when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


10. unpacking

Nialls p.o.v:  i pulled away from collby as  i layed my forhead on hers, we were both breathing heavily. i kissed her again. but this time it was just a peck. i pulled my for head away from hers and smiled. "that was amazing" i said. she nodded. i grabbed her hand and walked to the entrance of the park, it was starting to get dark out.

Collbys p.o.v: Niall pulled away from the kiss and layed his forhead on mine. he then quickly gave me a peck on the lips.

and wow he was amazing. i've never experienced something like that before. it was like i was some where completly different and it was just me and him in this amazing place. this is sorta weird because i've only just met him but it seems like i've known him for ages. And for some reason i have a feeling this is going to last a long time nothing can ruin this.


Nialls p.o.v: As i walked collby toward the entrance i picked her up "bridal style" . she screamed, but it was cute and i laughed a little , she eventually put her arms around my neck and we walked in silence the rest of the way home.


Collbys p.o.v: As niall walked me towards the entrance of the park he picked me up! i was not expecting that at all!...i scremed a little. which was really embarrasing. but i dont think he minded because he laughed. man he was soooo cute! he carried me all the way home which wasnt really neccasary but i liked it. we didnt really talk that much on the way back but i didnt really care, it wasnt an awkward silence it was more of a peaceful silence.


Gregs p.o.v: i looked out the kitchen window to see niall carrying collby up the road. i could tell she was happy. we didnt really know this guy, but i have a feeling we were ment to meet him, i really do think he can make collby happy again. as they got closer to the house i left the kitchen and when to go sit in the living room to greet them.


Collbys p.o.v: niall put me down and opened my front door i saw my dad sitting on the couch watching tv, i hope he doesnt get mad at me for being gone to long..."hi dad" i smiled at him "hey" he replied. i went to go sit nexxt to him and niall followed behind me. "so whatcha doin?"  i asked my dad  "oh nothing just finished unpacking my things"    man i totally forgot about unpacking!! "oh shoot i forgot about that!"  "well  its not that late you can still unpack some of your clothes" my dad said  "yeah but theres so much"   excuse me sir if you dont mind i could help collby unpack some things? niall asked my dad.


Nialls p.o.v: unpacking isnt really my thing but the more time i spend with collby the better. so i asked her dad if i could help her. and he said yes...her dad is really nice to me for some reason. i smiled at  him and looked at collby she then got up and lead me to her bedroom upstairs.


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