of Ireland"

He says sorry again and that he would like to take me to breakfast to make it up. All i say is fine. Once we get there i order and i eat alot more than him.

When he sees how much ive ordered he says. "You eat more

than me how can i compete!!!!"

I chuckle at this and tell him, "Im just have a faster metabilism than

you will ever have." The waiter brings our food and winks at me i just roll my eyes. Then he passes me a napkin with his number. When he is leaving I call him

and say, "Hey can iget another napkin this one is disgusting its dirty" He glares at me and gives me another napkin. After we finished our food Niall paid

and while he was walking me home so i could rest and it was still 2:00

in the afternoon. Then he says he has to go restroom and while i wait this drunk guy comes up to me and guess who it is?? Its harry hes drunk and its barely

the afternoon well he comes up to me and starts flirting but his words

are slurred. Next thing i know he is trying to kiss me. Then after that i hear a door open and see Harry fall to the floor. His back of the head got hit by the restroom door which Niall was in. Then i hear a gun shot but dont know where it is coming from and i die!!!

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