Queen of the underworld

Hi my names Darcy, I've been adopted by a million family's but non of them seem to like me:( I have natural blue, curly hair that goes down to the back of my knees. I have natural red eyes for some reason so I have tower contacts. I'm a big fan of one direction and the family I'm with abuses me:(


3. Chapter 2

"Okay Darcy harry here will show you around the kingdom and then Louis here will train you afterwards" she says pointing to the curly haired boy and the boy who wears stripes "na I'm not gonna call harry by his names I'm still calling ya curly", and you stripey" I say but I don't smile or laugh "honey please smile" my mother says to me "I can't I've never smiled in my entire life"
I say frowning even more "Louis make her laugh or smile when you train her please, okay boys take care of Darcy and treat her well"my mother says before dissapearing "curly. Seriously?" Harry says "yep" I say popping the 'p' "we'll ill call you umm-" he thinks of a nick name for me "haha you can't even come up with a nickname for me" I say fake laughing but not smiling "stripey won't have a chance to make me laugh" I say whispering it "pfft he's good Darcy I bet you $30 bucks you will laugh" he says smirking "alright ill kiss you if I do laugh"
I say not smiling still, I see a bulge in his pants "perv" I whisper under my breath "I heard that" I hear him say without his lips moving "what the frig?" I say "your reading my mind Darcy" he says in his 'mind' "whatev" I say "okay let's get tgus show in the road" he says smirking again. He showed me the while kingdom and I was now going to the traing room "hey louis" harry says "hey Hazza, my lady" Louis says, I roll my eyes "lets get this over with curly, try and make me laugh Louis and I owe curly a kiss, but if I don't laugh he owes me $30 bucks" I say pointing to harry "alright, GET ON THAT RUNNING THINGY!!! WE NEED TO TEST YOUR SPEED" he yells in my face "OKAY IM RIGHT HERE NO NEED TO YELL LIKE A PSYCHOPATH" I yell back getting on the 'running-thingy' "wow I thought you'd laugh, I stand corrected" curly says sitting down "oh yeah stripey? I have harry two boners tonight" I say whispering out of ear shot to harry. Louis mouth drops and I say "watch him while I run I bet you all my abusive foster mothers money if he gets a boner" I say starting the machine, my hair running wild "okay I owe u $90 bucks if he doesn't" Louis says "your on stripey" I say punching him while running on the machine. I see harry a got another boner "$90 bucks for me thank you" I say not smiling still "alright alright wow hes never had 3 boners in a night in fact he's never had a boner" Louis says looking at me while I switch the machine up to 60 speed limit "HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS YOU'VE BEEN DOING 60 FOR AN HOUR NOW AND YOU HAVEN'T BROKEN A SINGLE SWEAT?!?!?!" Louis yells stopping it "sweet" I say smiling "ahh shot I owe curly a kiss now!" I say making sure harry he's it I go over to him and peck his lips making him smile in the kiss I break it and say "I see you got a 4th boner" he blushes while I walk away to Louis "okay so I know your really fast now I want to see your strength. Hit me!" He says getting ready "no" I say "ill piss you off" Louis says "ha you couldn't do that you know noth-" I was cut off by Louis saying "whore, worthless, fat and ugly, parent less" anger boils inside of me and I punch him making him fly through 7-8 walls "DICKHEAD!?!" I yell at him who is now past out "sweetie calm down" my mother comforts me and my eye color changes to purple "*gasps* honey I am no longer in control of this kingdom anymore, your majesty" my mother says bowing down to me "OMG your majesty" harry says bowing down to me. Everyone in the room bows down to me. I walk out crying and letting more people now down to me "HEY!!!WAIT DARCY WAIT UP?!?" I hear harry say I speed off into the garden. I feel someone watching me, I look up to see a man with blood running down his face "I. Want. Your. Blood. Human!" He yells "IM NOT HUMAN I AM THE QUEEN IF THIS KINGDOM!?!!" I yell he backs down and bows "I'm so sorry your majesty" he says "I banish you from this kingdom" I say pointing to the hell gates "yes your majesty" he says walking with his head low towards the gates I turn to see a baby with bite marks in the ground "WAIT?!!" I yell to the man "yes your majesty?" He ask turning around " did you kill this baby?" I say picking its almost dead body up "huh yes your majesty" he says "you shall be executed by myself" I say disappointment in his eyes "yes" he said "come here" I ask him "this will be over in a flash" I say taking a stake out and staving hisheart and watching him die "we'll done sweetie" my mother says from behind me "u set this up?" I ask "yes" shee said "why did use an innocent man?" I ask "he wasn't he was I jail for 5 years sweetie" mother says "oh" I say "you don't have a king yet"
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