One Direction Imagines

Okay, so I will write imagines. Just comment your name, what boy you want it with, what you want to happen, if you want it to be happy/sad and any other details you'd like to give me :)


11. Imagine for Melina

[A/N] I just want to let everyone know that I DO NOT write dirty imagines, so if you commented saying you want one, please re-comment with a new setting.


"Babe, are you sure I can still go? Management won't mind if I miss one interview, especially if you aren't feeling well." Harry stammered on. You hadn't been feeling well the past few weeks and Harry had to leave for an interview in London for two days.

"No Harry, it's okay. I'll be fine. If anything happens I will call Eleanor, Danielle, Perrie or Ed. I can live on my own for a week babe" you reply and give him a long lingering kiss.

A cheeky smile came across Harry's face, "Well maybe you can live without me for a week, but I don't know if I can live without you."

"GO!" you say pushing his chest away from you. Harry laughed but then his face became serious again,

"Okay, I'll go. But if ANYTHING bad happens, you call me and I am home."

"Okay. I love you Harry."

"I love you more Melina." he says. He gives you a quick kiss and then runs to join the guys and Paul in the car. You walk into the house and your eye catches the calendar. It's already the beginning of April. Just then, something comes to mind. You're late... very late. You pick up the phone and call Perrie, because she had texted you saying she was going to come over.

"Perrie?" you ask when you hear someone pick up the phone.

"Melina? Hey what's up? I'm just on my way now, I'm almost at the convenience store."

"Um, Perrie can you stop at the store and get me something?"

"Sure, what do you need?"

"Um... I'm really late. I need a test."


--about 45 min later--

"What does it say?" Perrie yelled through the door.

"I don't know, I can't look." you say as you come out. You hand her the test, "you look."

Perrie takes the test from your hand and looks at it with an unreadable expression. "What does it say?" you ask

"It says that you and Harry are going to be parents."


--One week later--

"Melina!!! I'm home!" you hear Harry call from the front door, "Where are you love?"

"I'm in the dining room." you call. Seconds later, Harry comes in and his face is shocked when he sees the nice dinner. You hand him a glass of champagne as you sip your orange juice.

"Why are you drinking juice Mel? You love champagne."

"I do... but I can't drink it." you say with a smile, hoping he will catch on.

At first, he didn't, "Why can't you drink it... WAIT A SEC! Oh my god Melina, are you...?"

"Yes Harry, I'm pregnant."

A big smile comes across Harry's face and he runs up to you and kisses you. Once you guys pull away, you look up at him,

"So I'm guessing you are happy?"

"The only other day I was this happy was the day you said 'I do'"

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