it's my life

l am Paisley Elizabeth, but every body calls me Paza. l am a bit of a trouble maker. l am american and l am a bad ass as some people might say. l got sent to the home in England with a "new family" it happens all the time but what happens when this family ends up invoiling the one and only ONE DIRECTION! And everything seems to go in the wrong direction.


2. one picture says it all

Paza pov

i ring the doorbell nervous as crap l had my beats aroung my neck i phone still hooked up to them in my pocket, and my bag slung over my shoulder with the piece of paper with the adrees on it in my left hand when anne awnser the door with a confuse face. "um may l help you?'' she ask nicely. "um yes l am Pailsley Elizabeth the girl you adopted from the orphange in newyork city in America." l said trying my best not to studder and put my hands out for a shake. her smile became big and she hugged me really tight and open the door letting me in. I regretted not wearing a tank top once l saw five hot boys in my new home, all of them looking familair. "oh my god i know you!'' l practically scream and pointed to the boy with the black hair gold strek and many tattoos. The boys all stared at the boy with all of the tats. l run over to him sitting right next to him,causing me to practically sit in the curly hair guy's lap. l grab his arm and said,"l thought l would be the one that wasn't a big comic geek that got a zap! tat!" l excalime. "what's your name love.'' he said to me. ''Paisley Elizabeth but u can call me Paza. And whats your name?'' l said curious. he looked gobsmacked."um you don't know my name but you know my tattoo?'' he said questiongly. ''well l saw you in New York one time when l was out." l said blushing. "well l am Zayn Malik" he said.


zayn pov

This girl was wierd and who wants to be called Paza but she is beautiful girl she had the same feature as the girl harry mum pointed out she even had the same brown eyes with the golen flakes or sparkles but the hair was the big reason l didn't think she was the girl from the picture.


liam pov

l was still holding the picture when the girl came in she said her name was whatever who ever she is she seems to have an effect on Zayn he was scared and attraced to her. she was practially sitting on haarry lap when she sat down.Me louis and naill were still loooking at the picture when the girl looked over to me l was in the middle of louis and niall holding the picture of the girls we didn't know. She saw the picture and walked over to me. She squat down infront of me. she put her hand on the edge of the couch to keep her balance.she grabbed the picture from my hand and said,"she was beautiful wasn't she?'' she said to me pointing to the girl with the green eyes. This girl look like she was on thhe verge of tears. "are you ok?'' Mrs.Anne ask her taking the photo away from her. right when Mrs.anne did that the girl sheds a tear. All the boys were around her now.


Paza pov

That was the picture mrs.mum send to my new mum, l thought l lost it Lauryn she died a  month ago. l couldn't handle seeing her picture when she was happy and full of life. it even had the burn ends from when l tried to burn the picture thinking it would relieve my pain, but it only made it worse sad and afraid. l push them out of my way and ran out the door leaving my stuff there. l ran for what seemed like foreve until l got to a park bench. l laid on the bench put my beats on playing the playlist lauryn made for me telling me to listen to some good music when she was gone. l looked at my phone case that had half a heart saying -be -bit lauryn had the other side completeing it making it say best bitches. l then went to my photo albulm l made a album of all the photos of me and her. I had all the photos becuase l used my phone for a photo shoot for her funerial. l just sat there crying silently, intil picture bye kid rock came on that was oue song l threw my phone beats going with it not caring if it broke."Wh-wh-w-why her a-an-and not me!!" I sobbed. replaying everything from that night in my head. when the boy with the curly hair walked upvto me holding my stuff not even scratch. he dosen't say anything he just sits down and hugged me. He put me on his back l am glad l didnt wear make up today or l would be a racoon. He was like a big brother that wouldn't let anybody hurt me l could already tell and l didn't even know his name.

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