Another World

Kaliee was abandoned by Harry. She got over him and he didn`t. Harry knew that she trusted him and that was the reason he left. First he didn`t want to be tied down, until now. When Kaliee moves on Harry makes a move. He keeps trying and trying and trying. Will Kaliee say yes? Will Kaliee break up with her current boyfriend Niall? Read 'Another World' to find out.


7. Thank God... Wait SHIT

Boo came back and pulls me to the bathroom and shoves the test at me. What the hell is her problem? I took the test and wait.
I wait a good 10 minutes before it showed. Thank god. Wait. I lookeat it again. A FUCKING POSITIVE! Damn it what is Niall gonna say? I`m gonna tell him. Now.
I walk back out and sit next to Boo. 
"Tell me... NOW"She whispers in my ear. I nod. Her mouth went open. "Tell him. Niall tell him."She demands. I nodded and sit on Niall`s lap. 
"Can I talk to you real quick, babe?" I ask him. 
"Uh, yeah!"He says and followed me to the bedroom. I heard Dani scream and Harry groan. He still likes me. And he hits on me all the fucking time. "What is it,Kaliee?"Niall asks. 
"Um... this is hard to say. But I`m pregnant."He started smiling like a HUGE weird person like he had just won the lottery.
"This is so fucking great babe!"He yells and hugs me, spinning me around and making me laugh at him. "I love Kaliee!"He says. 
"I love you too, Nialler!"I say grinning from ear to ear. He leaned in and kisses me. I kiss back, hardly anything there but still something. Just kidding we had massive fireworks! Just like wow. I know it sounds stupid but Niall, is the one. Yeah I said that about Harry but HE left ME. I walk away but Niall pulled me back. 
"Let`s tell them about our little boy or girl!"Niall insists. I love how excited he looks right now. I nodd and took his hand. We went back to see Dani looking pissed. 
"YOU RUINED THE GROUP! I`M HAPPY FOR YOU BUT STILL"she lounges and Liam pulls her back. 
"You told didn`t you?"I screamed at Boo. She nodded. I took a deep breath "Niall and I wanted to! Jesus you can`t keep secrets can you?"She shook her head. Boo is crazy but you`ve gotta love her. I laugh at her and sits down with Niall next to me, he pulls me on his lap. That`s when I noticed it. Boo and Harry were holding hands. Damn. Glad he`s not obsessed about me anymore. Harry looks at me and smirks. I look at Niall who is rubbing my belly which is barley out but it is out a little. I smile at him. 
"You are so cute! Dani I`ll be able to dance again just not now."I explain to Dani, she nods and smiles not looking pissed anymore. I smile back and take myself off Niall`s lap but close to him to where my hip is touching his. I like that he has a hand on my belly and rubbing our child. This is gonna be a rough nine months though. Lots of puking and mood swings. I hope Niall doesn`t go crazy on me if I go insane on him. But I`m fucking pregnant! I`m gonna be a mommy! YAY -A/N thanks for commenting guys! I love you all! Updates coming soon-

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