Another World

Kaliee was abandoned by Harry. She got over him and he didn`t. Harry knew that she trusted him and that was the reason he left. First he didn`t want to be tied down, until now. When Kaliee moves on Harry makes a move. He keeps trying and trying and trying. Will Kaliee say yes? Will Kaliee break up with her current boyfriend Niall? Read 'Another World' to find out.


6. Am I pregnant? Really?

I woke up the next morning and last night came back in flashes. I looked next to me and saw Niall sleeping, still naked. I stroked his bed head and smiled to myself. I was no longer a virgin. Lost it to Niall. Niall groaned, telling me that he was waking me up. I laughed a bit. 
"Sleepy head!'I say. He smiles at me when he opened his eyes. I got up and dressed into some white short shorts, a white tank top, a floral print see through shirt and my blue TOMS. And went downstairs to see Liam doing a twitcam with Andy, Louis and Zayn. Zayn looks behind the couch and smiles at me.
"Come on Kaliee! Join the party or join your boyfriend in the shower."He smirks. I shook my head and laughed. Straight away I went to the kitchen. I fix some bacon and eggs. When I was just about done I felt arms around me and a kiss on my cheek. Please be Niall.
"Hey babe. Did you fix me any? My sex angel."Niall chuckles from behind me.
"Niall! Shush! Yes I did. Here babe."I hand him a plate of food.
"Thank you!"He says and scarves down his food. I eat mine like I do every time I eat, the opposite of Niall.

I feel sick to my stomach and run to the bathroom. I sit on my knees and begin to throw up in the toilet. Someone is holding my hair back, I figure it`s Niall.
"Kaliee?You feeling ok?"Boo asks me. I shake my head no. "Did you and Niall do 'it'? Like sex?"she asks. I nod and throw up more. "I`m getting you a pregnancy test. I`ll be back soon ok?"I  nod and get up. I walk over to Niall who looks scared. 
"I`m fine babe."I say. Niall comes up and hugs me. I notice Boo leave, with Harry after her. Wonder what that`s about. Oh well. I pull away from Niall and lay on our bed. Could I be pregnant? I mean it`ll ruin my career as a dancer with Dani and Boo. God damn it.

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