it's my life

l am Paisley Elizabeth, but every body calls me Paza. l am a bit of a trouble maker. l am american and l am a bad ass as some people might say. l got sent to the home in England with a "new family" it happens all the time but what happens when this family ends up invoiling the one and only ONE DIRECTION! And everything seems to go in the wrong direction.



Paza pov

"Paisley Elizabeth get down from there!" my house mum was screaming to me. l was up on the roof smoking a cigarret and and having some of my favorite wine it was flavor pink lemonade and taste amazing. mrs.mum is what l called her own the orphange l say at for special children like drimking problems. l am 17 living in America so it's not leagal but me and my bud Lauryn been doing it since we were 11 thats when my parents were still around. l have vibrant red hair with "emo" bangs l have a nose stud belly button piercing small gages that can close up and piercing all on my ear."COME DOWN NIOW SOMEBODY ADOPTTED YOU FOR ONCE" "FINE!!" l scream down chugging the last of the drink slam on the roof causing it to break and l toss my cigarret out, then jumping down."Go back u r leaving now." "k l can get out of this hell hole." i said walking to my room. l grab my i pod and cds like little wayne two chain nicki minaj jimmy buffet and ed sheeran them two have a special place in my heart, then l grab my giant duffel bag and head out to the door not forgetting my purple beats cigarret packs all my delicous voka, rum, and speical pink lemonade. i have been ready my whole life to leave l had on my black high tops jeans shorts with a t-shirt that had little wayne on it with open sleeves. "you aren't going to make a good impression darling wearing that." mrs.mum said to me looking at my outfit she never approved of my look l had a tounge piercing but it got infectted. "so they saw what l looked like." l said suttering and sturbonerly. l have a speech impadima so no one ever takes me seriously  becuase they think l am always drunk."you know what mum you are right hold on!" l said setting my bag on the counter grabbing my nicki minaj and lady gaga perfume and said,"which smell should l go for dark are princess." " pick the one with the girl and pink wig she looks intresting." she said trying to be polite about it. "kk" i said while spraying perfume and putting them back in my bag. She gave me a worry look. "u didn't", said to her growing angry. ''what?'' she said lying badly. "you send out the picture of me when me and Lauryn had white hair didnt you!" l said. "l just wanted u do have a family please just go." she said admitting to it. l storm out the door the airport is a two minute walk from here so l got there quickly. l had prblem with secutrity do to my pericings but that happens a lot. l sat next to some wierd asian girl.NERVOUS AS FUCK!! i know what picture she sent she send a picture of me and lauryn doing a duck face and peace sghn with white blonde hair no picing but my small unregoniable gages and some innocent school girl. well they are about to get a huge wake up call.


Harry pov

my mum said she had a surprise for me l moved out of mine and louis flat and back in with my mum and her two bedroom flat since my sister is in sweeden for school.Me and the boys arrive at my flat because she wanted them there to. when we got there we sat on the couch talking she was real jittery. She then grabbed a picture and handed it to me the boys all came around me the two girls in the picture were good looking. the boys were talking about how the two girls look kinda like twins when my mum spoke,"um harry what u think of the girl with the brown eyes?" she ask nervous. "she looks-" l was cut off by te doorbell.


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