Queen of the underworld

Hi my names Darcy, I've been adopted by a million family's but non of them seem to like me:( I have natural blue, curly hair that goes down to the back of my knees. I have natural red eyes for some reason so I have tower contacts. I'm a big fan of one direction and the family I'm with abuses me:(


1. Darcy

Hi I'm Darcy, I don't have a last name that I know of:( I've been adopted by a million families and they all seem to hate me and send me back:( I've never smiled, never laughed, never spoken, never had friends, never made eye contact with ANYONE, never had a friend and never ever had a first kiss. I'm 18 now, ever since I was born not once have I smiled, laughed, cried or even looked at anyone. I have natural sky blue hair, I have natural red eyes (I have to wear contacts half the time) I love one direction, oh and my hair goes down behind my knees:O I know long right? The family that I'm with abuses me and aren't letting me go. I have a tattoo on my neck, well I had it since I was born, it has a picture of teeth I don't know why?
But it's weird, okay gotta go I'm in for some real beating this time:(
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