Another World

Kaliee was abandoned by Harry. She got over him and he didn`t. Harry knew that she trusted him and that was the reason he left. First he didn`t want to be tied down, until now. When Kaliee moves on Harry makes a move. He keeps trying and trying and trying. Will Kaliee say yes? Will Kaliee break up with her current boyfriend Niall? Read 'Another World' to find out.


5. Back Away Harry... She`s Mine

Nialls POV

I saw Kaliee and walked up to her.
"Hey babe."I say as I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her cheek. 
"Niall! Thank god!" She muttered the 'Thank god' part. Harry walks up.
"Kaliee that was great hon!"I felt my blood start to boil. He NEEDS to STEP OFF my girl! Kaliee comes behind me and looks scared or really aggravated. 
"Harry go away! And I`m NOT your Hon! I`m Niall`s god damn it!"She yells at him.
"But you are. Can`t you see? Niall doesn`t love you like I do."OK! That`s it I`m gonna kill him.
"Back away Harry.... she`s mine. So go!"I spit through my teeth. It was the only thing holding me back from punching him the the face.

Kailee `s POV

"No Niall! She`s always been mine." He looks me in the eyes and I get a little bit of butterflies but not enough for me to love him again after the he fucking did to me. Harry holds out his hand for me to take but I refuse.
"See. She loves me, not you."Niall spits through his teeth.
"Niall, it`s ok. It`s fine"I whisper in his ear. No use he`s gonna hit him. Speaking of punching Harry, Liam does. Liam is my best friend like Niall is. Yes Niall is my best friend and my boyfriend. Nothing wrong with that right? I don`t think so. Well anyways.
"Liam don`t man. This is my job"Niall says. Liam backs away to me and moves me away from Harry and Niall. But not far enough away to not see Niall beat the shit out of Harry. Harry gets a few chances to punch Niall but not many. Niall was punching him so much that Zayn and Louis BOTH had to pull him off. 
"STAY AWAY FROM HER!"Niall yells and comes to me. To be honest I`m a little frightened by him right now. But also gratful that he defended me. Niall kisses me and I kiss back. He takes my hand and we go to our room.
"Niall you didn`t have to do that."I say as I sit on the bed. Niall hugs me tightly.
"I just didn`t like that he was trying to take you from me. I love you too much to have that jerk take you away and then hurt you again. Where as I won`t hurt you ever."He says and roughly kisses me. My Niall is so very weird and I love him! I kiss back and basically, I lose my virginity to him. If you know what I mean. ;) 

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