One Direction Imagines

Okay, so I will write imagines. Just comment your name, what boy you want it with, what you want to happen, if you want it to be happy/sad and any other details you'd like to give me :)


3. Imagine for Rilee

You wake up in the morning with a smile on your face. Today is your 20th birthday, but this year, you had nothing to ask for, you had amazing friends and an amazing boyfriend... wait, there is one thing you could wish for; to have your boyfriend and four of your best friends here with you today. Louis and the rest of One Direction were on tour and you haven't seen Louis in months. He wasn't in much contact with you either. You figured he was just really busy with the tour. There was a knock on your apartment door, so you quickly fixed your hair and then walked to the front door. You open it to see Danielle and Perrie standing there, smiling,

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY RILEE!" the two of them said in union

"Thanks girls." you say with a sad smile. The girls look at you with a sad face,

"You really wish Louis was here, don't you?" Perrie asked

You nod, trying not to cry, "I just really miss him. I haven't heard from him in six weeks and I heard El was in New York and Louis is in New York... what if they are getting back together and he is going to break up with me?"

"RILEE!" Danielle scolded, "Do not say Louis is getting back together with Eleanor. I was talking to her a few weeks ago. Her and Louis are over, she doesn't have feelings for him anymore."

All you did was nod.

"Well..." Perrie said, breaking the silence, "How about we go shopping? Get your mind off things?"

"Yea, that's why we came here in the first place." Danielle added

"Um, sure, can you guys just give me about fifteen minutes? You can go into the kitchen and make a cup of tea or something."

Both the girls nodded and you walked upstairs to get ready. You let your straight hair fall naturally, put on a little bit of makeup and wore short shorts and a green tshirt with your grey converse. You ran downstairs and soon enough, the three of you left to go shopping. You guys bought a lot of clothes and right before you left, you guys walked past a store that had the most beautiful party dress ever in the window. The girls noticed you staring at it,

"You should go try it on." Perrie suggested.

"I will." you reply

"Okay, let's go. There is a dress in this store I've always wanted, so maybe I will get it while I'm here." Danielle added.

You walked into the store and tried on the dress. It was sleeveless and ended just before your knees. It was sky blue and silky and you had to admit, you looked stunning in it. You decided to buy it, and Perrie and Danielle had each bought a dress too. You guys drove back to your place and walked in.

"Rilee, go try on your dress up in your room and then come down and show us." Danielle said.

"Okay." you agreed and ran upstairs to try on your dress. When you walked out, you heard Danielle and Perrie talking. You walked downstairs into your living room, which was entirely dark. You flicked on the lights and there in front of you was Perrie, Danielle, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Niall and a few friends from school,

"SURPRISE!" they all yelled. You smiled happily, but noticed Louis wasn't there. Just then, you felt a strong pair of arms wrap around your waist and a familiar sent enter your nose. The voice of the person behind you whispered in your ear,

"Surprise. Happy birthday my love."
You turn around and look up into Louis' deep blue eyes, "Louis, I-I thought you were busy on tour... or with Eleanor."

"Babe, it's your birthday, this is the only place I want to be right now. Not in New York, not with Eleanor. Just right here."
"I love you so much Rilee."
"I love you too BooBear." you reply and then the two of you share a long kiss while everyone else in the room does a series of awes.

"I got you something." Louis says and pulls a box from behind his back and hands it to you. You take it and open it to see a beautiful silver bracelet. You read the engraving

'I love you. Forever and Always -Louis' 

You look up at him and smile, "Thank you Louis, it's beautiful."

"Your welcome. I have another present for you."
"Another one? Louis, this bracelet is already more than enough."
"I know, but I think you will really like this one."
"Okay, what is it?"
"Well, Danielle, Perrie and you will be joining us for the rest of the tour... because I can't stand to be away from you any longer." he says and then crashes his lips against yours.


[A/N] Hi Rilee. I really hope you liked this imagine :)

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