Queen of the underworld

Hi my names Darcy, I've been adopted by a million family's but non of them seem to like me:( I have natural blue, curly hair that goes down to the back of my knees. I have natural red eyes for some reason so I have tower contacts. I'm a big fan of one direction and the family I'm with abuses me:(


2. Chapter 1

Darcy POV
As I lay on the floor not screaming, not crying, just laying there after my daily night time beating, my foster mother yells at me saying I'm a whore, worthless, fat and ugly, parent less, sometimes I think to myself that I really am those things. I snap back into reality as I feel pain in my left cheek, I just got stomped on by jacey (foster parent). I'm not crying though I didn't even gasp or make a noise, then Jackson (jaceys son) came in and saw jacey doing this "what the fuck mom?!?!!? I thought you loved her?" He yells at her, that's right she keeps it a secret. Jackson tries to help me up but I refuse by pushing his hands away "let me help you?" He asks, I shake my head furiously as his mom kicks him I'm the spine causing it to crack. He falls over "GET THE FUCK OUTTA MY HOUSE DARCY!!!" She yells "AND NEVER EVER COME BACK?!? YOU HEAR ME!!! NEVER" with that I run to the front door with nothing but a singlet and shorts on. It's very chilly outside but I don't care I just want to get away from that house! As I'm about to turn the corner I hear something behind me crack. I turn around, nothing. I start to quicken my pace and again I hear something brake behind me "hello, Your majesty" a deep British voice says, I turn around and see 5 young lads behind me. I back up "we won't hurt you Darcy" a boy with blonde hair says. I stop and do nothing but breath "your not scared of us?" A boy with a blonde streak through his midnight black hair says. I shake my head slowly "why won't you speak then? Or smile in that case?" A boy with his head shaved asks I shrug and push past them. I keep walking when I hear "she's not like her mother" I stop in my tracks and turn around "what did you just say?" I said shocked that I spoke to these people "we said your not like your mother at all" a boy with curly hair says "you know my real mother" I say not smiling or crying "yeah queen Elizab-" he was cut off by me pushing him to the ground and strangling him "I don't know my mother nor know why she's a queen but never mention her around me alright curly" I say with anger rising up inside me "sorry your majesty and please stop hurting me your majesty"
He says "WHY DI YOU KEEP CALLING ME THAT?!?" I yell "because we are here to protect you and take you to your mother" another boy says with stripes on "well if I needed protec-" I stop because I feel a bulge underneath me "horny bastard" I say slapping the curly haired one in the face and getting off of him "sorry, your hot and take those stupid contacts off" he says. I take them off and they look at me in awe "what are ya looking at perves?" I say kicking stripes in the nuts, he growl and comes at me with sharp teeth, I didn't react but he stops when a gentle voice says "leave my daughter alone gentleman" they back off and I stand there scared shitless "Darcy, darling don't be afraid" a gentle woman's voice says behind me. I turn and see a woman that looks almost like me apart from her purple eyes "mother?" I say taking a step closer to her "yes Darcy it's mother" she says opening her arms. I start to cry for the first time. I go in for the hugs and feel warm liquid on my head I look up to see me mother crying red stuff. Blood. "Are you immortal?" I ask still in the hug "yes my child and so are you"
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