when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


7. The park

Nialls p.o.v:

i need to get to know her better where were completly alone.

"Hey can i show you something?" i asked collby

"um sure?" she replyed


"let me just get my jacket first" and with that collby went upstairs

i told her i would be waiting outside.

it was a bit chilly out here. i heard the door open up behind me....i turned around

god she was so beautiful i caught my self not being able to look away.

"umm are you okay?" collby asked

"oh yeah, im fine" i smiled to her

"the place i want to show you is just down the road...about a ten minute walk."

"okay" she said

we walked in silence for a couple of minutes but it wasnt an awkward silence, it was a nice silence.

shes so small compared to me, i think its so cute.

The way she smiles she has perfect teeth and a perfect body too.

she looked up at me to find me staring at her...crap.

"um niall not to make this awkward or anything but, why do you keep staring at me like that?"

oh shit how am i going to answer that? i just met her i dont want to sound like a creepier....uggggh oh well might as well tell her.

"well to be honest your really beautiful"

before she could respond we had arrived at my favorite place, the park

"were here"

she looked at me and smiled.


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