it's my life

l am Paisley Elizabeth, but every body calls me Paza. l am a bit of a trouble maker. l am american and l am a bad ass as some people might say. l got sent to the home in England with a "new family" it happens all the time but what happens when this family ends up invoiling the one and only ONE DIRECTION! And everything seems to go in the wrong direction.


7. jealous and topless

Paza pov

"l am sorry harry l will try to stop," l stay knowing it was a lie. "you promise?" he said with a serious tone. "l said l will try Harry l am not promising anything!" l said grabbing some white shorts and a blue t-shirt and walking away. "were do you think your going?" Harry ask me grabbing my arm. "to change god Harry can't you trust me!" l said pulling away and walking to the bathroom to get change. The lock was broke so l just hope nobody needs to use it. l changed out the swim suit and got my bra and underwear on. l had just button my shorts, when Liam accidently open the door on me in just my shorts and leparod print bra! "OH MY GOD I'M SO SORRY!" lIm said covering his eyes.l went and slam the door in his face and said,"its fine Liam it's like seeing me with a bathing suit top on." l said threw the door. "l'm sorry l should've knock." he said threw the door.  put the shirt on and grabed my bikin and went out the bathroom to find a nervous liam. "relax liam l wasn't naked this never happened. Ok?" l said. "um yeh sure.'' he said walking away. l went to my room and Harry was just standing there waiting for me. l ignored him and put up my bathing suit and started organizing my clothing ignoring Harry. l secretly grab my cigartte and walking out the door. When l got downstairs l felt all the boys staring at me. l walked out the door leaving the silence room. l sat down on the curb and started smoking a cigartte, when louis came out and sat right next to me. "Csn l try?" louis asked me. l was surprise and said,"since when you smoke?" " never but l want to try." he said. "ok bad boy here you go!" l said handing him the cigartte. He sugged on it and choked on it. l rubbed his back and sat there laughing while he sitting there caughing doing a weird little laugh. "Louis you are supose to blow out!" l said through laughs. " come on let go." louis said standing up tossing the cigartte and holding out his m=hand for me, l took it. saidWe were walking uo when we saw zayn out the door he looked hurt. "hey Zayn l said stopping infront of him dropping louis Hand. "Hey Pas," he said smiling. "so were you going?" l ask."oh visiting my family," he said smiling at me stupidly. "oh cool bye Zayn l hope you have a blast!" l said giving him a hug and walking away to the door. "thanks bye Pas!" he said waving his hand bye and stepping into his car. "what was that about?" Louis aske me. "just being nice come on lets go in." l said avoiding the akwardness were Zayn and louis jelly of each other?

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