it's my life

l am Paisley Elizabeth, but every body calls me Paza. l am a bit of a trouble maker. l am american and l am a bad ass as some people might say. l got sent to the home in England with a "new family" it happens all the time but what happens when this family ends up invoiling the one and only ONE DIRECTION! And everything seems to go in the wrong direction.


5. intresting plan

Paza  pov

"Come on  lets go." Harry said standing up handing me his hand holding the morjoritay of the bags. "ok lets go." l said taking his hand. "GIVE US A FASHION SHOW!!!" Louis screamed on the top of his lungs god this boy was insane. "do l have to model everything?" l ask hopping he would say no it was way to many clothes. "yes every single thing." he said looking satisfy with the fact he was winning the argument. "ugh" l said while walking away knowing he won the argument Harry following me with the rest of the bags. When we got to the room we set all the bags on the floor.l grabed a delias bag and pulled it out it was plain white and had  a giant mustache on saying like a boss in pink mustache black. "What you think?" l said showing Harry he laughed and said,"Were r u going to put all this stuff?" "well we can toss out some of your clothes." l said laughing. "NO!" Harry said trying to have a serious face. l laughed and bend down looking for more cute stuff. l came across a Victoria Secret bag it had a multi color leporad print patten on it l looked at the sixe and saw it was a perfect size DD38 l laughed. " What so funny?" harry ask trying to see what l was holding. "When Louis say everything do you think he saw this bag?" l ask holding the bra up with an eyebrow up. Harry got really nervous and rubbed his neck like he was uncomforable at the thought of that. "realax Harry he was just being a boy." l said dropping the bra in the bag and putting my hand on his sholder. "l know maybe you should give louis wait he wants." harry said with an evil look. "ok bro." l said laughing. You mind l sort of have to change?" l said to him. "oh sorry," he said walking out going down stairs l pulled on some light skinny jeans that were all pre ripped and the mustaache shirt the leparod print bra didn't show at all and it made my chest look a bigger I threw my hair into a high ponytail with bangs falling down. l wasn't insecure about my  body at all but l wasn't like a big slut who prances around in too small v-neck way too short skirts and red nine inch heels.

Harry  pov

When l went down stair all the boys boo like no tommorw and l just laughed and sat down next to Liam.

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