when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


9. wow...

collbys p.o.v:

as niall was telling me his story i could slightly hear his voice crack, i hardly knew him but i felt so bad my heart hurt. i could tell he hasnt really told many people by tghe way he reacted, and i was glad he knew he could trust me.

when niall was done with his story he was looking at the ground. i could see a tear roll down his cheek.

that made me sad, i dont like seeing him like this. so i walked over and bent down to wipe away the tear, i found myself  putting my hand on the side of hs face and kissing his cheeck. i quickly pulled away because, i didnt want niall to think i was weird for doing that. i dropped my hand and looked into his eyes i said sorry then quickly started to walk away.

as i turned around i felt niall grab my arm and turn me around. i felt his lips push up againt mine with intense force.


Nialls p.o.v:

as collby bent down she put her hand on my cheeck and wiped away my tear with her thumb. she then kissed my cheeck, i felt myself starting to turn red. but then she got up quickly walked away. But, i didnt want her to walk away i enjoyed the kiss on my cheeck it was nice...her lipes were incrdebly soft. i had to do something before she left.

as she was walking awat i quickly grabbed her arm and turned her around. i pushed my lips against hers, and wow i've never felt this way before when i kissed a girl. this feeling was deeper more meaningful. i pushed my tongue againt her lips asking for a way in....she let me.

we stayed like that as i slowly backed her up to a wall. she was matching my force completly, sshe put her hands on my back and squeezed. i wrapped my fingers in her hair, her hands slid down my body. i put my hand up her shirt as a slight moan escaped her lips. we stayed like that. Kissing. for what seemed like forever.

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