The Ed Sheeran Concert (1D Fanfic)

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5. F I V E

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I woke up at around about ten O'clock and I just lay in bed for a few minutes as I tried to make myself more awake before I got up. As I was lying there my mind traced back to last night, to Harry. He was just so sweet and nothing like the media portrays him to be like, he seemed to have his feet solidly planted on the ground and I just could not see him as being a jerk.

When I was more awake I slowly got up and trudged my way in to the kitchen of our apartment. As I walked in to the kitchen I was faced with two people sleepily sitting at the dining table; Adelaide and Delilah.

 “Morning Girls” I yawn as I walk over to the cupboard to get out some cereal, bowl, cup and a spoon and then walk over to the fridge to get the milk and orange juice.

“Morning” they mumble back as they munch away at their breakfast.

“Hey Harm, did you know that After has been updated?” Adelaide asked.

“What?! It has? Was it good?”.

“Oh yeah, it was so good!” Delilah replied instead of Adelaide.

“Okay I’ll make sure I read it later, but do you girls want to go shopping today?” I asked and Adelaide scoffed,

“Like you don’t already know the answer to that question” she said with a smirk.

‘Okay them, we will leave in an hour”.


When we arrived at the shopping centre we had a look around some of the shops and bought a couple of things, mostly cheap stuff because we don't have a lot of money because most of our money goes towards our rent because London isn't the cheapest place to live. After looking around for a bit we decided to go get some lunch from a cute little café around the corner. 

As we were walking down the street I accidentally bumped into someone.

"Sorry" I absentmindedly apologised.

"It's perfectly fine, Harmony" the person replied, and my head instantly snapped up to the person to see who the person was who said my name with a very familiar voice that I got to know the night before and as I suspected it was none other than Harry Styles.

"So tell me Harry, now have I managed to live in London for almost a year now and have never bumped into you, but now I have bumped into you twice in the last two days?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

"Maybe it's fate" he replied with a cheeky wink.


"Hey, Would you like to grab lunch with me?" he asked me all of a sudden.

"What? Right now?"


"Well... I... uh... I was just about to grab lunch with Delilah and Adelaide, sorry." I apologised, a part of me was quite disappointed because I was looking forward to having lunch with Harry.

"No, It's fine, Harmony, go with Harry. We will see you back at the flat, right Addie!" Delilah said with a massive smirk planted on her face whilst nudging Adelaide with her elbow.

"Yeah, that fine with us!" Adelaide agreed with the exact same facial expression as Delilah.

"Okay then, lets go Harmony" Harry said whilst holding out his arm for my to hold onto. 

I turned to look at the girls and Delilah was holding her hands out implying to give her my shopping bags, I gave them to her and turned back to face Harry and wrapped my arm around his. As we Started to walk, I turned my head to look back at Delilah and Adelaide and at the same time they winked at me and right then my face instantly turned the colour of a tomato.


The walk to wherever Harry was taking me to have lunch was relatively quiet and not very long but my arm stayed linked with his the entire way. All of a sudden we stopped outside a vintage looking cafe on the quite side of London. It was very small and not many people were in there. I had a feeling we came to this side of London because he didn't want the attention of the paps and I was grateful for that because I'm not too sure if I could cope with that.

Harry detangled our arms to open the door to the cafe for me. I looked up and smiled at him appreciatively and walked through the door and then waited for Harry to pick a table to sit at.
He walked over to a table and held out the chair out for me and motioned for me to sit down in the chair. Harry walked to the other side of the table and sat down.

"Thank you for inviting me to lunch, Harry" I said with a small smile gracing my face.

Harry also smiled, ''That's quite alright, Harmony. You are
one of the few people who I actually like being in the
presents of"

Of course I blushed again because that seem to be all I ever seem to do in the present of Harry.


After Harry and I ordered our food we just sat there talking about anything and every thing that came to our minds, and I didn't care that we were talking about completely random stuff because as long as I got to listen to his beautiful voice.

After awhile Harry dropped me of at my flat and at the moment we were standing very awkwardly outside of my front door. I really didn't want to say goodbye yet.

"Um… Harry?"

"W-would you like to come in for a cup of tea?" I asked nervously

And then a smile appeared on his face which caused me to smile.

"Yeah, I would love that." 

And with that I turned around and opened the door to my flat. I walked in and Harry followed, shouting the door behind him. All of a sudden I headed the voice of Adelaide.

"Care to explain why you didn't tell us that you knew Harry fricking Style and why you were all kissy face with him today, huh?"

I giggled because obviously she hadn't seen Harry standing right next to me and when she and Delilah walked around the corner their faces were priceless and all of a sudden they were bright red.

"Hey Dee, let's go put the kettle on and make a cuppa, shall we?" Adelaide asked Delilah obviously  embarrassed about what she said before.

"Yeah, let's".

And with that they quickly scurried into the kitchen to put the kettle on. Harry and I turned to look at each other and instantly started to laugh.

Well this is going to be interesting!


Hey! Sorry I haven't updated in a very long time! I don't think anyone reads it anyway but you know I just felt like writing so yeah!

Cerys xx

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