The Ed Sheeran Concert (1D Fanfic)

Just read it!


3. T H R E E


We entered the O2 Arena about half an hour before the concert started and we found our seats, we didn't have very good seats but I didn't care that much as long as I got to see Ed preform live.

"Hey Guys! How are we all? Good? Well I hope you all enjoy the concert!" Ed greeted everyone "well I'm gunna kick this all of with 'You Need Me But I Don't Need You'" He continued.

I don't want to bruise your ears
Or hurt you again
But I got back-stabbed by a black cab
When I needed a friend




Its about half way through the concert now and I'm getting a little bored sitting in the changing room. I walked over to the door and I was stopped by Liam,

"Harry, where are you going? Because if you are going to watch Ed take security with you"

"Nah, I'm just going to the bathroom" I lied.

"Okay then! be safe!" Louis screamed.

I walked out of the room and sneaked passed security in to the concert to the back of the room, and pulled up my hood so I wouldn't get noticed.

"Okay Guys, this is one of my favorite song, I hope its one of yours as well" Ed said

Settle down with me
Cover me up
Cuddle me in

I totally agree with Ed I love this song, I tried to get little closer to hear it better. I tried to squeeze through the crowd without drawing a lot of attention to myself, but because its me that plan didn't work very well, I was walking passed three girls and I knocked over the one at the end of the line,

"Ow!" the girl said 

"oh, I'm so sorry" I apologized helping her up

"that's alright... wait your H-" she said as she looked at my face but I quickly cut her off before she said my name

"shh! I'm not meant to be in here without security!" I whispered "so you know who I am, whats your name?"

"I'm Cerys" she held her hand out for me to shake it,

I shook her hand and replied "a beautiful name for a beautiful face", Cerys blushed "hey do you want to go grab a drink? I know you probably want to watch the rest of the concert, but I'm sure I can get you another ticket to one of his concerts and anyway you've already heard the best song" I asked 

Cerys smiled "I would love to but I don't drink sorry"

"then maybe we could get a coffee"

"I would love to, Harry" Cerys smiled again and i joined her, she held out her hand and and I grabbed it and we started to walked towards the exit,

"wait, don't you want to tell your friends" I asked

"I'll text them later" she replied, and we made our way to the nearest Starbucks. 


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