when collby moves from her hometown yelm to houston texas shes happy to be starting over again, but is her past willing to let go?


8. the memories

Collbys p.o.v:

wow did niall really just tell of all people that i was beautiful?! i feel like im dreaming

i started to feel myself blush so i looked away. I had no clue how to reply to that. Thnk god Niall told me we had arrived to his special place.

i looked up at him and smiled. then i looked over to where he was looking, it was a cute little park with a slide and swings and oh my god monkey bars! im amazing at monkey bars!

Niall led me over to the swings and sat on one, i sat on one  beside him.


nialls p.o.v:

I went to sit down on a swing and collby sat down next to me.

i didnt know what to talk about so i decided i would tell her why this was my special place.for some reason i feel like i could trust her with anything.

"so do you wanna know why this is my special place?"

she nodded

"well when i was about fived my parents would take me to this park every saturday to play, its sorta hidden from the outside world so their waas hardly ever people here besides was kind of like my familys 'thing'.

but, then my parents got divorced and my dad moved away, so we hardly ever came here any more. i decided to go live with my dad so i never had the chance to come back. but when i joined one direction and moved out, whenever i just need time to think i come here, and for some reason it just relaxes me."

i felt a tear roll down my cheek.

i didnt want to look up at collby and see me like this. so i just stayed looking down.

i heard first steps and saw her shoes next to mine.

she bent down and with out saying anything rubbed the tear away, and kissed my cheeck.

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