One Direction Imagines

Okay, so I will write imagines. Just comment your name, what boy you want it with, what you want to happen, if you want it to be happy/sad and any other details you'd like to give me :)


4. Imagine for Sydney

"I'm really going to miss you Niall!" you say as you hug your best friend goodbye. He is going on tour for the whole year and you were really going to miss him.

"I'm going to miss you more than you will ever know Sydney." he said and plants a kiss on your forehead. He picks up his bags while you say goodbye to the other four lads. Then they all get on the plane.

As the tour continues on, you just miss your best friend. You wanted to go visit him, but you figured he would be too busy. As you were flipping through the channels, one thing caught your eye... it was a picture of Niall kissing some girl in Florida. When you saw that, you felt your heart rise up into your throat. Niall had had girlfriend before, but you had never felt like this... were you jealous? You turned off the TV and tried to forget about Niall kissing that girl, but you just couldn't. 

Niall will be coming home in two weeks. He hasn't been in any contact with you for months and it was breaking your heart. You missed Niall so much and you wanted to know what was going on with that girl, but you didn't want to call Niall, so you decided to call Liam:

You- Liam?
Liam- Hey Sydney. What's up?

You- I had a question for you.

Liam- Is it about Niall?

You- How'd you know?

Liam- Because it's obvious you have feelings for him and you saw the picture of him kissing that girl and you wanted to know if there was something going on with them.

You- How'd you know I have feelings for Niall? I'm just figuring out I do now.

Liam- Because it's really obvious. 

You- Oh... well can you tell me if anything is going on?

Liam- Honestly, I don't know. He is talking to her all the time, but whenever we ask about her, he just goes all quiet.

You- Does he talk about me?

Liam- No, but whenever you are brought into the conversation, he gets all sad

You felt like crying when Liam said that. You just hung up the phone. Why would Niall get sad if he was with that other girl. You are incredibly lost and confused. You figure you have two weeks to get over Niall, because when he comes back, you still want to be his best friend and you want to able to talk with him about his girlfriend.


You decided to go to the airport and surprise the guys. They were finally coming home from their tour and you were so excited to see them, but you hadn't gotten over Niall. You saw the guys walk off the plane and huge smiles come across their faces. They all ran up to you and engulfed you in a hug... all of them except Niall. Once the four lads finally let go of you, you walk up to Niall, who has his hands in his pockets and was looking at his feet.

"Hey Ni." you say slowly

"Hi Sydney." he replies

"Niall, what's wrong?" you ask and you pull him in for a hug.

"Um, I just, did you ever see that picture of me in Florida?" he asks nervously. You nod,

"Um, yea. I did. She is really pretty."

"Well there is nothing going on between us." 

"Oh, that's too bad. She seems really cool."

"Um, yea, she asked me out, but I said no."

"And why is that?" you ask

"Because there someone here in London I want to be with."

"Oh." you sigh. You were sure it wasn't you. Niall saw you as a friend and that's all, "Who is she?"

The next thing you know, you feel a pair of lips crash against yours. When you pull away, you look up into his blue eyes and he quietly speeks, "She is you. I love you Sydney."
"I love you too Niall."


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