The Ed Sheeran Concert (1D Fanfic)

Just read it!


2. T W O

ED'S POV Finally the last concert of the year! I love touring but sometimes I just miss being at home with my family, lounging around, sleeping in, no sound checks or rehearsals, no signing or interviews, just me in my apartment being a slob and playing my guitar. And on a brighter note my friends also known as One Direction are coming to watch my concert tonight! I miss hanging out with those lads, we barely have time to see each other because we are always touring. Whenever I'm on break they are on tour and whenever I'm on tour they are on break, but for the rest of the year we are all on break, so we can spend as much time as we want together.

It's 9:27am right now so I should probably get read for the last rehearsal of the the year. By 10:42am I make it to the O2 arena and we get rehearsal cracking straight away. It's now 3:08pm and I go grab something to eat before hair and make-up get their hands on me. After hair and make-up it is now 6:35, 25 minutes before we get this show on the road! I sit in my changing room playing on my guitar and then I hear a whole lot of noise come from down the corridor and I gets louder and louder until five boys pile into my dressing room, Harry, Louis, Niall, Zayn and Liam.

"Hey guys! How've you been?" I ask as I put down my guitar and walk over to give them all a hug

"Much better now we are on break!" Liam answers

"I'm so excited to hear you play tonight, Ed!" Louis says acting like a crazed teenaged fan

"Well I'm glad to hear that, Louis!" I say trying to keep my controlled. Right then one of the stage directors come in and say that I have five minutes before the concert begins

"Right lads, I better go, see you after the concert and enjoy!" I say as I walk out the door and get ready to do my last concert of the year.

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