Another World

Kaliee was abandoned by Harry. She got over him and he didn`t. Harry knew that she trusted him and that was the reason he left. First he didn`t want to be tied down, until now. When Kaliee moves on Harry makes a move. He keeps trying and trying and trying. Will Kaliee say yes? Will Kaliee break up with her current boyfriend Niall? Read 'Another World' to find out.


8. Another Author`s Note!!!!

-A/N ok guys just wanted to say something! I have BIG news! So yesterday was March 26th and Little Mix was in Kansas City and I got to MEET them! It was AWESOME! I LOVED IT! Anyways I love how much comments and likes and favorites I`m getting on this! Thanks and I love you! Just like I said Updates are coming SOON-

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