it's my life

l am Paisley Elizabeth, but every body calls me Paza. l am a bit of a trouble maker. l am american and l am a bad ass as some people might say. l got sent to the home in England with a "new family" it happens all the time but what happens when this family ends up invoiling the one and only ONE DIRECTION! And everything seems to go in the wrong direction.


3. anger gets the best of me

harry pov

l carried her to our room that we had to share and it was quite cramp. The only other bedroom is a computer room with a pull-out couch and mum dosen't want her to sleep on that, so since l had bunkbeds she slept on the bottom. l felt so close to her like l was born to be her sister it was incrediable. l laid her down, and then went to sleep also. I woke up earlier then her and l tried to leave the room with out making nosie, but l ended up falling but it didn't seem like she woke up so l continue on down stairs,and found the boys to they slept in the computer room and living room.

Paza pov

l woke up to a big thump but l faked sleeped. l finally woke up and got up. l was in the same clothes form yesterday except l am barefooted. l walk down the stairs to see all the boys in the living room goofing off. l needed a cigarret badly.When l wak in they all stop and they staring at me, which made me nervous. "l am so sorry about what happen with you and your friend are you ok?'' the boy with the curly hair ask."What are yalls name." l ask. "l'm harry thats louis,liam,niall," he said kindly pointing to them. "hi,sorry for yesterday. Um my friend in the picture she died last month. me and her got into a car crash together it was a drunk driver. the driver was never found. The car was stolen a week before it happen. He just got up and walked away l saw him leave me and Lauryn both but he ignored us. I was the first one out then they got lauryn. The docter said neither of us were supose to suvie the crash. she died a week later we knew it was going to happen. She took my phone and said when I am gone play this on my birthday or when ever you get lonly she died that night and a part of me died with her. We were best friends since thrid grade. l flunked my first test with her,we were call the D girls by all the students,because we always manage to get a perfect D on are reporct card together,we scrapped gum off the whole entire school once, serve detiotions together. If one of us got a detintion the other one would get in trouble so we could serve together. Me and her we had are first of many drinks when we were 11 first ciggaret 12, first sneaking out 11 going to a high school party said we were 15. Crash the driver ed car together 16, got suspended for everything together, tried pot when I was 13 got it as a present for my birthday but we didn't like it. Snug into the Cher Lloyd concert and the midnight premire of breaking dawn, went to mud fest together when we lived in Louisiana with a red neck family we got adopted together alot." l said tears rolling down my face l haven't cried this much since she died she was my family, and l guess getting a new family is hard with out her l know Harry my older brother by a couple of months l am okay with that but l wish it was a girl instead. Harry came up to me and hugged me, he was the best brother ever."um l'm going outside,bye" l said while waling out not waiting for a response. l'm not sure what they thoought of smoking so l justsat on the curb lit my ciggaret with my lighter and took in a long one, then l blew it out. l kept doing that intil Zayn sat down next to me. "you know Harry dosen't like smokers,'' he said while taking the ciggaret from my hand and smoking it. "hey give it back l need it!'' l exclaimed l have been smoking since l was 12. ''no u don't!" he said back to me. "fuck you don't tell me not to smoke and say how my brother dosen't like smokers when you are smoking right now and reak of  ciggarets the first time l mate you! l going goodbye!" l said walking up the door step walking in. "you don't go around here cussing like a salior!" he said walking in right after me. l turned aroungd to face him then said to his face inches awa from us touching saying,"Fuck,fuck,fuck, l can say that all l fucking want to you don't funking know me so don't go around telling me what l can and can't do then do that same exact thing rubbing it in. So get the hell away from me and if l want to smoke a ciggaret l can smoke a ciggaret!" i said walking away,but he grabbed my wrist tightly hurting it. l scream out in pain. "stop please stop your hurting me please stop!" l said trying to get away. All of a sudden Harry punch Zayn in the jaw making him lose his grip on me. l ran for the stairs but only to be stopped my a big body. They force me to the couch l wouldn't look at his face. l sit down and then he sits down next to me. l look up and see zayn hitting Harry and louis and niall trying to get them off each other, that must mean l am sitting next to Liam.When they finally get Zayn off Harry, harry is just laying there on the ground crying. l run over to him. ''why you hit him Harry you know he is bigger and stronger than you. l said helping him stand up and walk over to a lounch chair. With me being so small l sat with harry in the recliner cleaning up his cuts with the napkin louis gave me."your lucky the only thing that will bruise is your stomach and not your face.'' l said. he gently takes the hand Zayn hurted and examine it,it was badly bruise some what seeing an outline of a hand. "l'm fine harry it's just a bruise.'' l said removing my hand away from him. "llok l know it was wrong of me but l am so sorry my anger always gets the best of me." Zayn said looking down to ashame to look me in the eye. i get up from the reclinor and hug him harry faked cough. i whispere in Zayn's ear l forgive you.

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