Another World

Kaliee was abandoned by Harry. She got over him and he didn`t. Harry knew that she trusted him and that was the reason he left. First he didn`t want to be tied down, until now. When Kaliee moves on Harry makes a move. He keeps trying and trying and trying. Will Kaliee say yes? Will Kaliee break up with her current boyfriend Niall? Read 'Another World' to find out.


1. Prologue

"I can`t believe this! He just left me!" I scream, crying.

"Kaliee! Shush! We probably had a good reason."My best friend, Niall says.

"No he didn`t! He just hates me. I love him." I cry into his chest as he wraps his strong arms around me.

"It`ll be fine" But I know it won`t. If Harry really loved me he wouldn`t have left.

School was harder. I sat next to him in every class we had and we were paired up for a project. But Harry just disappeared! 'What happened? Now he can`t even see me.' I thought.

I waited and waited and waited. All I could do was wait. Literally. I miss him, but as a friend, I guess. Yes I still love him but I can`t. But I can still miss him , right? I miss just seeing him the most. Well, the second most. The thing I miss the most is the  sparks that used to fly between us. I don`t know if they will.

"Kaliee?" Liam waves his hand in front of my face.

"Yes?" I ask, blinking a few times.

"Just checking to make sure you weren`t dead or anything." He chuckles. I love Liam! So fun and full of energy. Kinda like Louis. But less.

"Hey! Guess who?" An Irish accent says covering my eyes.

"Niall?" I question. He kisses my cheek, yup its Niall.

"Yup! You got that right!" He lightly hits my face "You`re my bitch now!" he jokes with a hint of seriousness in the tone of his voice.

"Ha ha! Very funny Niall!" I say.

"Wanna go out tonight? Like on a date?" Niall asks and I nearly choke on my spit.

"Yeah! That`ll be great! I can`t wait!" I say excited. Truly I knew that Niall had feelings for me the whole time. But I found it cute that he tried to keep it a secret. I lean in and act like I`m gonna kiss him but get up and walk away laughing. 

"Haller! Get back here!" He says running to get be but fails. I`m gonna be in another world

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