The Ed Sheeran Concert (1D Fanfic)

Just read it!


1. O N E


I have been waiting a almost a year for this, since I got my Ed Sheeran tickets at Christmas and it is now November, the 29th to be exact and the day of the ED SHEERAN CONCERT! And even better I get to spend one of the best nights of my life with my best friends Doris and Ella. We all bought really cool top from and they have Ed Sheeran song lyrics on them I have a 'Kiss Me' top, Doris has a 'The A Team' one and Ella has a 'Lego House' one. We decided we would wear orange bottoms and white shoes, Ella and I also bought Ed Sheeran Converses. We all went to Nando's for lunch and then went back to our apartment to get ready and then head to the O2 arena. (what we were wearing, Cerys: Doris: Ella: I have known Doris and Ella since the end of primary school, at first I didn't know Ella that well but we were friends, but when I first met Doris we it it off straight away. Then I went to a different high school to Doris and Ella but I still saw Doris a lot it was like she was a part of my family. anyway in year 9 Doris family decided to move back to the Netherlands from Australia, so Doris, Ella and I spent a lot more time together and Ella and I got to be better friends. By the time Doris had to move back Ella and I were like best friends. We all agreed that when we all finished high school we would move to London together. When Doris left Ella and I spent a lot of time together and would always talk to Doris and about our London plans. Now high school is finished we all kept our deal and moved to London. Lets just say I am the most responsible, the amount of time I had to drive a drunken Ella and Doris home and looked after them when they had a banging headache and vomiting their guts out from the massive hangovers they had and the amount of times I have woken up to a new man in my flat because the girls had brought someone new home. So yeah I am the responsible one, I do not drink and I certainly do not have one night stands!

"I can't wait to see the Ginger Jesus live!" Ella screamed whilst I driving.

"I can't either, but Ella we have to make it there safely to actually see him so if you don't mind please stop screaming so I can concentrate on driving please" I said trying to get her to calm her down

~skip the rest of the car journey~ 

Once we get there we go in and just talk about stuff and about how excited we are and what song we can't wait to see, personally I can't wait for 'Kiss Me'



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