The Ed Sheeran Concert (1D Fanfic)

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4. F O U R


(At Starbucks)

As soon as we walked in I ordered Cerys and myself a hot chocolate, after a lot of trying to get Cerys to let me buy her drink for her she finally let me. Luckily Starbucks wasn't very busy so no one recognised me so Cerys and I could really talk and get to know each other.

"So Cerys, where are you from? Because your accent doesn't sound like it's from around here." I asked trying to start a conversation.

"Well I am originally from Wales but I moved to Australia when I was ten and I have lived there for eight years but I always said I would move back to the UK because this is where feel my heart is, Britain is my home." Cerys replied to me.

"Whenever we go on tour I always love going to Australia, it is always so warm and sunny, but nothing beats coming home to the UK." Gosh, she is so easy to talk to!

"I Know! so Harry, I have told you a bit about me, so tell me some stuff about yourself."

"Well I grew up in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and I auditioned for X Factor in 2010 when I was sixteen. I have an older sister called Gemma. and my mum is called Anne and my dad is called Des, I also have a step-dad called Robin, and that is all I can think of right now."

''I remember when I went to Wales for a holiday in 2010 and I asked my friends if anyone good had been on X Factor and they said that One Direction was really good and, no offence, but I said that was a really stupid name" Cerys said whilst letting out a little giggle and blushing towards the end, which I thought was quite cute.

''Aw, don't worry about it!" I said with a smile "but you are a fan now right?" I asked in a jokingly serious manner

"Uh... um, yeah..." Aw! she is blushing again, that is too cute!


Cerys and I stayed in Starbucks talking until nearly twelve o'clock, and I have had multiple texts from the boys and Paul asking where I am and I quickly text Louis back saying I went to get a coffee and would meet him back at our flat. 

Talking to Cerys was just so easy I didn't even notice it was twelve o'clock because I was so caught up in our conversation. I found out that she has an older brother called Morgan, and she is studying Music at The Royal Academy of Music here in London and she loves to sing and play the guitar, which is also her favourite and most prized possession. Like me she also has her own extensive collection of really bad, cheesy jokes, she even told me a story of how one week in her school in Australia she went around to all her friends telling them all her jokes. 

She is like the ultimate package, she has a great personality and is also very beautiful with her extremely long light brown hair and big blue/green eyes framed by really long eyelashes, stunning body that is not too skinny but at the same time not too fat, she is just right and to top it all off, she is confident just the way she is.

We leave Starbucks a little past twelve and I offer to walk her back to her car but Cerys said that she told her friends to take the car home because she wasn't going to be back by the end of the concert, which was a good job really, so in the end I offer to give her a lift back to her flat and gratefully accept it.

When we get to the building where her flat is in, I walk her right to her door, she unlocks I and before she has the chance to walk in I stop her

"Uh.. Um, Cerys would it be possible if I could have your mobile number so we could meet up again?" I asked nervously

Cerys smiled up at me and took her phone out of her pocket and handed it to me and I mirrored her actions with my phone and gave it to her, after we had put our numbers in each others phones I gave it back to her and gave her a quick hug, said goodbye and walked back to my car then drove to mine and Louis flat and all the way there only one thing was running through my mind,

I can't wait to see her again.


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Cerys xxx           

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